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in only 20 minutes, i'll create one easy peasy piece of content, blast it out to youtube, linked in, twitter, my facebook page and group.  Then i'll transcribe it, remove the filler words, puit on my blog, and drop the audio onto my podcast. And connect everything to my offer.

Dear Friend,

Do you have 20 minutes?  

If you do, you can become a Seed Marketing promotion machine for ANY offer you WANT to promote!

I'm going to demonstrate this LIVE on video. 

It's literally 20-minute OMNIPRESENCE!

Whether it's your own offer, or an affiliate offer, this WILL work for you.

Today, when people go to buy something, they check it out FIRST on social media.

They check out your Twitter.

They check out your Linked In.

They check out your Youtube channel.

They check out your Facebook page.

If they don't see current posts, it throws up a giant red flag.  Is this person for real?  Are they serious about their business?

But with my latest research and discovery, in only 20 minutes, you can get your content seen everywhere.

I've eaten the learning curve for you.   I'll save you at least two months of your life.  I've been doing this myself.

And it works. It flat out works. I'll prove that to you on a LIVE TRAINING.  If I can't prove it, you don't pay.

I'm laying out everything I've discovered clearly and simply.  Become omnipresent in only 20 minutes.  Operate a Seed Marketing content promotion machine that drives eyeballs to your offer in only 20 minutes.

* It's simple.  YOU can do this. I'll prove it.
* You only need 20 minutes once a week
* Create and post content all over in 20 minutes
* You can even "pre-schedule" anytime, any day
* Use free or for fee tools.
* Send people to your offer or opt-in easy peasy.

Continued in a second. First, I need to show you PROOF this works:

Check this out.  I took a couple days off because I had a cold.  Look at what happened to my opt ins (new email subscribers).  They dropped like a rock.  PROOF that my method gets opt ins.  Now, I spend 10 minutes daily because I love opt ins.  But you can spend only 10 minutes a week, become omnipresent AND still get opt ins.  Opts or new subscribers = SALES.  So yes, this does translate into money in your pocket.

I can show you tons and tons of screen caps and proof that I know what I'm talking about. And what I do works.  But  this is NOT about you becoming me. It's about new twists that are totally flexible to YOU and your life. And you can scale as large or small as you want.  I'm a pro so my results aren't indicative of average nor what you'll do. But they ARE  my results.

Take a look at what people say about me and my products

"You Sir Are
a Legend"

"Marlon, thank you for ALL the
excellent material you've created
over the past 20 years.
You sir are a legend"



"I Respect and Admire
Your Work"

 "Marlon, you're a legend and one off the first 'gurus' I looked up to when I started online. I respect and admire your work, your enthusiasm and your kind words."



So back to the story...

If you have products or services and you want exposure for them, I have new research with the latest methods that are free.

And right now, select "in the know" people are making a killing with them.

It took me 2 months of research to dig out the truth. The facts.  The methods.  The secrets.

I'm talking hours and hours and hours of research, video watching, product buying, and deep dive, ninja exploration.

What I've discovered is nothing short of mind-blowing.

I know you hear that a lot. But this is another level.

Your Brain Will Be On Fire 
Only Minutes From Now As You Discover:

*  How to become omnipresent in only 10 minutes a week.  No costs. You could be seen on Twitter, Linked In, Youtube, Facebook, blog and podcast easy peasy.

* Your step-by-step LIVE DEMO to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt YOU can do this. If you can punch a few buttons and talk, you too can be omnipresent. Or you don't pay me a penny.

*  The 2-minute blog post -- I'll demonstrate live how to make blog posts in only 2 minutes.  That way, when people check out your blog, they'll see current posts and content.

*  How to be omnipresent with just your phone. If you are mobile, travelling or don't have desktop access, no problem. You can actually do it with your phone!

* The 3 click podcast secret. Zip your audio to your podcast in 3 clicks.  Get listed everywhere: Pocast addict, Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google podcasts, iHeart radio, Pandora, and more! Create, distribute and monetize your podcast! FREE unlimited hosting.

120 "can't-miss" social media post ideas. Relax. We've got you covered. You'll never run out of things to post or talk about.

* The copy and paste reels creation method. Copy. Paste. Click.  Boom! Now you have a reel for Instagram or Facebook.

* How to get 2 hours of high quality transcripts a month -- FOR FREE. This is more than you need for the 20-minute promotion machine. (NO MORE need to pay a buck a minute. Save your dough!)

* No more tedious video editing!  Just edit the text and your video automatically edits itself!  Easy and fast.

* Remove your ummms and ahhhs in 1 click!  Then sweeten your audio to sound like a pro in only 1 click.

* How to do vertical live streams from your desktop or laptop. The vertical format is great for short videos.  Normally, you have to use your phone. But now you can do them easy peasy from your desktop too when you know this secret.

* How to automatically post live streams to your blog. No time. No effort. Just done automatically.

* How to add a logo and lower third to your videos for that pro look and extra authority.

*  How to display comments right on the screen during your live streams without fumbling with tech or bumbling around.

* Automate your lives.  If your busy, upload your video, schedule the date and time. And you'll go live no matter where you are or what you're doing!  (This is perfect if you have a family or travel often).

* Hire actors or actresses to do record your video for you -- inexpensively.  Then schedule it to go "live" anytimem you want. 

* The free way to create thumbnails for your Youtube videos (this helps you snag more views).

*  The only type of post you can make where Facebook doesn't severely limit the reach. This one post has unlimited potential reach. Uncapped.

* How to "fix" Linked In so your products and opt-in pages get promoted every time.

*  How to easily create those fancy smancy video captions like Alex Hormozi uses. Look like a million bucks easier than you may think.

* How to add captions to your videos  FOR FREE in Only 6 Seconds.  And Zoom Your Video Views

* The simple tweak to make to Twitter so you collect leads. And the secret to easily posting Twitter threads.

*  Extend your reach. Do the 20-minute promotion machine once a week, three times a week. Or even daily.

* Bundle up your transcripts, send them to an editor. And have a book in short order.

* Live stream into your Facebook group automatically. Let Facebook send you new group members on autopilot.

* Copy and paste snippets of text into tweets that are scheduled to go out to Twitter and Linked In over the next week -- automatically.

* Create memes in 1 minute just by copying and pasting.  Easy peasy.

* Easily expand into Tiktok and Instagram for extra reach and audience building.

I had no idea about any of these when I started my deep dive research. What I discovered blew my mind.

This is KEY to your profits, exposure and lead gen.

These numbers are actual real world results
by real people. But your results will vary.

The secret is, all you do is increase your reach, build your list and make sales

All you do is live stream for 10 minutes once a week, 3 times a week. Or if you're super motivated -- daily.

(You CAN do screen video. Your FACE does NOT have to appear on the video unless you want it to.  You can even hire a professional off of Fiverr to do it for you for as little as $5.)

With that said, I'm over 60, and I do it.  You can too!  I'm no spring chicken!

Your broadcast goes to Linked In, Twitter, Youtube, your Facebook page, profile or group. (You can even hire an actor or actress to record it for you and schedule the video to go "live").

Then follow my easy peasy method and after 10 minutes:

1.  Transcribe your video in 1 click -- FOR FREE.

2.  Remove the ummms and ahhhs in 1 click

3.  Zip it over to your podcast in 1 click

4.  Have a blog post good to go

5.  Have memes that you can auto post on all social media.

6.  Have tweets that are scheduled to go out to Twitter and Linked In over the next week -- automatically.

You don't have to rack your brain trying to figure out how to do all this.  I've already figured it out.

And I'll demonstrate it LIVE.  You don't pay me a penny unless you agree you CAN do it too.

If you're consistent with it, (like the Slight Edge book says), results can pile up. And even get you dramatic results.

You don't know what you can or can't do until you try.

That's why I want to show you exactly how to quickly, simply and easily become omnipresent.

Look at these recent numbers from my Twitter Analytics.  Get that.  3,189 profile visits where people can then join my email list!

From there, it's a greased chute to buying! And this is just Twitter.

PROFILE VISITS mean that people check out your profile.  Guess what is there?


While these ARE my results, keep in mind they are NOT INDICATIVE of average results. Your results  will vary. I'm a pro and do this full time.

here's how you know if marlon's 20 minute promotion machine is right for you

I'm not going to say the 20-Minute Promotion Machine is for everyone.

You can read the benefits below and decide for yourself.

Question 1:  Do you need a simple system you can do without being a rocket scientist?

What's unique about this is that you can spend as little as 20 minutes a week, and still have the impression of omnipresence.  It's designed primarily so that when people check you out, they see up-to-date content everywhere. But it can also get you leads and sales.

Question 2: Do you need a promotion method where you can do as little or as much as you want?

You do NOT have to schedule appointments, create products or do support.

All you have to do is your 10-minute video a week, click a few buttons and copy and paste. It doesn't get much simpler.

But you can scale it up as much as you want to.

If that sounds good, this is FOR you.

Question 3:  Is any purchase required?

It's up to you.  The free way takes a bit more time. The paid way is faster and takes a few less clicks. It's very inexpensive.  It's your choice. You can see results both ways.

Question 4:  Do you want to enjoy the benefits of omnipresence without a big time investment or hiring people?

You've probably been there, done that and didn't like it. Well you can breathe easy.

If that's you, then this system is FOR you. Because you just do you.

Question 5:  Do you have 20 minutes a week?

Realistically, you need 20 minutes a week.  That will give you the benefit of omnipresence.  Now, it's not going to flood you with leads. But you will become more visible and get opt ins.

Question 6:  Do you want the fast way or the slow way?

The slow way is you try to figure it out yourself.  The fast way is you let me share it with you.

the 20-minutes a week promotion machine is so simple it eliminates all the reasons "not" to do it

The truly great thing is you do NOT need to buy a bunch of "stuff."  You can use free options or inexpensive for fee.  That's it.

Basically, if you have a phone, you can be omnipresent. And if you have a laptop or desktop, you can add on a blog, podcast, and transcripts (without the big dollar a minute fees). Here's all you do?

Step one:  All you do is record one 10-minute video a week, or do a live stream.

Listen, I know life comes at you fast.  Problems with your house, cars, insurance, bills, health, relatives.  So that's why you can do this in 20 minutes a week.  

Step two:  Be consistent

If you read the book The Slight Edge, that's what it boils down to.

Rome wasn't built overnight. The key is consistency. You have to be in this for the long run.  You could hit a home run right out the gate. It happens.  But what we're after is steady optins, leads, and sales.  Steady as she goes.

Step three:  Launch your live stream, click a few buttons and you're done.

Yes, I know this sounds pretty incredible. That's why I'm letting you watch me do it live if you want. And pay me only if you're convinced you can do it tool.

Step four:  Get opt ins and sales

If you want to hook up an opt-in page or funnel, you have the power to get opt-ins and sales also.

The 20-Minute promotion machine!

Here's what you get

You're going to get my 20-Minute Promotion Machine. And, of course, the step-by-step Daily Method of Operation along with a Free Trello Board you can use on your phone or desktop.

Since it's FREE traffic, all you need  is your phone.  If you have your phone, you're in business.  You can take your busines with you anywhere!

Listen, this is simple and actionable. But the deep research I did in the 20-Mine Promotion Machine will light your brain on fire!  Thus the name.

  • You don't need a big "budget"
  • No recips or affiliate hassles
  • No paid traffic
  • You don't need your face on video, unless you want
  • No "techie" skills needed

get my  event free!

I wanted this to be a 100% no-questions-about-it-win. So I'm giving you my cost eraser bonus -- You get 90% commissions on a $47 product I created this year called Social Media On Fire. This product sells for me. People love it. And it appeals to almost everyone.

Just 2 sales and you've made paid for the event. This is my cost ERASER for you

30 days email consultation

When you go ahead and let the charge run through the day AFTER the event (you can cancel before then), you'll qualify for 30 days of email consultations. Just post your questions directly related to the Reels for Leads and Sales training at, and I'll answer them. 

This way, if you have one of those nagging questions that stops you from getting started, you can get it taken care of.

This way, if you have one of those nagging questions that stops you from getting started, you can get it taken care of.

You Get Instant Access and a Replacement Guarantee

In the unlikely event, you don't feel (in your opinion) that you got 10x the value, I'll replace it with a product of equal or greater value. But EVERYONE in attendance live rated this a TEN! So you'll love it.


Maybe your spouse, son or daughter could use some 20 Minute Promotion secrets. You're welcome to have them view the live stream with you. Yes, the event WILL BE RECORDED.

Module  One

live training recording

I want to personally demonstrate the 20-Minute Promotion Machine.

I'm going to show you what to do and how to do it on this Zoom training.

And then, after that I'll answer any questions you might have in the 20 Minute Promotion System FB group.  This is a fun, exciting, power-packed training.

That's right, it'll be a LIVE Q & A if you have any questions right in the FB group.  I do live streams almost daily so you can get answers to your questions..

You get the recording of the entire event.  Everyone in attendance rated it a 10 on a scale of 1 to 10.

Module  Two

step-by-step, "20-minute promotion system" a to z report

In just 20 minutes a week or a day, you'll be SHOCKED at what you can do.

But that's just the beginning.  This report puts everything down in black-and-white for you.

This is step-by-freaking-step, including screen caps. Just follow the steps.  And you'll be on your way.

Module  Three

the 2-a-day business model for $10k potential

Everyone wants to make $10k. But hardly anyone has an actual simple and doable model for it.  That's what I'm giving you here. And it dovetails perfectly with the 20-Minute Promo Machine.

Here's what you'll discover in this 15-page report:

* The fewer the moving parts, the better - pg. 3

* Why you don't have to be King Kong to make this work (see the yellow column in the picture for proof) - pg. 5

* The magic 10% figure and how to hit it

* Fill-in-the-blanks blueprint - pg. 9

* How to figure out your personal plan potential for $10k - pg. 4

Keep in mind this is potential. Your results will vary and are not guaranteed.

Module  Four

four weeks of live coaching step-by-step and additional "big promo" secrets revealed

Module four is so exciting!

You'll get access to 4 weeks of free coaching with a 4-week pass to my Fast Track.

I'll not only walk you through all my secrets step-by-step, you'll get an insider look at how my systems can help you take things to the next level.

And you'll get my personal advice on the right direction for your omnipresence.

When you go ahead right now and take fast action today,
you'll get some awesome bonuses

fast action bonuses 


how to cast your bread upon the waters

Here's what you'll discover in this 40-page jam-packed report:

  • Justin W's secrets to make $200,000, add 100k followeres and get 30k emamils in 5 months - pg. 34

  • The 3 critical elements your messages MUST have in order to get sales

  • The 3-step "cast-your-bread-upon-the-waters" formula for building your audience and making sales  pg 3.

  • How to create your freebie using Canva - pg. 7

  • What happened to my engagement on Twitter when I started casting my bread upon the water? pg. 16

  • Case study video: From 0 to 1,000 followers in 46 days - pg. 21

  • What to do with a "pinned tweet" to get sales - pg. 21

  • How to automate your posting schedule - pg. 23

  • Very simple 5-step growth plan that will get you results -- pg. 25

  • How to create the perfect bio to get responses - pg. 27

  • Tweet styles for cash flow - pg. 32


transcript of the training so you can print it out, read it, mark it up and reference it.

You get a word-for-word, unedited transcript of the event, so you can follow along with the video. It even has time markers! 

That way, if you want to listen to a specific part again or watch it, you just find that time marker and zoom to that spot on the video. It's a big time saver.


swipe file of 10 live stream transcripts and sample videos you can use

I'm giving you 10 of my live stream transcripts you can modify and use for your first live streams.  Or simply use them as inspiration.  Print 'em out. Study them. Mark them up.

You'll also get 10 of the videos you can study and learn from.

you get a $510.00 value for 90% off

Module 1 - Live training recording, including q and a
Module 2 - Step-By-Step, "20-Minute" Promotion Machine Report
Module 3 - Two-A-Day Buisness Model For $10k Potential
Module 4 - Four weeks of optional coaching (free pass)

Plus, You Get Bonuses For Acting Today

BONUS 1: How to Cast Your Bread Upon The Water and Build Your Audience

BONUS 2: Transcript of the training so you can print it out for reference

BONUS 3: Swipe File of 10 Transcripts and Matching Videos

The Very Fair Terms:

1.  You get all 4 modules above
2.  You get all 3 bonuses
3.  You get a replacement guarantee not a moneyback guarantee

This Special Price Is ONLY AVAILABLE On This Page Right Now. It is NOT available anywhere else

You'll love it

I'm so confident in what you're going to see that I make this guarantee.

If you don't love it, I'll replace the product with something that better meets your needs.