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Effortlessly Get Ideas For New Products, Webinars, Sales Letters and Affiliate Promotions

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Unleash money, sales and profits using the Dynamic Law of Marketing Prosperity and Idea Combining — And Effortlessly Get Ideas For New Products, Webinars, Sales Letters and Affiliate Promotions!

Here is what Jo Han said a minute ago about today’s issue! Thanks Jo Han!

Jo Han Mok

Are you ready to unleash new Online Marketing sales, profits and money in your life?

In my last newsletter, I wrote about the need to always go back to the basics.  I talked about the power of being a PRODUCER and PROMOTER of products.

One of those basics is your own mental attitude, which sounds like something incredibly simple.  Actually, as you’ll see from this issue, it’s really a topic that has spawned many religions and thousands of books.

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Turn Your Frustrations Into Info Products You Can Sell On Your Blog, Website, Or Amazon — Or Use To Generate Leads or Build Your List

How do you turn your frustrations into successful online marketing info products?

* How do you get ideas? 

* How do you know if they will sell? 

* How do you test them?

Hello, it’s Marlon and I’m back with another issue of Marlon’s Marketing Minute newsletter.

Before I get to the nitty gritty, let me add that I’ve JUST UPDATED Level One Training with 3 Audio Programming recordings to help you absorb all the info at a more unconscious level.  You will see a graphic like these at the end of each of the 3 major divisions, so you can download the audio programming.

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What to do when you don’t know what to do!

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How to overcome the analysis of paralysis in
online marketing, get on track and get results — now!

One of the things that steals your profits is getting stuck in the paralysis of analysis and endless research mode, and never turning on the switch for action mode.

Before I get into that, I’ve created some SPECIAL new things I’m adding to Level One Training. Here’s just a teaser:

That’s only one of a number of new concepts and things I’m adding.  I’m very selective about who I allow in this.  It’s by application only.  Contact and request an application.

Here’s my cure for overcoming analysis of paralysis
and kicking into action mode

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