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New Video PROVES You Can Add Handwritten Margin Notes To Your Web Sites & Increase Response — Without Being A Pro Webmaster!

Click to play:



This is a video Lisa did that shows how to add handwritten notes to the margins of your sales letters.

These notes stand out and help pull people into your copy, and therefore increase response.  It’s the online version of margin notes on direct mail sales letters.  That’s a method people have been using successfully for 50 or 100 years.

The video doesn’t reveal everything but it shows how simple and easy it is to add these notes and lets you see Lisa do it LIVE to PROVE to you it’s within your ability to do.


Tell Me Your Opinion On Product Creation!


I’m updating some of our products. 

I need your opinion on:


My questions are:  Are all your problems and issues about product creation are solved?  Is there something I can help you with?  Are there issues you have on this topic that appear to NOT be covered in the above 2 products?  Are you even still interested in creating your own info product?  If you have NOT bought the above products, why not?  What do I need to add to entice you to buy?

Is there something about what you want or need I’m totally missing or overlooking?

Just hit COMMENTS to express your opinion.  Your voice counts!