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Swirl Guide: How do I Sort Through The Swirl Of Promises To Find What Can Work For Me?

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Marlon here.

I call it “The Swirl.”

It’s the incredible array of offers, emails, pitches, ads, webinars and trainings in Internet marketing all claiming to be the next big secret, the overnight money solution, the death of this or that, the easiest way ever or the only one  that works.

They all sound good.

Many have videos or screen caps of proof.

The authors show pictures of vacations, cars, seminars and assorted forms of proof.

Which do you believe?

Who do you trust?

What model do you follow?

I’ve written his guide to help you sort through the Swirl and find what can or will work for you.  Along the way, I’ll point out common tricks and gimmicks you need to be aware of.

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SNEAK PREVIEW of my behind-the-scenes video experimentation

Here’s  the EXPERIMENTAL VIDEO with no content at all:

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New ezine issue with a whole mini-education in crafting sales letters, messages and videos

Marlon’s Marketing Minute
March 16, 2013

Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: New ezine issue with a whole mini-education in
crafting sales letters, messages and videos


Marlon here.

Today’s issue:

The crafting of a sales letter:

A whole mini education in how to craft and write a
sales letter or webinar pitch for your product or service

— How to differentiate
— How to write your offer
— How to find out what people want to buy
— How to handle competition

There are four steps covered in today’s issue:

Step one: The Survey – This is where you find out what
people WANT to buy, so you greatly decrease your chances
of a “miss” an increase your chances of hitting the sweet
spot, meaning you got a lot bigger probability of making
sales and profits

Step Two: The Differentiation – Which is where you STOP
your product from being viewed as commodity and
INERCHANGEABLE with other similar products and make it

Step Three: The OFFER – This is what people buy from you

Step Four: The Bullet Points – These are the little spiffy
things that build value, create curiosity and compel people
to pull out their credit cards and get that little 3 digit
number on the back for you

Best wishes,


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