3 Secrets of the Guru Business

3 Secrets of the Guru Business

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re:  Secrets of the Guru Business
Marlon here.
It’s called the Guru Business.
But all Guru means is teacher.  And we are all that to someone.
Still, some people make a living in the Guru Business and others
Here are 3 secrets of the Guru Business.
Secret one
Keep people within your frame.
So some people say you should only be an affiliate and NOT have
your own products.  You have to "sell your frame" so others buy
into it.
You’d point out that if you have your own products, you have
customer service, hosting, etc.  That’s how you sell your frame.
If you get people to buy into your frame, you eliminate all other
competitors that operate or sell stuff outside your frame.
Unfortunately, most people go for the frame that sounds the
easiest and simplest, so if you aren’t willing to promise the
moon, you have a disadvantage to overcome.
That means you have to be 2X better than others at selling your
frame of truth vs. your frame of ease.
Are You Overwhelmed?
If you feel overwhelmed or things seem out of focus, then
Ockham’s Razor will put all that back in perspective for
you and give you a perspective you can ACT on.  Plus,
learn how to suck out sales from info products month after
month WITHOUT big product launches.
Secret Two
The money is in the back end.
Like ALL businesses, the money is in the back end.  If you’re
new to this Game, what that means is that the money is in the
repeat business and larger dollar sales that FOLLOW the initial
Coaching, membership sites, seminars, workshops, DVD sets,
These are where the profits are much more so than ebooks.
Secret Three
The way you stake your claim is by having students attribute
their success to you.  And the way you get that is by having
a coaching program.
The problem with just selling low ticked info products as I’ve
done mostly over the years is people don’t attribute their success
to you, even though you may have been instrumental in it.
So I think a coaching program is an integral part of the Guru
Best wishes,
Marlon Sanders
The King of Step-By-Step Internet Marketing
PS:  Ockham’s Razor is 200+ pages and I wrote it this year.
It’s 100% fresh, high quality content written ALL by me.  NO

outsourced writers like some people do. 

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