"Which of these affiliate secrets could be a game changer for you today?"
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Marlon here.

Which of these Affiliate Commission-Getting Secrets could be a game changer for you?

?? How my friend wins $5,000 to $50,000 in contests - page 84
?? The One Thing That Makes Me The Most Commissions On Affiliate Promos -- Page 59
?? FREE Facebook Strategy To Get 10-100 Leads and Sales Per Week Beginning This Week - Page 96
?? Easy 10 Buck Ads Net 1,300 New Subscribers Page a Month Like Clockwork -Page 111
?? 6 Ways to Find $250 to $2500 Affiliate Products To Promote Using Their Autowebinars - Page 138
?? Your $2,000 Education In Promoting Launches -- Today! - Page 214
?? How Most Top Affiliates Do It - Page 234
?? Double affiliate sales doing this -- Page 269
?? How to Create An Overnight Funnel For Your Affiliate Products - Page 294
?? How get got booked on 43 podcasts in 1 month
?? How to Use Countdown Timers In Your Affiiate Marketing - Page 220
?? How to Get Started As An Affiliate - Page 211
?? How to Drive Push Button Sales - Page 240
?? How I Promoted An Offer On Facebook - Page 251
?? Easy, peasy affiliate cash on facebook - Page 274
?? The Simple Sales Copy Writing Trick That Works! - Page 208
?? A Phenomenal Way to Climb the Ladder of Success in Affiliate Marketing by Teaming Up in a Smart Way -- Page 226
?? The Magic Key To Your Affiliate Profits Is NOT What You Think It Is - Page 230
?? An Easy Peasy Promo For You - Page 278
?? Easy Way to Get Visits To Your Offer - Page 286
?? How to Have a Winning Plan For Affiliate Profits - Page 291
?? The Simple Sales Copy Writing Trick That Works! - Page 208
?? How Mike Makes Up to $35,000 a Month As An Affiliate - Page 202

As a quick reminder, results quoted above aren't indicative of average. Your results can and will vary.

Monday night I'll be holding a LIVE TRAINING when you snag my 299-page Beast Mode Affiliate Cash-Getting Secrets now.  You not only get the Beast Action manual but you also get instant access to a fully stocked member's area.

If you want to get affiliate commissions and make more sales faster, simpler and easier, you need ALL these secrets now.

Any one of them could get you your money back and even put you in the green.  See, these are the very secrets I use in my OWN business.

Fact: On Warriorplus alone I've had 8,295 sales as an affiliate. 

Which wouldn't mean jack to you. Except it means I know what to do and how to do it in order to get affiliate sales -- without spending money on ads.  (Although I do a small amount of it.)

My sales aren't indicative of average results, not a promise you'll do the same.  But it shows what I've personally done.  And actually, that's a drop in the bucket. I've got 100's of thousands in commissions apart from W+.  

If you don't know me, my name is Marlon Sanders. 

I've been doing this gig full time since 1997 and have had as many as 30,000 affiliates promoting my products.  I know lots of people and often get the "inside scoop" or what's commonly referred to as "secrets."

It's my goal to share these things with you to help you make affiliate commissions faster, simpler and easier (without chasing dead ends).


It's So Confusing. What Really Works?

Problem 1:  Affiliates tend to promote methods and tools they make a commission on.

So you're never quite sure if the method really works.  Or the affiliate just wants the commission on it.

Problem 2:  You only have so many hours in a day.  You can only watch so many videos or research so many methods.  It can be tiresome.

Problem 3:  Some, if not many, of the affiliate methods being promoted are sketchy at best. 

You see a lot of software promoted that mass creates stuff, spams or does similar things.  This violates the terms of service of Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and other platforms.

What's more, these methods typically don't work anyway.  So it's the worst of all worlds.

I'VE HAD 30,000+ affiliates promote my products. i've personally made thousands and thousands in affiliate commissions. I know what works and what's a waste of time

  • Which traffic methods make sense to start with as an affiliate? (Knowing this keeps you from chasing rabbits)
  • How to start from scratch with little or no traffic, list or following and actually make affiliate sales while also building your list
  • Case studies of what people I know in the business do to make big commissions and win tons of cash and prizes (without spamming or breaking rules)
  • What you should know about picking out products to promote
  • What to avoid.  What NOT to do.  What methods to NOT waste time and money on
  • How to get traffic if you hate doing video and have a face made for the radio
  • Secrets of making sales from Facebook -- even if you don't use it much or aren't a fan. (The bank doesn't ask if the money came from FB or not. It all spends the same)
  • What if you're a beginner selling affiliate products.  Which method should YOU use and why? 

In just the past 30 days at the time I'm writing this page, I've had $754.45 affiliate commissions.  This is NOT from selling my products.  It's from selling products as an affiliate.

But here's the twist:  $75 of this comes in every month and is 100% passive.  I actually totally forgot about it.  It just comes in like clockwork.  I think these commissions have been coming every month for a  year or two.  It just shows up automatically.

6 Figures From a 600-person list?

It's not an average result but it is possible

In general, the money is in the list.

The more people you get on your list, the more money you make.  And I show you many ways to get people on your list.

But it's also true that if you do it right, it's possible to do really well with a small list.

That's what one of my friends and affiliates did.  She actually made 6 figures with a small list.

It's secrets like this that you'll be reading about shortly. Wouldn't you like to know what her secret was?


I've put all 49 secrets into a gigantic 299-page digital book for you.  And had my designer lay it out all pretty for you, so it's easy to read.

These secrets aren't "theory."  Because I've had as many as 30,000 affiliates promoting my products, and because I know a lot of people, I'm fortune to see and hear the inside scoop on things.

Some of these secrets you'd never find out unless you were in the "inner circle." That's why I call them secrets.

But it's my pleasure to share them with you, so you can get more commissions faster, simpler and easier.

  • Main Benefit #1 - How to make commissions when you're just starting out and don't have a list or audience yet
  • Main Benefit #2 - How to start building your list for FREE -- quickly and easily.
  • Main Benefit #3 - Know what methods actually work without wasting money on software and sketchy things that won't work.
  • Main Benefit #4 - Get the inside scoop on what works in examples from people I actually know
  • Main Benefit #5 - Discover real affiliate secrets you won't hear or read anywhere else. This is the real deal.


I boil things down for you into simple 1-2-3 steps

Simple is beautiful.

I don't like complicated, difficult methods.  I prefer the simple over the complex.

So my goal in this product is to boil down all the methods and secrets out there and give you the things most likely to work for you.  

This saves you time, money and energy and gets you started as fast as possible.

Even More Big Secrets In The Member's Area

When You Buy Today

  • Secret #1 - This guy found a way to make up to $100 a day on Pinterest with affiliate marketing
  • Secret #2 - Beginners have earned $15,389.90 with this Clickbank affiliate marketing method
  • Secret #3 - Case study of how this affiliate marketer went from $0 to $15,000 in 2 months (results not indicative nor typical)
  • Secret #4 - What happens when you combine chat gpt with Amazon?  $3,605.84 case study!
  • Secret #5 - One hour+ tutorial on how to create a blog for affiliate marketing and get commissions
  • Secret #6 - Complete 6 hour affiliate marketing course - Step-by-step case study of an affiliate marketing startup.
  • Secret #7 - The 8 affiliate programs pay passive, recurring commissions - Where to find 'em.
  • Secret #8 - This free affiliate marketing course takes you from beginner to advanced - Top super affiliate spills the beans
  • Secret #9 - Discover how to find affiliate programs that pay monthly commissions - Good step-by-step tutorial

Here Are Sales From JVZoo

Here's the PROOF It Works

This is NOT theory. I eat my own dog food and make loads of affiliate sales.  

Here are stats just from JVZoo.  I'm just showing you these so you know I do this on OTHER networks also. NOT just Warriorplus.  I have commissions from Clickbank. And independent platforms.  For like 10 years I got a  check every month from Aweber for an affiliate sale I made goodness knows when. SAME on Clickbank.

We're talking TRUE PASSIVE INCOME.  I sold it once. And forgot about it. But the money keeps showing up.

You Get 5 Special Bonuses


To sweeten the pot, you not only get my 299-page book of Affiliate Secrets Revealed, you get 5 bonuses that that take things over the top, so you have everything you need to start getting affiliate commissions now.  Or take things to the NEXT LEVEL. 

Here's WHY I'm Selling This For What You'll Make On Just ONE Affiliate Sale
(Plus, You Get a Live Training)

You probably don't know this.  May or may not believe it.  But I actually care.

I truly do everything I know to help my longstanding, loyal customers succeed.  Many have been with me since almost day 1 back in December 1997.

So I've assembled this BIG value for you including a live training, Monday, March 13 at 8 pm est. Yes, it'll be recorded and transcribed.

Main Product -- 299-page masterpiece -- Affiliate Secrets Revealed


Bonus #1 -- Live Training March 13 at 8 EST. I'll explain Affiliate Secrets live


Bonus #2 - Instagram Crash Course.  Write or do videos.  And promote offers


Bonus #3 - PDF: How to create passive income


Bonus #4 - The procrastination cure.  Nip it in the bud and spring into high-profit potential action.


Bonus #5 - 39-page deep dive PDF on how to build your traffic engine





(See below)

Based on the total values above, you can let them know that you can easily sell this for $400-$600.  Why?  Because you already spend so much money and time in buying and chasing traffic methods that don't work. However, because you're a valued customer, I won't charge you that price. In fact, you won't charge you even for $200 (which is less then a half of the total value).

You only need to pay for $600 $400 $200 (see price below) if you act fast. This price will be limited according to the timer below.

The Substitution Guarantee

If for any reason this product doesn't meet and exceed your expectations, just let me know at getyoursupport.com (Do NOT email).

I'll promptly replace it with a product of equal or greater value that better meets your needs.

Let me give your affiliate marketing a huge boost.  You get my jam-packed PDF, videos, more PDF's all in a stacked and hopped up member's area.

It's ready and waiting for your instant access right now.  But this offer won't be around long. Act now.


Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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