Download my ezine containing 5 squeeze page examples

Download my ezine containing 5 squeeze page examples


Some time back I published one of my Marlon’s Marketing Method ezines about different types of squeeze pages.

One I featured is quite interesting. It’s by my hyper-talented friend Paul Myers and is called “The Wombat Report.”  I thought you’d get a kick out of it. And get great ideas about email capture pages.

Here’s the ezine issue.

Post your thoughts in comments.  Keep in mind that while I published this ezine issue some time back, the article and squeeze pages are still current.  The reason I’m including this in my posts is that I know you may struggle with getting new subscribers to your email list. And a big part of that equation is your squeeze page.

In fact, in my Target-List-Offer formula, the second step, “list”, zeroes in on building your list using a squeeze page.  This particular issue has a few INTERESTING squeeze page examples. For example, here’s a screen cap from part of one in the issue. This is from Paul Myers’ Wombat squeeze:



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