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Target Marketing: How to Get Things Humming

How to get your market targeted, your products ready, your promos out, and your affiliate program humming — In short, what you need to know and do to get your products and services selling like ice in the Mojave Desert.

I want to talk to you about a crucial psychological aspect of getting your Internet marketing signed, sealed and delivered!

In other lessons, I will go into specific details about marketing. But first, I need to lay a very important piece of groundwork and that is to find your "just right" gradient and put it on a screen saver, so it’s in your face ever day.

Let me explain:  The first secret of getting things humming is called "decreasing the gradient."

Let me explain:   In behavioral psychology, there is a thing called your gradient. That is the degree of difficulty of what you’re trying to accomplish. The very first thing you should do if it seems like you’re making no progress is to decrease your gradient. That means you don’t tackle such a steep slope all at once. That means dividing your objective or goal into smaller chunks and giving yourself kudos when each one is accomplished.

If you are beginning your online endeavors with very little experience in business, marketing, computers or networking, you’ve got to be a lot more patient with your progress than a person does who comes into the arena bringing a lot of experience.

You’ve got to walk before you run. And you’ve got to run before you fly. Marketing "gurus" are flyers. They fly. But realize that most have prior business experience, knowledge and so forth.

For example, one of my friends came into this industry and succeeded very quickly. But he had also ran his own business before, had attended numerous business seminars, and had developed potent networking skills.

The point is, tackle a LEARNING CURVE that is appropriate to where you are. It’s hard when you have the pressure of bills, or a spouse or family member who doesn’t fully support your endeavors…it’s hard to find your "just right" gradient. When you feel stuck or stymied, it’s a sign that you need to decrease your gradient or chunk down what you’re doing.

Let’s say you’re writing an ebook. Intstead of making your goal to get the whole thing written, work JUST on the table of contents or the first chapter. Put your focus on that.

If you feel OVERWHELMED, it’s a sign you’re focusing on too big a picture. Set your sights on a smaller, more easily accomplished objective.

For example, when I created my new Marketing Dashboard, I divided the objective into 6 major actions and 6 steps for each action. How do you know if you have selected the gradient that is "just right" for you?

1. Do you feel excited and challenged?

If you don’t feel excited and you don’t feel challenged, then your goal or your gradient is actually TOO SMALL! You need excitement and emotion to movitate you to take action and get things done.

2. Do you feel frustrated, overwhelmed or lost?

If so, your big picture needs to be chunked down into manageable steps.

Once you break your goal down into steps that are challenging but not overwhelming, you write these out and put them on a SCREEN SAVER that will be in front of your face on your computer all the time. Every time you take a break and come back to your computer, there your goals will be in front of your face.

If you’d like help in chunking your online selling goal down into a manageable, step-by-step system, check out my new Design Dashboard at:

Best wishes,
Marlon Sanders


Info Products: How to Avoid The 4 Most Common Mistakes


How To Avoid The Four Most Common Mistakes In Finding A Product Or Service To Sell

I don’t want you to be an easy “Mark” that others can take advantage of.

I want you to be educated and sophisticated in what you’re doing.

If you avoid the mistakes I’m about to give you, you’ll avoid a lot of the traps and pitfalls that others fall into.

Most of these wrong paths involve the following mistakes:

1. Believing that someone else has a turnkey, complete, ready-to-go money machine that requires hardly any skill, knowledge, effort, ability or capital to run.

It sounds ridiculous.

But so many people fall for this pitch, it’s staggering. But you know WHY they fall for it? It’s what THEY want to hear.

They don’t want to spend long hours reading, researching or working.

They don’t want to do what it really takes to make money.

They think that someone can and will hand them a money machine that a monkey could run and make a killing with.

2. Selling a product to anyone and everyone with little or no targeting.

Targeting a market is a confounding thing. It’s sounds good in theory but takes work and thought in reality. You CAN’T target small businesses. It’s darned near impossible. But everyone wants to.

Finding your target market takes research, thought and effort. That’s why it’s a temptation to skip.

3. Selling a product or service with a million competitors most of whom have more marketing training, business experience, skill and knowledge than you

OK. This again falls in the category of ridiculous. But I see it every day.

Everyone wants to be a marketing guru. Everyone wants to sell “how to make money online.” While it’s a BIG market, it’s also extremely competitive. If you want to play the game, you can’t be an amateur.

You have to be GOOD. Very good.

There are many people willing to sell you the dream of making money in the marketplace (usually by buying THEIR product or service to resell).

Yeah, maybe they did it. But they probably neglected to tell you the long hours they worked. Or the prior business experience they had. Or they big list they had already put together prior to launching the magical money making event.

4. Being married to a product or service no one wants.

It’s easy to get married to a product or service YOU like. You believe in. But no one else wants to buy. That is called a hard sell. There are lots of hard sells in the world.

The primary cause of this insanity is the “word” of someone else who swears a product is hot and sells well. They always quote their “poster boy” results without telling you that the poster boy has 20 years of business experience, a huge existing list and so forth.

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders

New “Sell Products Like Crazy”



In this issue, I have a new article on why the latest,
greatest marketing method you’re using may not be working
for you and what to do about it.

Whether you are a newbie or pro, this article has
something for you. I encourage you to take 5 minutes to
read it.

* Does it seem like nothing is as easy as the sales letter
says it is?

* Are you struggling with:

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If so, read this article.

PLUS, please read the announcements for Milcers, customer
service, Design Dashboard and other updates.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders’Sell Products Like Crazy Ezine
Vol. 2, #3, March 10, 2007

This issue contains:

A. Shameless Plugs

B. Announcements from Marlon

C. Featured Article: “Internet Marketing Secret: Why
Internet Marketing Secrets Don’t Work and how to make them

D. Services You Can Use

E. Q and A

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A. Shameless Plugs

+++ Design Dashboard

I honestly don’t see how you can run this business without
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B. “Announcements from Marlon”

One: Update on Milcer’s Newsletter

I hope to get the new issue written this weekend. Remember
to post your questions in the forum and I’ll answer ’em
when I can get to ’em. Usually over the weekends.

Two: Customer support issues

We’re hiring a new service person, so Matt was doing
interviews all week and couldn’t man live chat. We’ll be
back on a normal routine maybe next week. If not, the week

Never email us for support. We often do NOT receive those
emails. What you do is post to our after hours support
desk and get a ticket number.


If you submitted a support ticket YESTERDAY, our support
desk wasn’t working. I answered tickets last night when we
got it fixed and Matt will be responding on Monday.

Three: Mike Filsaime Event?

If you looked for me at the Mike Filsaime event, I wasn’t
there. On the flight to New York, our plane lost
compression and we made an emergency landing. Frankly, I
was pretty shook up and there was no way I was getting on
another plane THAT weekend!

I will be at Yaniks.

Four: Design Dashboard

If you’re stuck on any icon, post to the support desk. I
WANT you to get your site done and be successful.

Five: Red Factor: I hope you’ve READ the last few modules.
They rock as far as I’m concerned. I still have more for
you guys and gals. Hopefully, by now, you’ve gotten way
more than your money’s worth. But I’ve tried to save the
best for last.


“Internet Marketing Secret: Why Internet Marketing Secrets
Don’t Work and How to Make Them Work”

By Marlon Sanders

Does this scenario sound familiar?

1. You buy a new product

Gosh, it sounds awesome. And did I mention that it’s
every-so-much-easier than than that last “nasty” method
you tried that was just too hard?

2. You get excited

I mean, how could you NOT be excited? This one is the REAL
deal, unlike the last 3 things you’ve tried.

3. You scrape together some time to try it.

This is no easy deal. You gotta convince the spouse to let
you be alone at the keyboard. You gotta get your kids to
NOT come trouncing into the room. You gotta stop the phone
from ringing.

4. You start following those ever-so-easy steps.

5. Boom! You run into “the brick wall”!

The brick wall is that thing that supposed to work but

You can’t get the ftp to work. The program won’t install
right. The thingy won’t upload the articles correctly to
the site. Your articles upload but don’t display.

You feel the whole truth was a half life, the amazing
formula “my $&*#”, bum marketing bums me out, and “7 day
ebook” in my freakin’ dreams!

I’m just using those examples. It could be ANYONE’s method
and ANYONE’s technique.

See, THAT thing you call “the brick wall” in my business
we call MURPHY. You’ve heard of Murphy’s law — anything
that can go wrong will — and at the worst possible time.

Fact is, MURPHY is our best friend in this business.
‘Cause he’s the only friend I have who pays me regular
visits! Like pretty much I can count on ol’ Murphy showin’
up whether I want him to or not..

Like this week — we upgraded our Perl Desk support
software. But it totally didn’t work. I had to hire a
GENIUS programmer off of rentacoder (I call it RAC for
short) to fix it.

Sergey I. Grachyov
St. Petersburg, Russia
Age: 34
RAC name: TakeReal

He’s #74 out of 170,834 coders on RAC. And he took my job
at the drop of a hat and hung in there when the going got
tough. He’s pretty much a programmming stud. At least, he
was for me. On top of that, after extensive interviews and
testing, we hired a new customer service person but we
couldn’t get the references to call us back. So NOW we’re
in search of a new service person.

But we changed the headline on the ad and instead of
getting 200 resumes, we got like 20. And none of them were
what we were looking for. So I wrote a new ad, decided to
use my Internet marketing skills, created a landing page
FOR the ad and wrote a stick letter for Matt to send to
people who responded to the ad inviting them in for the

Oh, in the same week Matt’s wife got rear ended in her car
and Lisa got sick.

Anyway, you know what you do when you run into Murphy? You
take it with a grain of salt. Why? Because that’s Murphy’s
job. That’s what Murphy does.

And you PLAN for Murphy. You have to. If you don’t plan
for Murphy, then you’ll be blind sided. Now, I’m NOT
minimizing what you can do to preempt Murphy.

Like we should have ran better testing on the new Perl
Desk installation before we made it go live. You can do
LOT to preempt Murphy if you put your mind to it. But
pretty much ANYTIME you do something NEW that is a new
learning curve, Murphy will pay you a visit.

This week to me isn’t that much different than any other
week. When you run a business, you deal with Murphy. You
account for Murphy.

This brings me back to you.

A lot of people have one or two Murphy’s in their new
endeavor, new marketing method, new whatever — and they

It’s called “frustration tolerance.” And some people have
it and some people don’t. A lot of business is problem

A job is a place where someone else solves the “big
problems.” And, for the most part, you get paid to do
routine stuff.

When you run a business, Murphy stops with you. So don’t
DUMP your methods just because you run into a glitch. Or
something doesn’t work like it’s supposed to.

That’s Murphy.

That’s part of business. You won’t be successful with ANY
marketing method until you learn to persist, problem solve
and deal with Murphy.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is author of Push Button Letters, Amazing
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My friend Rod Cook is promoting this event. I believe it’s
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flying to Yanik’s event.

+++ Big Seminar

I’ll be speaking at the April Big Seminar.

Armand’s events are …. big events! So be there or be
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+++ Yanik’s UNDERGROUND event

I’m going to be there Sat. night. I have a speaking gig
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Yanik’s events totally rock. Seriously, you don’t wanna
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E. Q and A

QUESTION: Marlon, what do you think about article

ANSWER: In Amazing Formula, I show how it ties into the
big picture. What it does is dovetail very nicely with
list building, your affiliate marketing, seo and other

It is a timeless method I recommend.


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