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2X It In 2020


Marlon here.

Sure enough.  2020 is almost here.  Wow.

How did 2019 go for you?

What do you want for 2020?

For me, I have a number of new things to roll out in 2020.

1.  My new product Exit Bux will launch shortly to give you a whole new way to get traffic and sales.  I've spent literally months putting everything together for it and making it really simple.

2.  I'll be launching the new paid MMM option and also the new Milcers.

3.  With the MMM membership and Milcers will come a really innovative way to interact as a group that beats teh pants off Facebook groups OR forums.  I'm very excited about it.  This will roll out for Fast Track also.

4.  I'll be launching several innovative funnels for affiliates that are designed to at minimum 2X their commissions over other things they promote.  I'm using state-of-the-art popup system amongst other things to do this.  It's a  fusion of old school and new school ideas and methods.

5.  As a result of the launches in the works, customers will ascend from MMM to Milcers  to Fast Track.  At rollout, if you join the Milcers Membership, you get MMM for free.  If you join Fast Track, you get Milcers and MMM for free.
6.  I'll be introducing UTM tracking in emails to better track the conversion sequence to the new funnels.

7.  I'll be using a segmentation method to give you more of what you want and less of what you don't.

So that's where I'm headed in the next quarter.  Most of the groundwork for all this was done in 2019. The harvest comes in 2020.

Let's look at a few quick things you can do to make 2020 go the way you want.

Here's The Payoff For Taking These 3 Steps

Before I get to the actual steps, what's the payoff?

1.  The feeling of autonomy or control

The more you take the 3 steps below, the more you'll have that feelilng you're in control of the results you want.

2.  Knowing you're on the path to Mastery

We all have a desire and need for Mastery.  Knowing that we're really darned good at something.  You'll develop authority, expertise and mastery by working the 3-step plan below.

3.  Contribution

By creating and sharing your specialized knowledge, you'll be contributing to the lives of others.

What Are The 3 Steps To a Great 2020?

1.  Choose your route

There are basically 2 routes to go:  Big tickets or stack small and mid tickets.

You need money to pay for ads, attract affiliates or re-pay you for the time it takes to create content and drive "organic traffic" {such as Youtube videos).

Some people will say big tickets are the only way to go.  But there are issues with chargebacks, merchant accounts and ddrains on your time.  It's not a perfect world.  Plus, you have to deal with Facebook ads banning people people right and left.

But there's a lot of money to be made.

The other option is what I teach for the most part.  That is income stacking via small and mid tickets.  You can throw in big tickets if you want but only with customers who have a positive track record.

The thing is, for the most part, big tickets requires phone selling.  I'm not against it.  But ?it's quite time intensive unless you hire phone sales people.  If you ARE interested in doing this, then you really need to get my Big Ticket Dashboard as it breaks the process down.

?2.  Double down on anything that worked in 2019

Most people don't realize that you do 10 things to find the 1 or 2 that works. But the PAYOFF comes when you double down on the 1 or 2 that worked.

If you DID overcome your brain's love for comfort and safety and took a risk and did some new things, did you get a posistive result from any of them that you can double down on in 2020?

3.  Realize that comfort zones are your enemy

Your brain is hardwired to NOT take risks, to keep things comfortable, to keep things safe.

The ONLY way you get anywhere is by doing new things that WILL be uncomfortable.

You need to spend a LOT of 2020 feeling UNcomfortable to get where you likley want to go.

If you didn't find anything in 2019 you can double down on, then yo probably didn't energetically implement 10 ideas.

That's normal.  It's normal to NOT implement.  Doing things takes time, struggle, energy and financial and emotional risk.

It's a real challenge to overcome the things our brain tells us about playing it safe, and actually take action on the future we envision.

The only thing I can say about this is compared to the effort and struggle,the payoff can be huge.  But it's not instant.

But let me say this:  If you've used my Sullivan Circles method to find your niche, you've done your 12 product survey, you've targeted over or underserved people, you've  created the sales copy first, you've done fast protype products first, you've stacked income with multiple products as you build your list, and you keep stacking income, then plug into our new interractive community for inspiration, I think you'll agree the odds of success smile on you.

Your best ideas come to you when you're implementing other ideas.  Your best product ideas come ot you when you're creating a new product.  Your best sales copy comes to you when you're writing sales copy.

My methods are designed to tilt the odds scale in your favor.  I mean, you get buyers on your list, do surveys, quickly test new product ideas, expand on what works, stack income, incentivize affiliates or buy traffic -- and keep at it for a year....that's a powerful thing.


Because the money is in the list.

Best wishes,


PS:  I realize for many of you, $97/mo. for the Fast Track doesn't fit in your budget.  So I've come up with a new version of MILCERS (pronounced Milkers as in Milk the Web) -- Marlon's Internet Marketing Lifestyle Club.

Milcers is all about:

1.  Create Income Streams
2.  Put them on full or semi-auto pilot
3.  Live the Internet lifestyle

1. If you want to growbuildimprove or enhance your business, the new Milcers private site can make that happen for you.

2. If you need to get money rolling in the door right NOW then you need to get going YESTERDAY and your keywords of the day are going to be "STAT", "FAST", "NOW" and "GET RESULTS". If you need money coming in, if you need to get the cash flowing, if you need to get things rolling along then the new Milcers private membership has got lots of help for you.

Coming Soon!



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