Marlon's Marketing Minute

The Money Is In The List

Always Has Been.  Always Will Be.


Marlon here.

A friend of mine is struggling to get momentum back in his business.

I had one of the simplest pieces of advice for him ...

... The Money Is In The List.

People like to criticize that simple truth.  Say it isn't true.  Blah. Blah. Blah.

That's marketers for you.

But the simple truth is...the money is in the list.

Here's the advice a successful merchant in the car business made back in the early 1900''s:

Have a profitable day.

And the advice even went further:

But to reward you for reading the MMM today, I want to give you one more gem:

That paragraph says so many of the things you need dto do to make sales now and always.

Don't give people achance to forget you. Boy, that's just huge advice.

Keep doing something all the time.

The people who really "get it" build lists and audiences.  That doesn't always mean an email list but it usually does.  It can be an audience in a highly active Facebook group.

It can be retargeting ads.

It can be joint venturing to other people's lists.

You've got to get really good at building an audience and making sales.  That's everything in a nutshell.

The next problem is that people hear this and set out to build lists in the easiest way possible with the least value -- solo ads.

Now, you can succeed with solo ads. I've known people who have done it. But for the most part, the quality of sales and customers you'll get isn't that worthwhile.

My advice to my friend was to get back to basics.  Mail to your list.

Create products or services for your list.

Promote affiliate offers to your list (or audience).

Is that so freaking hard and complicated?  The answer is no it's not.

Over time, you need to learn to sell bigger ticket products.  And add list-building methods or bet a lot better at the ones you have.

I think all of us search for the easy button.

And there IS an easy button.

After you build a list.

You just send a promo to it.

Instant money.

I mean, virtually instant.

After you learn to do this, then  learn to put better quality buyers on your list. Learn to make bigger dollar offers.  Or increase your low dollar offers.

Why people make this rocket science, I don't know.

There IS competition in different niches.  Most are horribly lazy or uneducated about marketing.  A small percentage make all the sales.

What I'm saying is, there's plenty of room if you get good at what you do.

In the context of this, there ARE list-building secrets and so forth.  But those things are the icing on the cake, not  the cake.

1. Target your audience.

2. Assemble a low cost or free lead generator.

3. Send out messages that make offers.

I'm a little embarrassed I don't have anything more sophisticated sosunding or complicated for you today.

Everything I can say is simply logical extentions of the above.  Like check the blacklists and see if your email is on them.  lolz.

Learn to write headlines and sales copy that isn't dog's breath.

Learn how to sell with vsl's, webinars or live streams.

Learn to build your list with an affiliate program, ads or Youtube videos.

It just mystifies me how there's a segment of people who feel that's ssomehjow so hard and complex they'll never be able to do it.  

Fortunately, a LOT of people on my list KNOW the truth of the above and are already doing it.

Don't stop.

Don't rest.

Keep expanding.

Keep growing.

Keep asking "how high is high?"

Increase the skill with which you build lists and make offers to them and deliver.

There is NOTHING about you that makes you unable to succeed in this business other than some illusions you create about yourself between your ears.

A lot of people need between-the-ears fixing as much or more than they need marekting training.

Alright, I didn't share "secrets" today.  I do have some for sale.

If you want to read some of my best secrets I've discovered in a lifetime, I wrote them in a meaty PDF for you.  And I sell it at a fair price.