If you’re spending all your time learning and no time doing, here’s the magic ratio to get you back on track without sacrificing critical know how

If you’re spending all your time learning and no time doing, here’s the magic ratio to get you back on track without sacrificing critical know how



This past week I had a call with members who purchased my Affiliate Dashboard.

One of the members on the call said that he was spending all his time learning and no time doing.  This is a trap that is VERY easy to fall into.

Now, make no mistake.  A really important part of this business is acquiring skills and know how. 

Just this week I hired a new designer named Frank. Frank is very talented.  But I needed to put up the audio of a conference call using the Sonic Memo software by Jay Jennings. 

Matt had done a Camtasia video on how to do it. But he left out crucial steps because he was trying to get a lot of instructions done in a short time span.  So Frank had to muck around a day or a day and a half to get things to work right.  I brought in a second person (who is working on trial) to help out.

And if you think that's unusual, you REALLY will benefit from reading this article.

Here are 3 crucial issues:

1.  Most people spend all their time learning "know how" from ebooks and courses and no time learning skills.

Learning skills like Dreamweaver and Sound Forge (for audio) are just as important as your know how in my estimation.

You don't need to become a master. But the basics sure help. Otherwise, everytime you turn your head, you'll be outsourcing. I'm big on using virtual assistants.  I've been doing it since WAY before just about anyone in this industry was doing it. (I hired Lisa in Canada 5 or 6 years ago.)

But I still believe you need to learn the basics.

2.  Most people waste time gaining "know how" that will be "broken" 12 months from now.  The model I teach is evergreen.

It has been working for 7+ years.  And will be working 7 years from now.  I'm shocked at how many of my customers do NOT own "Amazing Formula" or "Gimme My Money Now."  But they'll fork over bux for the latest good-sounding whatever that comes down the pike and is promoted by a million people.

A common complaint I hear is, "I wasted money on such and such program."  Yeah, you did if you bought something that breaks in a year.  Money spent learning MARKETING is NEVER wasted.  If nothing else, you can use that knowledge to help your son or daughter get a job, your Church get more attendees, your group expand.

3.  Most people don't balance learning and doing.

I contend you need to spend half your time DOING.  And the other half learning.  Even if you have no idea what you're doing.  Do anyway.  You learn what it is you don't know by doing.

So get busy.  Take something you learned and go try it.  It may or may not work. So?  You'll learn.  Start a blog.  Do a  teleconference.  Create a viral PDF or ebook.  Do a Butterfly site.  Even if it's not the world's best.

Here's the thing:  DOING means you'll get frustrated with skills you don't have. And things that don't work.  And THAT is why I say half your learning time needs to be devoted to figuring out the stuff that doesn't work in your doing time.

So that is why I had Frank spend all that time mucking around with Sonic Memo.  By the way, the program works fine. Jay has a wonderful program there.  And he has support videos. But that doesn't mean there isn't a learning curve to tweaking the audio and so forth.

Everything involves a learning curve.  The good news is that in today's world, if you spend a few hours each Saturday on your learning curve, you can knock it out of the way pretty fast.

Marlon Sanders

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