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Blogging Update — Special Report On The Results Of My New Blog. Should You Have One or Not? Is It Worth The Effort? (Plus, the secret of setting your Word Press blog up in 10 seconds!)”



By Marlon Sanders

If this report had another subtitle, it would be "confessions of a reluctant blogger."  Because…

I'll confess:  I'm not big on giving away content people don't pay for.  And that, to some degree, is what a blog is.

I've always made more money selling my know how than I have giving it away for free.  I believe you make money by selling stuff, not  giving it away for free.

Having said that, I think I'm becoming a blogging convert.  Here are the reasons:

1.  You need to email content to your list once a week anyway.

In the old days, I didn't email content.  The reason I do it now is you have to work harder to maintain a loyal following nowadays.  Otherwise, the readership on your list goes down.

Since you're creating weekly content, you might as well post it on your blog, right?

2.  You can take the articles you write for your email list and for your blog and submit them to the article directories.

I haven't been doing this.  But we're going to start. 

3.  By writing content for your blog weekly, you have articles to feed to your affiliates and resellers

This is another WIN for you and for them.

4.  You all know I'm not big on seo.  But here's the deal — My blog IS increasing my traffic from Google.  I don't have all my analytics set up right yet to track it. 

I'll report to you when I do.  But I can see every hit that comes in from the search engines using my Human Click/Live Person service.  I can see every single person on every one of my sites. And they have a special little tag if they came from a search engine. And I can see the
key word they searched on.

From this, I CAN tell you that I'm getting an instant bump in my seo traffic.  Added to the reasons above, that's a big plus.

5.  As an added bonus, as you accumulate articles, you can put them into a brandable PDF for your resellers or incorporate them into products you sell.

A lot of you guys and gals don't have money.  You're starting from scratch.  Writing articles and posting them to your blog, then making them available to your affiliates is something ANY of you can do.

Anyone can learn to write articles with a little effort. That means YOU!  All you need is to write one article a week.  Now, when you first start your blog, see if you can post good content to it every day or every other day for two weeks.

That will jump start the process for you.

6.  The last benefit of blogs is you get COMMENTS from your customers and prospects.  Think of that as easy market research.  You can see what they do and don't respond to.  It's a terrific thing.

How To Set Up Your Blog In 10 Seconds!

As for cost, you can go with for free.  However, I had read stories about blogs getting deleted without notice on there, and I didn't believe them. But we had my first blogs on Blogger, and I'll be a monkey's uncle if'n one of 'em didn't get zapped!

So that quickly made me a convert to Word Press.  The issue on Word Press is you need hosting.  Try the good ol' basic Host Gator account.  If you can afford it, the $25.00 reseller account is good. If not, go for the 8 buck a month account with unlimited dcomains.

Now, here's the 10 second part:

That is NOT a reseller URL.  I've read good things about them. They have a little system that does your install in 10 seconds!  And it's free.

The other issue is the blog header.  Lisa covered that in one of the Design Dashboard bonuses as I recall.  If you have the product and didn't get that bonus, just post to Tim at the support desk.

Avoid This One Big Mistake That Can Waste A Lot Of Your Time, Money & Energy
And Set You Walking Down a Primrose Path To Nowhere — While Causing You
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Everyone wants a shortcut.  I understand that.  The thinking goes like this:

"How can I have someone ELSE do my thinking for me, someone ELSE do my writing for me?  Someone ELSE do my design for me?  Someone ELSE do my articles for me?"

The FIRST thing most people thing about is "How can I create 1,000 blogs all automated!"  And there are those who will sell you tools for doing that. There's a very long history of shortcuts being shortlived.

The problem is, the pitches sell like crazy.  I mean, when the new automated thing comes out, everyone jumps on board. Everyone loves it.  It must be the most seductive pitch in the world — "Buy this, push a button, make money."

Blogging that uses a human brain and the human element?  I think it's going to be around a long time. You'll notice I've been personally commenting on blog posts. Why?  Because I want to ADD the human element, not take it away!

I don't know how long I can keep up the personal comments. But I'm going to do it as long as I can.  You want to form relationships with your readers.

I'm all for automation.  But I'm for things that are Evergreen, or as I call it, EverRed (only because my favorite color is red, not green.  Which probably  confuses the heck out of people. But you know, sometimes you just go with it right or not!)

You can do what you want.  I'm just telling you, "if you listen to the songs of the sirens, you'll pay the price." 

If you play with fire, you'll get burned.

On the other hand, blogging itself?  I think it's a solid strategy that's here to stay.  I didn't "feel" it at first.  I wasn't on board. I was a very slow adopter.

But blogs do get "Google love."  And I don't think that's likely to change. And they also fit into a sold strategy of writing articles, article submissions, and affiliate marketing.

OK. So those things aren't sexy.  But I did first write about them and lay out a plan for them back in Amazing Formula in 1998 or 1999. Something like that. And they STILL work, right?

That's what I'm talking about. Building something today that will be there tomorrow.

 So how do you get started in online marketing?

Step 1: Start a weekly article. 

Step 2: Post it to or do an article submission. 

Step 3: Start a blog where you post your articles.

Step 4: Start your affiliate program (HINT: 

I'm even starting a separate blog for my affiliates (  And you may wanna do that also.

Step 5: From your blog articles, link to your money sites.  Those can be your own products. But until you have that, yeah, I guess I'm on board with linking to reviews of affiliate products or PLR products.

Step 6:  Take some of the articles you write and make a little PDF out of them and use them on your money sites as an incentive to get people to opt in to your list.

COMMENT ON THIS ARTICLE.  I mean, really, seriously, go COMMENT on the freakin' article!

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