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The State of Info Profits Marketing

-- 2020 --

How Do You Win In 2020?

What Has Changed?

Where Are the Profits?


Marlon here.

Info Marketing 2020...

I want to talk about what I’ve seen going on in info marketing in the month of December and what I’m expecting next year.

It seems that Black Friday logic has bled over into December.

Last year if I recall, Billy Gene offered some kind of insane Black Friday deal and brought in a million bucks.

So this year a few other high profile people did the same.

Notably, Andie Fletcher, who is a very talented, smart and wonderful marketer.

And now, that trend has bled over into December.

David is offering an insane blowout on Nams stuff.

And Paul Nichols is offering a bundle of all his products dirt cheap.

Brendan Mace has a blowout package also.

It’s an interesting thing.

The people doing this are using the blowout specials to lead into coaching or recurring billing.  So it’s like a massive lead magnet.  And some of them make a pretty big paycheck upfront by doing it.

I’m personally not a fan of it because I feel that when they want to sell digital products in the future, it’ll devalue them. It's the long term impact that is a concern to me.

I respect the marketers who are doing it.  And they're making a short-term play where I question the long-term effects.  Everyone plays the  Game differently so I'm not criticizing them. I'm just presenting my understanding of the Info Profits Business.

Why I Disagree With How Others
Say You Win In 2020 In The Info Profits Business

Alex Becker is an extremely bright marketer who I have respect for.  He did a Youtube videeo based on viewpoints of Sam Ovens about how you win the marketing game right now.

It sounds good in theory. The gist is that you win by having the best product. Others have echoed this viewpoint.

As an info marketer, I can tell you that the best product doesn't win.  Sam contends the best product wins over time. So while I think Sam is brilliant and right on so many things, on this point we see things differently.  The same can be said for others like Alex.

What wins over time is the leading product in a CATEGORY.  And the key is to create your own category that you own, control and dominate.

You can have the best product but still lose because someone else out-markets you in a category.  For example, I think Grant Cardone has great sales training.  But do I think it's THE best?

Probably not.  

But is it the best marketed and best sold?

Very likely so.  Grant is a beast in the best interpretation of that.

Grant is the first to say the best product doesn't win.  That's NOT an argument for poor quality or shoddy products.  There's a standard or a bar you have to meet or you will lose customers and reputation.

Quality is necessary but not SUFFICIENT!

I'm the ONLY marketer doing weekly or monthly training on income stacking via info products.  Most everyone else bought hook, line and sinker into the "sell big tickets" via phone calls and strategy sessions model.

You CAN do that in my model.  But my dominant strategy is income stacking.

If you want to learn and use Income Stacking, there really isn't anyone else teaching it on an ongoing basis.

For example, I think the world of Russell Brunson. His funnels concept took over the world. Bunnels weren't new at all.  Ted Nicholas taught them a zillion years ago.

But Russell made them sexy and hip. And easy.

But funnels are NOT Income Stacking.

A funnel typically has 3 or 4 layers and that's it.  It's an ascension model which is great.  Ascension, a ladder or whatever analogy is a good one.

But that assumes you WANT to sell a $5,000, $10,000 or $25,000 "back end."

Not everyone wants to do that.

My point is, I'd rather have the ONLY product than the "best" product.  

I've got the ONLY Income  Stacking With Info Products program that I know of.

In fact, in 2020 I think I might change the name to Income Stacking or something like that vs. Fast Track.  There are TOO many "Fast Track" programs.

Worse than that, sometimes people who want the "Fast Track" are looking for fast -- without effort.  And fast as in almosts instantly successful and profitable.

That's just not real world.  What I meant by fast is shortcuts vs. doing it yourself by yourself without help.

I teach what's called a "branch" method. And I teach 3 types of marketing opportunities.

Overserverd -- Underserved -- and Non Consumers.

That does NOT change because of competition.  It just becomes MORE important to follow.

If you made the great decision to get Take the Lid Off, I teach it there. I also teach it i n Fast Track.

So Where Is The Opportunity For
Info Profits In 2020?

Here's a fact:  NO  ONE deep dives.

There are so many opportunities every day.

Anytime you run intno walls, obstacles, frustrations or have to spend 1-5 days of your time you'll never get back  doing research on a topic, you found yourself a hot potential idea.

I have lists of them.

For example, tracking clicks on links in emails and ads is extremely important.  I use Pretty Links to track clicks but you can only see 19 links on a  page.   It's not suitable for tracking UTM's over time.

What are UTM's you ask?

That's the point.

Not many people know.

They are google tracking links that are a pain in the rear end to set up and use.  For example, look at this link:

See the ?utm_medium=emails&utm_source=?

That's the UTM tracking for Google Analytics, so you can know who clicked and all kinds of other data.

Here's a whole article about what UTM's are and why you need them i your life.

Here's a system that makes it easy to track them:

It looks very cool BUT costs $24 to $150 a month.

There has to be other better ways. In fact, if you know and use my "SECRETS" template for sales pages, with 1 week of research you could create a killer product, either by writing it or doing a Google Slides video.

The letter writes itself:

Dear Friend, 

If you want to know the profit of every single email you send out, every ad you run, every post on Facebook or social media, then this might be the most important letter you'll ever read about this.

You see, Google has already invented the solution to this. And it's called UTM tracking codes.

I can already hear you saying, "THE WHAT?"

And that's EXACTLY my point.

They're hard to use.

No one knows about them.

And overall, the idea pretty much sucks.

.... unless you know the secrets.

Recently, I deep dived into this and  here are just a few things I discovered:

*  How to save $159 a month with my secret diy UTM method

*  The FREE tool for your web browser that creates UTM's for you

*  What UTM's are, how they work, why they work and how to use 'em like a real pro to tracck where every single click, and pennyof profit ame from with certainty.

*  How to ALWAYS know every single click on your ads and every sale that resulted

*  What no one is telling you about tracking (if you don't know this, you're getting bad data and making poor decisions based on it)

*  How to have UTM's automatically created for every page on your blog or website, so all your tracking is close to flawless. No manual entry!

And so forth.

If you don't know how to write letters like that, join Fast Track and I'll teach you.

On the back end, you would sell UTM services, do workshops, sell other tracking software.  All kinds of stuff.  It's a WHOLE UTM business.

There are all kinds of cool things to discover about UTM's like these Chrome extensions:

That program campaigntrackly looks pretty darned interesting. The extension is free but then they have the advanced service with a boatload of features.

I could write a 30 to 50 page report JUST on the features and benefits it offers.  Pretty cool program for a decent price.

Check out the data you can get from UTM's:  Slide show is here.

Are you beginning to see the light?

I've spent 15 minutes researching this today.  You've spent 5 minutes reading it.

And we both already knwo more about UTM's than 99% of people.

Imagine if you deep dive researched it for a week?  You'd be an expert compared to most marketers, who know almost dnothing about it. Deep dive research it and use it, experiment with it a few months and you're practically a UTM's guru!

NO ONE deep dives.

If you go back to this link, you'll see they deep dived on a product called Designrr.  Eric Mulford is in Fast Track and he does all or most of the trianing for Designerr. He's amazing.

You can read Joe and Matt's brilliant article here.

Here's an example:

I love the content of Joe and Matt from Evergreen Profits. They took a product I already owned -- Convert Box -- and blew my mind with all the ways they use it.

They deep-dived into the program, extracted the features and wrote this article. In this case, they use it to SELL the product via their affiliate link.

In the article is a link to the bonuses you get for buying through their affiliate link.

They make something like $300,000 a year in affiliate commissions off just 1 affiliate product they promote.

So you CAN use a deep dive to get people to buy a product.

But you can also my SECRETS sales page template and model to sell the info product. And still make money on the back end.

Anytime you get frustrated.

Anytime you waste a day or a week  or month of your life researching something.

Anytime you don't find solutions "good enough."

Anytime you search and can't find info on something really important to you...

Every single time those are potential opportunities to profit in the info business.

Then you need to rank those opportunities, so you know which one to start with first.

I keep a list of my ideas in a notebook.  I have pages of ideas.

In 2020 there might indeed be a shakeout of info product marketers who don't know how to find pockets of profit amidst the hyper competition.

The spoils go to people who pay the price to have the specialized knowledge and methods it takes to survive and thrive.

Andit's NOT about having the best product.

Your product is the cover charge that gets you in the door of buyer consideration.  But that's all it does.

Being an ONLY, or having a CLEAR  play that you know, understand and execute with EXCELLENCE is what wins.

In the old days people could make money hand over fist who didn't really know much about what they were doing.  

Those days are gone for the most part.

What you need is a pair of magic glasses that lets you see the opportunities all around you.

And you can START by realizing no one dives deep.  No one knows how to use the software they own.

No one researches beyond page 2 of Google.

No one digs for Info Profits Gold.

Almost no one really Income Stacks and has a system for it.

Welcome to Info Profits Business 2020.

It's the same business.

But you need to have clear plays and strategies to win.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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