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What I Learned From a Saladmaster Presentation
That Might Rock Your World

Here are a Few Takeaways From One of The

Best Pitches I've Heard In Recent History --
Maybe THE Best


Marlon here.

So last night I went to a Saladmaster presentation.  

Saladmastser sells cookingware that is $7,000 I think all the way up to $50,000.  It's quite something.

The pitch was one of the best constructed and delivered I've ever seen.

Only minutes into the presentation, the presenter explains that you can get this $650 apparatus for free just by bringing 1 qualified couple.  You can't buy it anywhere.  You can only get it by bringing a couple to the presentation.

And then he procedes to do the most jaw-dropping demonstration of this gizmo that makes salads, pasta and all kinds of other stuff.

It was a GREAT example and illustration of referral marketing.  You can bet a LOT of people invite their friends.

In fact, if you're in San Antonio and want to hear the pitch AND get a 6-course meal cooked for you, msesage me on  lol

After that right upfront he explains the cost of their cookingware is $4000 to $15,000 and he was going to spend the rest of the time explaining the difference between it and a $40 cookware set.

And that he did.

So here's this company that has been in business since the 1946 in Dallas, TX.  They do have a patented feature (USP) other cookware doesn't have.  But even apart from that, it was one heck of a pitch refined over 70 years.

The cookware is pretty awesome.  

But the PITCH is more awesome.  

I won't go into a deep analysis of the pitch here.  I'll probably do that in Fast Track.  But what I want to highlight to YOU is this:

One basic pitch for a common utensil (cookware) created a company that has flourised for 70+ years.

But this is no ordinary pitch.  And that's what I want to emphasize.

It's one thing to have a quality product or service.  But quite another to have a jaw-ddropping pitch to sell it.

An aweful lot of people expect the prdouct to "sell itself."  If there were  ANY product that would sell itself, it'd probably be the  Saladmaster Cookware.  But the real world is this: NO ONE is paying $4,000, $7,000 or $15,000+ for cookware without a super powerful presentation and demonstration.

I don't care how freaking great the cookware is.

In this case, the cookware is waterless.  You don't need water or OIL to cook anything.  I eliminated most oil from my diet years ago.  It's terrible for your heart.

But on normal cookware, it's very difficult to cook without water and oil. So the basis for the pitch is true.  But  man, there's a LONG distance between explaining that and asking people to buy.

The POINT for YOU is this:  How hard have you REALLY, honestly worked on the presentation for your product or service?  Is it a finely tuned greased chute with proof, demonstsrations and super strong price justifications?

Or have yo u not really put the work into making it your most powerful tool?

I won't talk today about pitch construction.  I'm talking about energy and focus.  How much effort, time and focus have you REALLY put into making your pitch world class?  Or anything remotely resembling that?

You can go on Amazon and find waterless cookware for $300  or $400.  Saladmaster sells one small pan for that much.

I'm sure there are differences in the cookware.  But t he BIGGEST difference is sa super power pitch, presentation, whatever you want to call it.

I was NOT looking forward to the presentation. I went because my significant other wanted to go as  a friend invited her.

But right from the START he begins hammering the health issues.  And, in fact, did a triplicate of choice to have people identify health, savings or time as their priority.  And he angled the presentation to the answers of the couples present (about 4 couples).

More impressive than words can state.

Does anyone ever say that about YOUR presentation?

AS an aside, let me address something.

What I've found is MOST people never ever get to this point. They never have ANY presentation.

All I can tell you is go join Toastmasters locally.  Learn to communicate.  I can't help people who have no ability to write, talk or communicate.

You have problems greater than I can solve if that's you.

But the best solution I know of is to join a Toastmaster's group.  I was in it 3 years.  Tremendous organization.

To succeed in this business (or most others) you need the ability to communicate.  It's an ESSENTIAL.

What I've discovered is most people won't take action.  They'll debate this forever mentally and wilt when it comes to taking action due to different types of internal resistance.  

I discuss how to overcome this here.

Best wishes,

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