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Email Marketing Is NOT Dead: Surprise! It’s alive and kicks social media’s assets


Marlon here.

First of all, I temporarily have a new blog design up.  Tell me in COMMENTS what you think of it vs. the prior design.  Thumbs up or down?

Next:  I’m a FAN of social media.  It’s FREE. Why wouldn’t you be a fan, right/

Periscope,  Meerkat, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, they are ALL enormously powerful marketing tools when you do this ONE twist.

So today I give you that ONE TWIST that turns social media from STILL getting WHOOPED up on by email marketing TO a super power producer of sales and leads.

Are you game?

Ryan Delk from Gumroad, based on the vast amount of data in their system, they have found the following conversions rates for traffic from Youtube, Twitter and Facebook.

2015-09-19_8-54-35[Tweet “Youtube converts at 2.2%. Twitter at 5.4% and Facebook at 6.3%. Email converts at 9.4%”]

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Infopreneur: How to Create a Product In 114 Minutes & Sell 6,000 Copies

infopreneur info product creation


Marlon here.

Today I carry through with PART DEUX of a popular newsletter I wrote awhile back.  You can read the back issue here.

In that newsletter, I explained how Alex Jeffreys sold 6,000 copies of a product that took 114 minutes to create.

That would the ultimate Information Infopreneur ™ accomplishment.  (Infopreneur is a trademark held by H. Skip Weitzen (author of the book ‘Infopreneur’)

Now, first of all, we’ll start with a few explanations to create reasonable expectations:

114 minutes was the time it took to record the product.  With practice, you can outline these very quickly.  But when you’re starting out, it’ll take you considerably more than 114 minutes for your first few products.

And second, 6,000 sales is exceptional and was only accomplished because of groundwork created on other launches.

Are you OK with taking longer than 114 minutes and selling fewer than 6,000 copies your first time out?

So while those numbers are hard to believe for some, my own story shocks some people.  I was no “born infopreneurs ™”.

Here’s what I mean:

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Marketing Income Levels: 5 steps to the monthly income you want




The REASON this issue today is so critical to you is there is nothing WORSE than doing what you THOUGHT would get results and getting crap for it. You scratch your head. You feel confused.  But you know you need to increase your monthly marketing income levels.

You don’t know what to do next.

You research for solutions but nothing pans out.

Your spouse thinks you’re out of your head.

You have retirement coming. You WANT freedom but are frustrated you don’t have it. You know you’re missing a piece of the puzzle but don’t know which piece.

You see OTHER people have huge successes and it pisses you off to no end. Why them and not you?

You results are like a trickle and you want a freaking FLOOD.

You don’t know WHAT TO DO.

You don’t know WHO to believe.

You don’t know HOW to do it.

Today, I show you HOW TO BREAK THROUGH and get the income you want. You will learn WHO to listen to and trust. You will find out WHAT to do.

Alright, let’s walk through this.

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