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Does Product Creation Blow Chunks Or Rock? Express Your Opinion Now!


Do you think creating and selling your own info products blows chunks or rocks?

If you think it rocks, do you have your own exclusive info product now?  If not, what’s stopping you?  What do you NEED in order to get OVER the hump and get your own product up and running?  What’s the missing piece for you?

If you think product creation sucks, what you DOING right now successfully that makes MORE money (or as much?).  Sound off!

Tell Me Your Opinion On Product Creation!


I’m updating some of our products. 

I need your opinion on:


My questions are:  Are all your problems and issues about product creation are solved?  Is there something I can help you with?  Are there issues you have on this topic that appear to NOT be covered in the above 2 products?  Are you even still interested in creating your own info product?  If you have NOT bought the above products, why not?  What do I need to add to entice you to buy?

Is there something about what you want or need I’m totally missing or overlooking?

Just hit COMMENTS to express your opinion.  Your voice counts!


Info Products: How to Avoid The 4 Most Common Mistakes


How To Avoid The Four Most Common Mistakes In Finding A Product Or Service To Sell

I don’t want you to be an easy “Mark” that others can take advantage of.

I want you to be educated and sophisticated in what you’re doing.

If you avoid the mistakes I’m about to give you, you’ll avoid a lot of the traps and pitfalls that others fall into.

Most of these wrong paths involve the following mistakes:

1. Believing that someone else has a turnkey, complete, ready-to-go money machine that requires hardly any skill, knowledge, effort, ability or capital to run.

It sounds ridiculous.

But so many people fall for this pitch, it’s staggering. But you know WHY they fall for it? It’s what THEY want to hear.

They don’t want to spend long hours reading, researching or working.

They don’t want to do what it really takes to make money.

They think that someone can and will hand them a money machine that a monkey could run and make a killing with.

2. Selling a product to anyone and everyone with little or no targeting.

Targeting a market is a confounding thing. It’s sounds good in theory but takes work and thought in reality. You CAN’T target small businesses. It’s darned near impossible. But everyone wants to.

Finding your target market takes research, thought and effort. That’s why it’s a temptation to skip.

3. Selling a product or service with a million competitors most of whom have more marketing training, business experience, skill and knowledge than you

OK. This again falls in the category of ridiculous. But I see it every day.

Everyone wants to be a marketing guru. Everyone wants to sell “how to make money online.” While it’s a BIG market, it’s also extremely competitive. If you want to play the game, you can’t be an amateur.

You have to be GOOD. Very good.

There are many people willing to sell you the dream of making money in the marketplace (usually by buying THEIR product or service to resell).

Yeah, maybe they did it. But they probably neglected to tell you the long hours they worked. Or the prior business experience they had. Or they big list they had already put together prior to launching the magical money making event.

4. Being married to a product or service no one wants.

It’s easy to get married to a product or service YOU like. You believe in. But no one else wants to buy. That is called a hard sell. There are lots of hard sells in the world.

The primary cause of this insanity is the “word” of someone else who swears a product is hot and sells well. They always quote their “poster boy” results without telling you that the poster boy has 20 years of business experience, a huge existing list and so forth.

Best Wishes,
Marlon Sanders