Let's hear your comments about the Push Button Wordpress issue!

Let’s hear your comments about the Push Button WordPress issue!


I published this ezine some time back.  BUT the shortcodes it talks about still 100% apply.  You’ll notice the comments are a bit old BUT there are good comments!  Why don’t you add YOUR updated comment and make this post 100% current to THIS year.  I could have archived this but I think it’s an excellent ezine issue that is still relevant and helpful.


If you’re following my TLO formula, then you know you gotta target buyers, get them on a list, then extend regular offers for them to buy from you.  You can use WordPress to create email capture (also known as squeeze) pages. And you can use it to write up product reviews or extend written or video offers to the folks on your list.  That’s WHY I feel this is still needed and relevant.

What are your comments or thoughts?

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