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Your Juicy Weekend Wrap-Up from Marlon



Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Weekend Wrap Up

1.  html vs. text — my latest thoughts

I’m debating having a publication or two in html.  I like the look
of html vs. text.  But it is a pain to get it delivered.

I read some stats from Ezine Queen (Alli Brown) that say html gets
read and clicked on more, even though delivery is an issue.

If you’re publishing an ezine, you might consider the html format.
Of course, I’m going to split test it.  That is, I’ll mail 1/2
of the gang html and the other half text.  Then compare results.

I’m also going to be compiling a list of tricks to actually get
your HTML email delivered, if this puppy tests out.

2.  Virtual staff vs. local

I’m having challenges hiring a part-time PHP/mysql person here
in San Antonio.  In Dallas or Austin it would be a piece of cake.
What we’re doing now is running ads at the college.

If you’re looking to hire someone but you don’t know if it will
pay off for you, one way to do it is to start part time.  That’s
how I got started with my first assistants way back.  I hired
them part time.

If I can’t hire talent locally, then I guess I WILL be forced to
work on a virtual basis.  I’ve used virtual people for years.

Soon as you can, I DO recommend hiring virtual (long distance) help
and/or in person.  Corey told me how his first employee came into
his home.  They would come in some days when he was still asleep.

Matt used to do that here in my home.  I had an office set up for
him.  Still, I imagine he’s glad to be in an office.  And I’m glad
to have my privacy back.

3.  Why 12-product surveys rule!  Are YOU using them?

One of the methods I teach no one else does is the 12-product
survey method.  For example, in my recent blog header test, it
would have been impossible for me to guess the winner.

Yet, at Armand’s Big Seminar, I was talking to Michael Fortin and
I found out in his split tests, he got a SIMILAR result with his
photos.  I was shocked!

No one gets it.  Alex developed the Ask Database survey method.
It serves a TOTALLY different purpose than the 12-product surveys.

Why surveys?  They help you increase the hit ratio of your success,
help you avoid expensive trial and error learning and put the
odds in your favor.

4.  Do you HATE details?

I don’t know about you.  But I hate details.  I mean, I can’t even
type an email without typos.  Seriously.  THAT is why I have
virtual staff and why I hire people.

Now, in the early days, I couldn’t afford to do this.  So I did
stuff myself.  Then soon as I had the dough, I got some help.
Nowadays, I am sophisticated about using testing and things to
hire the RIGHT help.  Back then, anyone was better than me!

My Digital Product Creation System led the market by about 2 or 3
YEARS on how to outsource.  You aren’t going to find ANYONE talking
about it for 2 or 3 years after I came out with that product.

In it, I documented HOW I was outsourcing to virtual assistants
and elance.  At the time, it was really, really groundbreaking.
Some would say even visionary.

I STILL have techniques and methods for using staff, teams,
virtual assistants and others no one knows about.  If you’re like
I am and are not good at details or you just don’t have time to
do it all, you’ve GOT to get help.  I mean, seriously.

5.  Do you know what your MODEL for online success is?

Most people have no clue about what their model is.

I stumbled across my model the hard way.  I mean, back when I was
driving around in a really, really smoky car and buying deodorant
for pennies — the only model I knew about was the one I had a
date with (one date ’cause smoky cars don’t go down well with

I was talking just yesterday to Kirt Christensen. And Kirt and I
agree that the model is about everything.  I sucked Kirt’s brain
dry on the latest models he’s using and knows about!

Just last week, I spent $2,000 buying a new model.  It’s part of
the 25 g’s a year I spend on my OWN education.  Now, I never had
that much to begin with.

My goodness, I remember when I just couldn’t fathom how anyone
with morals would even charge $100!  My friend and I used to
complain how expensive McDonald’s was!

What turned life around for me?  A better model. That’s what.

Instead of swapping time for money, I began selling what Napoleon
Hill called “specialized knowledge.”  It was a MUCH better model
since you do work ONCE and get paid forever.

I STILL get checks for stuff I wrote 7 and 8 years ago.  For
example, I did ONE conference call maybe 7 years ago for 3 hours
and I STILL get paid for it ’cause it’s GREAT evergreen info you
can’t get anywhere else —

Here’s the scoop:  New models are GREAT but only after you master
“the BASIC model.”  So many people in this business want to go
triple diamond before they have gone direct. The good news is you
can learn 100X faster than when I was doin’ it in the old days.

6.  Are you a sucker for models that don’t work?

OK.  I like about everyone in this business.  But I don’t agree
with all models or people.

The quick buck crowd wants to make a quick payout without any
regard for the long term.  It’s like Mark Cuban said the other day,
“Rule one of business is don’t rip off your customers.”

My friend, taking the easy way out may be easy.  But in the long
run, it’ll leave you with nothing.  You may have retirement facing
you.  Or you may be looking to escape your job.

Imagine finally quitting your job then having your model fall
apart.  That’s why I CAN’T stand pitches that hype or promote
models that are just a quick hit with zero longevity.

Get smart.  Learn to think.  That’s what I help people do.  Choose
your model carefully and don’t fall for the quick fix.

My basic, ground zero model is at:

And the action plan is at:

You probably have those. But if you don’t, I’m really at a loss
for words.  They are like essential training.

If you want basic, ground zero training in creating your own info
products, go to:

7.  How my mentor was doing the “info product model” many years
ago with sophisticated “ascension.” — A SHOCK to many people!

I hate to break this to some people…but my mentor worked something
like 30 years ago with Thomas Hall, author of “The Direct Mail
Guides” which were a huge seller back then.

Gary Halbert called Thomas Hall HIS mentor.

Anyway, my mentor was Lew Williams (one of the founders of
“rockabilly” music by the way).  And Lew was trained in copywriting
by Thomas Hall and worked the seminar and coaching model with
him back then.

He was selling $5,000 and $10,000 SEMINARS and COACHING back
then on an “ascension” model.  I’m SHOCKED when I hear how much
he was selling coaching and seminars for back then.  I mean,  back
“fer” I was born!

Shoot, even before that W.D. Gann (a famed stock trader) was
running a pretty sophisticated info product funnel as was Charles

Lew trained me to write copy the “hard way” just like HE was
hand taught by Thomas Hall.  He used to edit my copy TWENTY times.
And at the end, we would scan down the right margin and cut off
every single cottin’ pickin’ sentence so not even one long line
grabbed your eye at the end.

Well, I was VERY fortunate to have Lew Williams and his wife
Anita as my mentors.  You should be so lucky as to have mentors
like Lew and Anita.

Alright.  I’m wrappin’ up this weekend wrap-up!

This weekend I’ll be making a list of “back-end” revenue sources
that I can write up in the next Milcer’s issue I write.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Weekend Wrap-up for weekend ending 4-21-07



Memo From: Marlon Sanders
Re: Weekend Wrapup

Lots have gone on this week in Internet marketing.  This
email will give you a quick wrap-up of my observations on
the week.

First, I’m speaking at the Big Seminar coming up in a week
or so. If you haven’t signed up, go to

First as you know, we did our survey on our new blog
designs. I’ll be announcing the winner later. One of the
designs that scored VERY high absolutely shocked me!

And then, my favorite design totally flopped! I hate it
when that happens. But it IS the reason I’ve been teaching
and preaching surveys ever since I learned the importance
of them from Ben Suarez back in 1978.

If you don’t know, Gary Halbert passed away in the last
week or so. There were some tributes to him. I’m surprised
there weren’t more. But a lot of you have come into
Internet marketing recently so you don’t know the genius
and madness of Gary.

But one note is that he was the person that originally
taught Ben Suarez how to make direct mail pay out. Ben
went on to build a 650+ employee machine. But you wonder
what would have happened if he didn’t have Gary to teach
him some of the ropes?

Even the smartest, most talented person needs someone to
show them the ropes.

I talked about the 12-product survey early on in “Amazing
Formula”. But then, laid out the actual 12-product
procedure I use in Gimme Money Now —

That was the very first prototype for what Phil Wiley later
went on to name “mini sites” with his own clever and unique
twists.  I actually got the initial idea from Corey. He gave
the model of how he was selling car secrets online with an
affiliate program and 2-page sales letter.

Not being too slow of mind, I quickly created a product
explaining the whole model!

The very FIRST time I taught a survey method was my first
speech on Internet marketing on the Tag Powell cruise
where I spoke with Ted Nicholas and the legendary E.
Joseph Cossman.

Now, a note on graphic design…

I’ve noticed that several products have come out in the
past month with graphic design at a much higher level of
skill than before I came out with “Design Dashboard.” Have
you all noticed this also?

One product hit two weeks ago with a hot design on the
sales page. Then another one hit yesterday. I can’t say I
started this trend. But I can say that you didn’t see this
happening before Design Dashboard and before I started
talking about the importance of using graphics to stand
out from the noise.

Now, “Design Dashboard” — isn’t
all you need and you’ll still probably hire designers when
you have the dough. But it sure does help to be able to
know how to change the text on a PSD file in a jiffy. Or
whip out your own header overnight when you’re in a rush.

I talked to Armand the other day. And he told me the
reason he did his own graphics was for speed number one.
And also consistency.

So here’s one for ya: What if you had a list of 500,000
subsribers and the average sub was worth $70? (In my next
Milcer’s newsletter, I’ll be talking about this company
and how they do it.)

But here’s the point: If you aren’t tracking each month
the size of your list and how much each subscriber is
worth, and you’re operating on a list revenue model (vs.
adsense), then you’ve got to do this.

As a sidenote, the company with the 500,000 list is
selling 100 million online. That’s a tidy sum. But the
CRAZY thing is, their emails in Yahoo look like junk. They
literally don’t wrap correctly.

It proves that you don’t gotta be perfect. But you do
gotta get it going.

One thing I haven’t been tracking is my list retention.
I’m going to start doing that. That is, over a year what %
of your subscribers do you retain?

OK. That’s my weekend wrapup. I’ll be releasing the
results of the blog header survey shortly.



Discover my formula for doing 12-product surveys, with
your KSL, quickie info product and traffic from an
associate program. This is the ORIGINAL mini-site model:

Save yourself a boatload of hassle by discovering how to
do at least some of your own design yourself. Plus save on

Will You Bet Your Future On Google Or Affiliates?




Who do you want to bet your future on?

Google or affiliates?

It’s a crucial question and has everything to do with what
you do tomorrow morning to get traffic. And what you do
the rest of this year and the balance of your future in
Internet marketing.

To answer the question, I spent the past two months doing
deep research on the current state-of-the-art in Internet

The Pay Per Click Formula, XRay Domination, tons of WSO’s
from Marketing Warriors, and so forth. Plus, attended
seminars, spoke at others, and networked with other top

In this week’s article, I’ll share what I’ve learned.

“Google or Affiliates — Who Will You Bet Your Future On?
Will Your Model Succeed Or Blow Up In Your Face And Leave
You Crying In Forums Looking For Sympathy?”

Elsewhere, I had problems with not being able to customize
Blogger the way I wanted. So I gave in and installed WordPress.
I’m having Lisa do some new designs.

Look for new blogs and a fresh approach shortly.

Finally, I hired Tim to handle support. I will slowly work
him into the mix. So if you talk to Tim instead of Matt,
you’ll know who he is.

Matt will return to handling marketing and operations
issues. I’m also adding on D.J. to help out part time for

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders’ Sell Products Like Crazy Ezine
Vol. 2, #4, March 31, 2007

This issue contains:

A. Shameless Plugs

B. Announcements from Marlon

C. Featured Article: “Internet Marketing Secret: Why
Internet Marketing Secrets Don’t Work and how to make them

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders – Publisher

A. Shameless Plugs


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THE PROMISE: You will get access to my
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Plus you will ALSO get 6 teleconference calls with me
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the way through the material.

THE UNIQUENESS: You will discover UNIQUE traffic
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with any other alternative. Period.

PLUS, the methods you’re about to discover will absolutely
guarantee you do NOT pay for the eyeballs until
AFTER a sale is made!

THE OFFER: Click the icons. Follow the step-by-step
instructions, complete with visual screen captures that
show you exactly what to do and how to do it. We ever
delve further into the material in our 6 week conference
call series.

Not only that, but you can get in on call number 1 for
just $10. So you can listen in and gage whether the
coaching program is for you. If you decide it’s not, you
won’t be charged a dime more. In fact – I’ll even return
your initial $10 investement. And we’ll still be friends.

THE CREDIBILITY: Based on my own systems that generated
more than 2.8 million web visitors since 1999.

B. “Announcements from Marlon”


One: BIG Milcer Update Coming

I’ve created a CMS (Content Management System) for Milcers
that allows me to revamp what I’m doing and present the
info in a much clearer format.

I’m also going to do a name change since people have
trouble pronouncing Milcers.

Two: Customer Support Issue fixed

We upgraded our support desk software and it had a glitch
that caused a number of tickets to not be received. Matt’s
keen eye spotted this, got Rick Hanson to fix it and all
tickets are now responded to.

Never email us for support. We often do NOT receive those
emails. What you do is post to our after hours support
desk and get a ticket number.


Three: Big Seminar In April — I’m speaking

At the end of April, I’m speaking at the Big Seminar.

It’s a party. Be there or miss out.

Four: Red Factor: I’ve put Red Factor into the new CMS
module too. The Yahoo groups thing just wasn’t a very
attractive presentation of the info.

The new system rocks. Lisa took a week off so between
support tickets and calls Matt has been tweaking the
graphics. Soon as it looks good, I’ll get you the URL.

I have 1 more module to complete for you and 1 more phone
call cdoming up.


“Google or Affiliates — Who Will You Bet Your Future On?
Will Your Model Succeed Or Blow Up In Your Face And Leave
You Crying In Forums Looking For Sympathy?”

By Marlon Sanders

Who are you going to bet your future on?

Google? Or Affiliates?

That may seem like an odd question. It takes a lot to
explain why I’m even asking. If you read this whole
article, I’ll circle back around to that at the end.

First off, I’m no newbie in this business. I developed a
lot of the concepts that people use and teach. And created
whole entire categories of products that people now sell
(such as letter generators).

But time flies and I wanted to see if my model was still
relevant and current — or not.

So I spent the last two months deep in research on
state-of -the-art Internet marketing. I’ve bought the big
name promotions, WSO’s from Warriors, attended seminars,
spoke at seminars, networked and tapped into my resources.

You haven’t heard from me much. Mostly, I’ve been doing

In 2007, does “The Amazing Formula” still work? Does it
still apply? Here’s what I’ve found:

People are STILL obsessed with search engine traffic. It’s
ironic to me because it was true when I wrote the very
first edition of “Amazing Formula” — and it’s still true.

Virtually all of the methods people are teaching and
talking about concern pay-per-click marketing and seo

That was true years ago when I first pecked out Amazing
Formula and it’s still true today. I mean, I was really
the SECOND person to come along and say, “Don’t play the
seo game. The affiliate model is better.”

My friends Declan Dunn and Jonanthan Mizel deserve credit
for being the FIRST I know to do and say that.  I’ve often
not given them enough credit for their contributions to
this industry early on.

“Gimme My Money Now” as a follow up to “Amazing Formula”
certainly had a HUGE role early on in convincing a lot of
people to do affiliate programs. My friend Paul Myers says
the model basically bought a house for him. Then again,
Paul IS my friend (see But others have said
the same.

Early on, (we’re talking old days here folks) it was
Sitesell vs. Amazing Formula and Gimme in terms of
marketing models. Gimme was a model based on getting
traffic via affiliate programs.

The Sitesell model was dominantly built around seo for
traffic. Although the model didn’t exclude affiliate
programs. It’s just that as I recall, the original
Sitesell model was based mostly on seo for traffic IMHO
(In My Humble Opinion).

For all the work I’ve done over the years, people still
don’t get it. PPC is good. It’s great. I love Perry
Marshall, Affiliate X and even XRay Domination.

I think the XRay Domination script that lets you track
conversions down to keyword level is neat.  Amir Darwish
sells a script with at least somewhat similar functionality
on Warriors (see the WSO’s forum).

Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know all the buzzwords. Let’s see.
Squidoo inbound links. NMOC (niche marketing on crack),
Bum Marketing. Social bookmarketing for inbound links. Tag
and ping.  Technorati links.  Diretory submission for
inbound links.  And the list goes on, and on, and on.

And let me say that I think NMOC, Bum and other methods
are great for beginners to “get their sea legs.” Article
marketing is a sound base for other Internet marketing
endeavors.  They’re good products by people extending a
valuable helping hand.

But still, article marketing is used by most people to get
1-way inbound links from a good PR site like (To be fair, you should still do
articles because their are so MANY ways you can use them.)

Which means at the end of the day, it’s STILL an seo
model. Trying to out-game Google to get traffic. I love
articles. They’re great. But honestly. Who do you think
I’ll bet on in the long run?

Google preventing people from “gaming” the system? Or the
“gamers”? You can out-game Google in the short-term. But
long term? I don’t think so!

From what I’ve read (and it’s hearsay) the links from are already passing through less PR than
they did before.  It’s the nature of the beast.  A lot of
people start using a method to gain an advantage and Google
cracks down on it.

(My “Red Factor” system was built to counter-balance that

And what SHOCKS me is how Google keeps turning the screws
tighter and tigher not just on seo’ers but also on
PPC’ers. I mean, they’re so freakin’ strict now the casual
ppc guy or gal has a hard time getting ads and landing
pages accepted.

THAT, in my opinon, is what gave Google the advantage over
Overture to BEGIN with. It was like almost impossible for
a casual user or newbie to get Overture to accept an ad.

And Google came along and made it EASY to give them your
money. And now? It’s like once Google won the game,
they’re doing the same stupid (IMHO) thing — making it
hard for the newbie or the casual person to even get ads

I honestly think Google doesn’t get that they’re built on
the backs of “average people” running ads with them. Not
big boys and girls with complicated software and time to
wade through tons of complicated rules.

That’s my two cents. Google can do what they want. But
every time you figure out the rules, they SLAP you again.
And now you’re in a whole new learning curve again. You
need new software again and so forth.

Their latest LSI (latent semantic indexing) will only make
things 10X more complex for the average guy or gal.  Not
to mention the complexity involved in trying to theme
sites, do mini-nets and all that.

Dorian (I hope I got the name right) did a brilliant
presentation at Yanik’s seminar on seo methods.  But I bet
a lot of eyes glazed over when they say the flowchart on the
big picture.  You know, to play the game at a high level
isn’t exactly a 30-minute an evening endeavor.

And I know someone will come along and say, “Yeah, but not
with MY system. It has never been slapped.” OK. But still,
the average guy and gal ain’t got time to wade through 30
programs, models and methods to find the one Google won’t
slap (at least until the NEXT round).

All I’m saying is, Google seo AND ppc is a hard game to
play. Yeah, there’s MSN, Yahoo, etc. And some day, if
they’re SMART and make it EASY for average folks to play
their game, maybe they’ll rule and Google will go the way
of Overture and become a niche player. Who knows, right?

So as good as PPC is, and as useful a tool as article
marketing is, I still feel affiliate programs are better.

I mean, I don’t kinda sorta feel affiliate programs are a
little better.

This is something I feel VERY strongly about. At the end
of the day affiliate marketing rules the world. I include
in that companies that generate leads on ANY
pay-per-action basis. So that includes letting Click
Flippers generate leads for you on a cost-per-action

Why? Because at least with affiliate marketing, it’s
relatively evergreen. Yes, the rules of the game do still
change. Competition has gotten a lot stiffer in some

QUESTION: Take virtually ANY program on how to get traffic
to your site. How is it marketed?

Answer: Affiliate program and joint ventures.

Understand that joint ventures are simply a form of an
affiliate program. You pay for sales someone else makes to
their list or using their efforts.

I’m NOT criticizing people for creating a product on ONE
method of traffic and selling it with another. You know
why? Because you sell what people wanna buy…as long as
it’s moral and legal.

You have to. Otherwise, you starve. It’s a fact.

People LOVE to buy seo stuff and ppc stuff. It’s a lot
more seductive pitch than having your own product and
pimping it (i.e. selling it) via an affiliate program.

It sounds easier. You don’t have to TALK to anyone. You
don’t have to answer affiliate inquiries. You don’t have
the risk that a wacked out affiliate does something stupid
that gets you in trouble.

But I said it before. I’ll say it again — The best
traffic and the most serious traffic comes from your own
affiliate program. I was the first person to talk about
the “food chain” of Internet marketing years ago. And I’ve
been talking about it ever since.

You’re either on top or bottom of the food chain. And the
top is your own product and your own affiliate program.

And when I hear people complaining about being in this
business and not making more than $200 a month (or
whatever) as is sometimes the case, I ask:

1. Do you have your own product?

They seldom do. And if they do, it’s PLR (private label
rights). Nothing wrong with PLR to get started.

2. Do you have your own affiliate program and aggressively
promote it?

The answer is no.

Do you realize that Google Adsense is Google’s affiliate
program? Do you realize Amazon sells via an affiliate
program? Do you realize Ebay has an affiliate program?

This does NOT mean I don’t like or do PPC (God bless Perry
Marshall, Affiliate X, etc). I do spend some money on PPC.
Actually, I like PPC.

It doesn’t mean beginners shouldn’t do Bum, NMOC, and some
of the other clever article marketing methods. I know
Jason has come out with his new article marketing thing,
and it looks pretty slick.

But seriously folks. A lot of you have ppc/seo on the
brain. And some days I scratch my head and ask why.
Because if you open your eyes and look around, you’ll see
that for the most part the people who know what they’re
doing get their traffic via an affiliate program.

Frankly, I’m totally mystified. It’s like a cold day in
Miami when you hear someone talk about getting traffic via
an affiliate program vs. seo/articles/ppc.

I really believe the REASON you hear so much more talk
about seo and ppc is as follows:

1. People WANT to hear it. It’s a more seductive pitch.

2. A LOT of people LIVE off of selling ppc/seo TOOLS,
software, courses and programs. There are many, many, many
people with a vested interest in the market.

3. It IS cheap traffic WHEN you get it.

It really boils down to this:

Who do you wanna bet on: Google or affiliates?

Google has proven over and over and over they wanna
continue tightening the screws and making life more
difficult for the average guy or gal.

Affiliate marketing isn’t perfect. You have to pimp, and
promote and hustle.  I’m not going to pretend it’s Nirvana
without any hassles or issues.  This ain’t Disneyland.

My two cents from having been in this biz a long time is
that the FAR more evergreen of the two is having and
promoting your own affiliate program.

And yes, you can start with PLR products if that’s all you
got. But as soon as you can, move on up to your own info

Your choice for traffic is fairly simple:

1. seo
2. ppc
3. affiliate program
4. viral marketing

Make your choice wisely. Your future depends on it.

Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders is author of Push Button Letters, Amazing
Formula, Gimme My Money Now, Design Dashboard, Marketing
Dashboard and many other famed Internet marketing
products. His latest program helps you start your own
affiliate program:

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