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How to Make Money Appear Via Marketing

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Marlon here.

in 1978 I bought a really great book about making money in the direct response marketing business.  I still have the ad somewhere. It showed Benjamin Suarez in his RV vehicle with his wife and kids. And he could fill out these forms while he travelled and have up to $70,000 come in.

I BOUGHT!  Oh my gosh. I need those forms!  Wow. This is amazing.

And that’s how I got introduced to direct response marketing and learned about Gary Halbert. I also learned a LOT more was involved than just filling out a few pleasant forms whilst traveling in an RV!  I still have the book.  Loved it.

I think everyone comes into this business with a DREAM.  And the cool part is for most of my life I really HAVE lived the dream. It just didn’t happen overnight.

There are a number of moving pieces to assemble a money machine that can run largely on autopilot.  Someone has to create products, promotions and do customer support. Someone has to come up with winning product ideas.

The TRUTH about the business is the MAIN THING is the product idea.  After that it’s the sales copy.

Those two things you can do at Starbucks, in an RV or on the toilet for that matter.  There just isn’t a big market for products on how to get rich whilst sitting on the can!  I can hear the sales letter now….

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MMM — How To Get Off Roller Coaster Income & Create Predictable Income

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Marlon here.

One of the issues in this business I’m seeing from people I talk to is roller coaster income. That is, income that is feast or famine, up and down.

The CURRENT problem is people launch and then the money dies. They launch a new product. Then the money dies.

I want to have an intelligent discussion about this that is somewhat subtle and nuanced. Before I get to that, if you bought the Desmond Ong offer, he JUST added a VIDEO to the Facebook group that answers a LOT of questions. You need to join his Facebook group if you didn’t.  He answers a LOT of questions in there.  Believe it or freaking not, only 10% of buyers are joining the FB group. It makes no sense.  He has done 2 detailed videos so far answering questions posted in the FB group.  Now remember, if you buy coaching or services from Desmond, I haven’t checked out every single resource and vendor he’s recommending.  So far in the FB group, everyone seems happy.  If you sign up for his recommended vendor on hosting, I don’t believe they offer refunds.   Be aware of that.  But it IS the hosting vendor Desmond uses.

Here is the AFFILIATE LINK to promote this issue:

I’m interested in your COMMENTS.  Does this newsletter ring a bell with you?  Is it a waste because you feel like you have nothing to plan?  Are you able to figure the Customer Value Number I talk about?  Post your thoughts in comments.

First, let’s look at the CAUSES of roller coaster income:

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MMM: JV Zoo Hits $100 Million. Ignites Launch Frenzy

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Marlon here.

In today’s newsletter:

*  $100 million in sales ignites launch mania

*  How YOU can get your share, really, for real

*  Wanna see $200 G’s made in 30 days in completely documented, A to Z, over-the-shoulder style?

*  Wanna see how $50 g’s were made from a banner on a download page?

*  Wanna see totally unbelievable new software for video sales letters that will amaze you?  (And NO, it’s not hype)

*  Saul Maraney interviews me.  Here about an upcoming superstar who is a perfect example of what YOU could if you so desire.

*  Scoop from behind-the-scenes of my new launch preparations

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