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Infopreneur: How to create a product in 114 minutes & sell 6,000 copies



In today’s newsletter, I’ll reveal how to create a product in 114 minutes and sell 6,000 copies as in infopreneur.

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I just got back from visiting my dad for the holiday.

Whew!  I mean, when your dad is as old as mine, it takes a few days to recoup.  But while I was there, one of the ladies who helps take care of him came over on Christmas and fried him some eggs.


Was he ever happy!

See, he grew up on a farm. And every morning his mum would fry him eggs.  He just can’t get them enough.  Fortunately, on his farm, his dad had a chicken coup with something like 100 chickens in it.

For the cost of chicken feed, those chickens kept laying eggs non-stop that sold for more than the cost of the chicken feed.

I won’t say those were golden eggs.  But you could trade them for cash.

Pre-Internet days, this was about as close to “automated income” as it got.  Either you owned something like cows and chickens that produced milk and eggs you could sell.

Or you owned real estate the produced rents.

Or you owned a business that produced sales.

In all cases, the thing producing the “item of exchange” wasn’t direct labor.  Chickens produced eggs.  Cows produced milk.  Products produced sales.

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MMM — Are You 7 Days Away From Making Sales?


Marlon here with another issue of Marlon’s Marketing Minute.

You probably can think of a super rich author or athlete.  While it isn’t obvious on the surface, there are methods and ideas THEY use that you can too.  That’s what we’ll expore today.

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Yesterday I was thinking about Internet marketing.

I get hundreds of emails in my inboxes daily because I have special Gmail accounts set up just to capture emails and offers, so I can study them.

What occurred to me is people lose sight of what a SIMPLE BUSINESS this is.

It’s not complex.

It’s really not complicated.

It’s not hard to understand.

Here’s the whole entire wonderful business in a nutshell:

1.  You offer something at a low price to get a customer on board

2.  You keep selling them things they love, value and benefit from — and you do that over and over.

This means there are ONLY several important skills:

Skill #1:  Finding new potential customers who are likely to become repeat buyers over and over

Skill #2:  Getting them on board with a low-priced offer

Skill #3:  Getting them to REMEMBER you and why they’ll want to buy from you over and over

Skill #4:  Coming up with new things to offer them over and over

Skill #5:  Giving them reasons to CONTINUE paying attention to you and buying from you

Skill #6:  Finding your best buyers and customers and making sure you offer them the things they want

Just follow me a second here.

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