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Im putting Santos, my Executive Director, through my Special High Intensity Training. 

He just wrote his first sales letter, about a new way to communicate to customers real time. As you can imagine, this is his first sales letter so it has some holes and some things that he didn’t think of.

So, I need your opinion. Check out the sales letter Santos wrote then tell him what you think is missing from the letter and what you would need him to add or talk about a lot more to convince you to buy.

Leave your comment here and remember to make sure that you include your full name and email address when leaving your comment so we can contact you when if you win.

Click here for Santos’ 1st Sales Letter

The top 5 comments that help out will get instant access to the product for free. The winner will be announced on Saturday’s ezine. No cost of entry, void where prohibited, restrictions apply.



U Gonna Live Or U Gonna Die?

Who survives in business?  Who lives? Who thrives? And who dies?

I ask you that.

Darwin answered the question.

-- Not the fastest.

-- Not the smartest.

-- Not the strongest.

Darwin said the species that survives is the one most able to ADAPT!

So every morning when you wake up, life stares you smack dab in the face.

And it says, "Today -- You gonna live or you gonna die?"

And what that means is -- Are you gonna do the same things you've been doing that have NOT been working?

Are you gonna adapt?

Are you gonna change?

Or are you gonna die?

Why do I say die? Is that overly dramatic? I don't think so.
Here's why:

Every day, if you don't adapt, you are one step closer to non-survival in business.

You adapt. Or you don't survive.

So what's it gonna be?

You gonna change? You gonna adapt? Or you gonna die?

How does this apply to you and business?

There are 3 things you need:

I can't tell you what these 3 illusive ingredients are in this environment. Or a hoard of good meaning competitors will
swoop in and do their best to steal the thunder.

But you either have those 3 illusive ingredients or you don't. My job here is to help you have them.

That's what I do. I help you change, grow, adapt and survive.

You need products that are well promoted. Let's start with that fundamental basis of all business.

I tell you you need your own products to promote. Others sell a promise of a short term utopia. Whose right? Whose wrong?

How's that short term utopia, easy, quick fix been working out for ya?

One thing is certain...since before the World Wide Web existed I've been selling and marketing online.

Do you recognize the truth? Do you hear it now? Can you feel it in your soul? The truth has a certain ring to it. A certain feeling. A certain clarity of mind. Crystallness of thought.

When you hear the truth, you know it. It feels right.

So just what is that truth?

When you wake up in the morning, you're either going to a place where you sell your brains and efforts for money. Or you sell products for money.

The simple truth is this business is about creating products of all sorts and selling them to people who benefit by them.

And at the end of the day, it ain't no more complicated than that. No more smoke. No more mirrors. All excuses laid bare. Go out there. Work your tail off to get somethin' to sell.

And today, and every day, sell it to someone. Not by your own efforts but by systems, web sites, email and processes.

I'll repeat that brilliant, sage, amazing phrase of my friend Stephen Pierce. I wish I said it. But I didn't. He did:

"Today is the brokest day of the rest of your life."

That is, if you have products that make you money instead of your won personal efforts. If you're tired, if you're downtrodden, if you're bored or discouraged with it all, look yourself in the mirror and in a truthful moment ask: What have I been trading for money?

How is that working out for me?

Will I keep doing it THAT way?

For how long?

And if I do, how is it that things are gonna be any different than they have been.

If what you've been doin' ain't been doin' so well, maybe it's time every day when you wake up, you look in the mirror and ask yourself this simple but haunting question:

Today, am I gonna adapt? Or am I gonna be 1 step closer to dying.

My name for those of you who are new is Marlon Sanders. I got started in this business before a lot of gurus were even born.

For longer than I remember, in this community, I've been doing one thing and one thing alone.

Telling the truth as I see it.

And being the evangelist of Internet marketing, sales and product creation and promotion.

Now go. Produce. Promote. Sell. Survive. Adapt.

Marlon Sanders


If you’re spending all your time learning and no time doing, here’s the magic ratio to get you back on track without sacrificing critical know how



This past week I had a call with members who purchased my Affiliate Dashboard.

One of the members on the call said that he was spending all his time learning and no time doing.  This is a trap that is VERY easy to fall into.

Now, make no mistake.  A really important part of this business is acquiring skills and know how. 

Just this week I hired a new designer named Frank. Frank is very talented.  But I needed to put up the audio of a conference call using the Sonic Memo software by Jay Jennings. 

Matt had done a Camtasia video on how to do it. But he left out crucial steps because he was trying to get a lot of instructions done in a short time span.  So Frank had to muck around a day or a day and a half to get things to work right.  I brought in a second person (who is working on trial) to help out.

And if you think that’s unusual, you REALLY will benefit from reading this article.

Here are 3 crucial issues:

1.  Most people spend all their time learning "know how" from ebooks and courses and no time learning skills.

Learning skills like Dreamweaver and Sound Forge (for audio) are just as important as your know how in my estimation.

You don’t need to become a master. But the basics sure help. Otherwise, everytime you turn your head, you’ll be outsourcing. I’m big on using virtual assistants.  I’ve been doing it since WAY before just about anyone in this industry was doing it. (I hired Lisa in Canada 5 or 6 years ago.)

But I still believe you need to learn the basics.

2.  Most people waste time gaining "know how" that will be "broken" 12 months from now.  The model I teach is evergreen.

It has been working for 7+ years.  And will be working 7 years from now.  I’m shocked at how many of my customers do NOT own "Amazing Formula" or "Gimme My Money Now."  But they’ll fork over bux for the latest good-sounding whatever that comes down the pike and is promoted by a million people.

A common complaint I hear is, "I wasted money on such and such program."  Yeah, you did if you bought something that breaks in a year.  Money spent learning MARKETING is NEVER wasted.  If nothing else, you can use that knowledge to help your son or daughter get a job, your Church get more attendees, your group expand.

3.  Most people don’t balance learning and doing.

I contend you need to spend half your time DOING.  And the other half learning.  Even if you have no idea what you’re doing.  Do anyway.  You learn what it is you don’t know by doing.

So get busy.  Take something you learned and go try it.  It may or may not work. So?  You’ll learn.  Start a blog.  Do a  teleconference.  Create a viral PDF or ebook.  Do a Butterfly site.  Even if it’s not the world’s best.

Here’s the thing:  DOING means you’ll get frustrated with skills you don’t have. And things that don’t work.  And THAT is why I say half your learning time needs to be devoted to figuring out the stuff that doesn’t work in your doing time.

So that is why I had Frank spend all that time mucking around with Sonic Memo.  By the way, the program works fine. Jay has a wonderful program there.  And he has support videos. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a learning curve to tweaking the audio and so forth.

Everything involves a learning curve.  The good news is that in today’s world, if you spend a few hours each Saturday on your learning curve, you can knock it out of the way pretty fast.

Marlon Sanders

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