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New PDF download: 15 laws of using WordPress to get new subscribers, increase conversions with customers, and eqip affiliates

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This is ONE of my weekly ezines called Marlon’s Marketing Method:



Before I get started, if you’re an AFFILIATE, I have a new 100% promo THIS WEEKEND. It’s a product that will help people and they love. It’s a PDF on how to get people to let you do interviews with them. This is good info at a bargain price.

Our UPSELLS and OTO’s are converting well. You should get good extra juice.

PLEASE go there, look over the site, comment, give me your IDEAS and your FEEDBACK.  Check your email for the promo details or check the blog.

Am I giving you the tools and info you need to sell my products and get commissions?

Let me hear yeah and nay.  I NEED to hear from you.  Are you interested in promoting any of the things there. If YES, tell me. If NO, tell me why NOT?

Here is the AFFILIATE URL to promote the blog which is where I’m posting the ezine issue each week:

In my ezine issues, I teach a basic plan:

1.  Target buyers – people who buy

TARGET means knowing the desires, wants, results, and problems of a group of people.

Then you have to COMMUNICATE.

Funny that a LOT of Internet marketing comes down to COMMUNICATING, PROBLEM SOLVING, the basics of communication and learning to play a Game and win.

If you can learn to play a Game, get better at the Game daily, until you’re better than most others at that Game, then on that particular Game you can win.

2.  Get them on different types of lists, STARTING with email lists, but including other types like Facebook Retargeting, as I taught you in the Facebook product.

That way, even if you have to switch email vendors, you can still get out offers to your customers.


Get offers out to the people on your list.

I’ve talk to you about doing a  10 day challenge and your DAILY CHART.

Focus on doing your numbers EVERY DAY for 10 days.

Now Where Does WordPress Fit Into This Mix?

That’s what you may be asking yourself.

WordPress is like your Swiss Army Knife you can use to do all kinds of things.

The MAIN REASONS to use WordPress are as follows:

Law 1:  People see BLOG POSTS as content more than “pitch.”  This gives you multiple opportunities to communicate critical conversion and success factors to your audience, which translates into more sales, and increased dollars you can use in your marketing

You can send out links to posts on your blog and be perceived as sending CONTENT vs. just pounding your list with another pitch.

Law 2:  People only go to a sales letter once or twice, which limits your ability to get conversions and sales

For the most part, if you think about it, you only go to a sales letter once or twice.  You don’t frequently re-visit it. That means a sales letter is a once shot deal.

You get the sale or you don’t.

Law 3:   People go to blogs over and over and over, thus you have multiple chances to explain your benefits, concepts, and ideas, present your differentiation and showcase proof, case studies or success stories.

If you like a blog, like the content, like the style, you go there over and over.

Law 4:  People SUBSCRIBE to blogs, which gives you 2 additional types of list you can build, 2 additional means of communicating to customers and prospects and 2 additional ways to get the word out

This is another type of LIST you create for your business. There are email subscriptions to a BLOG and also RSS feeds where people can read your blog in Google Reader or other RSS feed readers.

Law 5:  You do NOT sell a product or service. You sell a concept or idea.

Here’s the thing:

People don’t buy products.  They buy concepts.  The product is the means to fulfill the concept.

My CONCEPT behind WP dashboard is NOT just that you need a blog.

a.  You may already have one

b.  Blogs are a dime a dozen

c.  Just having a blog isn’t where it’s at

Sure I’m going to show how to set it up and trick it out. But more than that, I’m going to show how to turn it into a TOOL for getting new subscribers, making sales and building your business.

And how to do this using a few new cutting edge things that really aren’t being taught elsewhere.

Beyond that, my CONCEPT for the new WP Dashboard (when it’s released) is actually being stated right here, right now.

These LAWS are part of the overall concept.

Law 6:  Thus, a blog gives you MANY chances to do your “DBP STACK.”  This holds the key to increasing your CONVERSIONS, which means making more sales with the same amount of visitors, increasing your customer value, then being able to roll that money back into increased affiliate commissions or more advertising on Facebook and other platforms.


You can put this on your blog and talk about it WITHOUT it seeming like a sales pitch.

The “B” in DBP stack stands for BLATANT, COMPELLING BENEFIT.

Now in a recent issue of Marlon’s Marketing Method, I talked about DIFFERENTIATION.

This is the path OUT of the trap of being a commodity and competing on price.

In your blog, you have a chance to talk about what makes you, your product, your idea and your CONCEPT different.

You can also talk about that one INSTANTLY understandable benefit you offer.  It’s so big, so powerful that people don’t have to read a billion pages to “get it.”

That’s what a GREAT USP or Unique Selling Proposition does for.

Like my Dashboards:  Step-By-Step, A to Z, click the icon and follow the instructions.

It’s a pretty clear USP.  And I think sales over the years since I invented the concept prove that.

I won’t go into detail here on HOW to do this.

The point is you  can DO IT IN YOUR BLOG without it coming across as a sales pitch.

Another thing you can do is present your PROOF or CASE STUDIES that whatever your concept is works.

Keep this in mind:

Law 7:  Money Loves SPEED!  And your blog allows you have speed without breaking a sweat.  Thus, you get your promotions, ideas, concepts, case studies, proof, and benefits out to your target audience fast, simple and easy.

My friend Joe Vitale is fond of saying Money Loves SPEED!

It’s true.

And with WordPress, you can throw up your ideas, your proof, your ideas, your concepts at RECORD SPEED!

Law 8:  A blog has built-in split testing abilities that can turn even a newbie marketer into a testing genius, thus increasing your potential conversions, sales, frequency of purchase and $ per transaction over and over again, in multiples.

With simple, free, you can split test whatever you want – EASY!

This is really a boon for scientific marketing – and it’s so easy!

Law 8:  A blog has built-in split testing abilities that can turn even a newbie marketer into a testing genius, thus increasing your potential conversions, sales, frequency of purchase and $ per transaction over and over again, in multiples.

With simple, free, you can split test whatever you want – EASY!

This is really a boon for scientific marketing – and it’s so easy!

Law 9: A blog is a natural NETWORKING TOOL that allows even shy people to connect, provide value, and  use reciprocity as a marketing tool.  Ultimately, it gives you a way to tap into new audiences without having to be outgoing.

Blogs are the greatest networking tools.

There’s like this secret club of bloggers who exchange guest posts, link to each other, do interviews with each other and help each other get traction in the market.

As a skilled, knowledgeable blogger, you have the opportunity to use your blog as a networking platform.

It allows you to do what all newbies struggle with which is GIVE VALUE to another person and establish a RECIPROCITY VACUUM!

This is extremely powerful.

On a blog, you can feature someone else’s guest post. You can do a short interview with them and publish it on your blog.

The GREAT thing is bloggers are USED to doing these things. You don’t have to be beg because they do it ALL the time if they’re a good blogger!

You get the chance to put yourself right in the middle of those value exchange relationships.

Law 10:  Google LOVES blogs 10X sales letters BECAUSE they have LOW bounce rates when set up correctly.

Now, I DO have sales letters that get traffic from Google, which amazes me.  But no matter what you do, your sales letters will have high bounce rates…that is, the people who go there and then leave in under X seconds, as measured in Google Analytics and displayed in your stats.

It’s a KEY METRIC Google uses.

They literally feel that if your site has a high bounce rate IT STINKS!

I’ve literally heard people in that genre say that.

If you do your blog RIGHT, you can get your bounce rates under 50% and even under 30%.

How cool is that?

Now, you just became more attractive to Google.

Law 11:  You can take advantage of INTERNAL LINKING on your blog, which means you can funnel people easily into “money posts” without seeming like you’re “pitching” yet again!

Blogs are totally set up to link from one page to another.  This allows you to post CONTENT that people want to read but then link to another POST that has a low-key pitch for a product.

Or it allows you to put your affiliate links within the post.  Naturally, you’ll want to use one of the nifty plugins to make those links look NATURAL vs. an ugly affiliate link.

Law 12:  Blogs have social signals baked right into them, which means the viral traffic is “built in” – and you can get shares and promotions without lifting a finger

Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon. You name it. They’re all baked right into your blog!

There’s your viral traffic right there.

Law 13:  You can EASILY see the social sharing stats and know who is sharing what, so your market research on HOT TOPICS is done for you.

I can see at a glance what posts get shared on Twitter or Facebook.

This tells me what is hot and what is not.

Law 14:   There are 1000’s of pre-made designs, so even if you’re new you can have a great looking blog.  Plus, since WordPress is used by so many, it’s CHEAP to get help  from freelance sites.

WordPress has hecome a standard, so it’s easy to find new resources and get help on forums or freelance sites.  NO STRUGGLES!

Law 15:  WordPress can be the one tool you use to communicate with AFFILIATES, CUSTOMERS and POTENTIAL CUSTOMERS using my 3-blog model.

Here is my blog #1:

That blog brings in fresh blood or potential new customers.  This is a  PROSPECTING blog in my 3—blog model.

Here is my blog #2:

This is my AFFILIATE blog and is my channel to communicate with my AFFILIATES.

Here is my blog #3:

That is my CUSTOMER blog and is my channel for consistent communications with my customers.

SUMMARY:  By using WordPress the RIGHT WAY with the right KNOW HOW and the right UNDERSTANDING of HOW to use it, WordPress can quickly become one of the most valuable tools you have for communicating with affiliates, customers and potential prospects

If you want to learn SOME of what I know, I have links below to a few of my best products.

If you’re a serious newbie and want my equivalent of the $500 package that I started with, go to

If you haven’t taken any action or haven’t done much yet and just need to “jump” the learning curve, get that.

If you’re a raw beginner or newbie, just START HERE.

And if you don’t have that much trust in me yet, then try out one of my individual products below.

If you’re an AFFILIATE and/or you have a LIST, I need your help to spread the word about what I call the TRUE GOSPEL of Internet marketing. Internet marketing that isn’t B.S. and really works, Internet marketing that is ONE FORMULA that has been working since 1997.

You can get tools and post your ideas, comments and feedback to me THERE.

Services You Can Use

(If you want to post this ENTIRE ezine, you can replace the following links with your RESELLER links)

Get my Facebook Training.  This is powerful training on how to use paid Facebook advertising to generate leads but then get the cost per click down to pennies even in the most competitive markets imaginable.  MOST people I know who are BUYING ads and succeeding today are doing it on Facebook.  The volume there will make your head SPIN!  You can build a whole 1,000 lead a day empire off of Facebook if you want and are in a high demand niche with the volume.

The POINT of Product Dashboard is to get you to create QUICK audio-based info products to TEST MARKET your ideas as fast as possible to find the 1 or 2 out of 7 that is a winner!

THAT is why I created Product Dashboard.  Now, it’s really the APPLICATION of the product creation part of Gimme My Money Now, which is the action plan for Amazing Formula.  In Gimme, I teach to do a 12-product survey, create a FAST audio product, TEST it with a KSL and roll it out via affiliate traffic. That model applies TODAY every bit as much as when I originally created the model.

What I FOUND was Gimme presented the IDEAS but not enough of the mechanics on HOW to DO the fast audio products for some people to be able to implement it. So I said, “Hey, let me REALLY help people by putting this into a step-by-step how to.”  Again, I KNOW you want to know, “Marlon, is it out of date?”  The answer is again, I teach EVERGREEN stuff.  It’s basic.  Find your target audience.  Do a survey. Find out what they want. Create a FAST audio product and see if it SELLS.  That’s the whole concept.  A few SMALL details may have changed…like the VERSION of Audacity you use I’m sure has changed. It doesn’t matter.  It’s the BASICS that matter.  THAT is the concept behind Product Dashboard.  Survey > Create audio > TEST FAST.  If it sells, roll  with it and roll out an affiliate program. If it doesn’t, do the NEXT ONE.

Get all the basics on how to do graphics the REAL WAY using PSD’s from Photoshop Elements, so later you can graduate to full-blown Photoshop. This is very basic but really, really good training in just the core stuff you need to START OUT with. This is training wheels for graphic design. You won’t become a pro overnight.  But this gets you on the RIGHT PATH and that is the PURPOSE.  We updated screen caps last year.  None of the basics in Photoshop Elements change much. You got a lasso.  Paint bucket.  Patterns.  Gradients.  This is what we teach here. BASICS.  To me, if you’re really SERIOUS and don’t want to just hire out all graphics, you need this.


Get “training wheels” to walk you through my famous 12-step formula I taught around the world in 120 seminars  Fill in the blanks and click a button.
The ORIGINAL fill-in-the-blanks letter software. This is NOT about magically creating sales letters. It’s like TRAINING WHEELS for my 12-step formula to FORCE you to use it and walk through the process mentally. I found in teaching this in 120 seminars that people would not actually DO the formula I taught. So I decided to create a way to FORCE FEED it.  THAT is why I created Push Button Letters that then spawned the whole entire genre of sales letter creation software, MOST of it sold as a magic pill without understanding the GOAL which is to get you to MENTALLY PROCESS and walk through a precise, step-by-step FORMULA.

The exact things I taught a new employee to get him up to speed on all this marketing stuff in 30 days.  And will get YOU up to speed on the absolutely criticall basic knowledge also.  Get up to speed FAST with the in-house training I gave one of my new employees.  I love this product. To me it’s Evergreen. The stuff I teach here is what I feel is absolutely VITAL for anyone to know, including a new employee, new customer or whoever. That includes you.  This is BASIC but powerful training. I find a LOT of people miss the BASICS, so they get no value from other stuff they buy. You HAVE to put in your basics FIRST

Want to know how I got 30,000 affiliates to promote me?  I love this product also.  It’s how I got several million people to my websites.   It includes the steps, the documentation, everything.  Now, yes, I did this product some years ago.  You’ll find out the things I do, teach and believe in are EVERGREEN.  The answer is NO.  It’s not outdated.  YES, everything in it STILL applies.  Do I STILL use everything you’ll read about it in it.  It’s my BLUEPRINT for a highly successful affiliate program.  Check this puppy out:

Need a target market?
If you’re struggling to find a target market, I think this can help. It isn’t the ONLY thing you need. It isn’t like “the answer.”  But I really think if you delve into the tool it talks about that you can really gain a deeper understanding of what is SELLING in the market. That is the purpose of it.

WEBINAR Pitch Secrets Revealed:

Money Getting Secret:  On December 3, 1998, I Discovered A “Money Getting” Secret That I’ve Repeated 122 Times — And You Can Use This Same Secret Starting 2 Hours and 58 Minutes From Right Now!

List To the “Pizza Cast” and discover some cool secrets of promoting products:  I did this when I employed Santos. I think it’s  a good discussion of Promo Dashboard and the purpose of it.  I like this interview a lot personally!  Even though I did it 2 or 3 years ago that’s why I keep it up. I think it ALL still applies.  Again, this is another EVERGREEN PRODUCT and concept.

How To Trick Out Your Optin Boxes Before You Can Say Jack Flash… Then Put ‘Em On Your Facebook, Blog, Web Pages, Sidebars, Fly-Ins, Squeeze Pages, Email Capture Pages, Exits And Pop Up’s And Become A Freakin’ List Building Machine!





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Thank all of you. You have my gratitude forever.

Your contributions to my life and my business do

not go unnoticed nor unappreciated.


If we stand tall, it IS because we stand on the shoulders

  • of giants who came before us and who gave us a helpful hand.


This poem summarizes everything I am, everything I believe about marketing and life.

The Road Not Taken

Two roads diverged in a yellow wood,
And sorry I could not travel both
And be one traveler, long I stood
And looked down one as far as I could
To where it bent in the undergrowth;

Then took the other, as just as fair,
And having perhaps the better claim
Because it was grassy and wanted wear,
Though as for that the passing there
Had worn them really about the same,

And both that morning equally lay
In leaves no step had trodden black.
Oh, I marked the first for another day!
Yet knowing how way leads on to way
I doubted if I should ever come back.

I shall be telling this with a sigh
Somewhere ages and ages hence:
Two roads diverged in a wood, and I,
I took the one less traveled by,
And that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost





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2 comments on “New PDF download: 15 laws of using WordPress to get new subscribers, increase conversions with customers, and eqip affiliates

  1. Charlie, people make a living as affiliates building a list and promoting many people’s products. Not just mine. Build a list. Then create and promote your own products and affiliate products.

  2. Hi Marlon,
    I Like the way you allow people to use your content with thier
    affiliate links in place!

    Do you think that a person could just use your content and affiliate
    links for your products and make a living or decent monthly wage
    doing just that!

    It just seems like a real lazy way to do it
    thinking that i would just have to promote your content
    to build a list and then offer only your products to that list or lists

    Can you really build yoour own brand and online idenity
    doing this,you know where im coming from with this ie
    make a online biz without a original idea of my own!

    The BIG Benefit i think i could take away from this idea
    is it must reduce the information overload you suffer from
    when you are on so many gurus/product owners list

    Just thought i would run this by you.

    charlie pilgrim

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