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The cheapest, most practical FB ads method I know


This is NOT a whole course on FB ads.

This is ONE METHOD that generates leads cheaply.

1.  It is fully revealed

Nothing is left out.

2.  It's over the shoulder videos

3.  It's practical

This isn't some b.s. thing.  It's real world and WORKS.

4.  It generates leads pretty cheaply.

I recommend this training if you need more leads.

Get it here through my aff link:

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Video Ads On Facebook For Beginners

Video ads on Facebook for beginners.  That's what we're exploring in today's newsletter.Check out this screen cap:

Video ads on Facebook for beginners

Facebook LOVES video ads!  It can't get enough of them.

Now, I made a mistake more or less in this campaign that I'll show YOU how to easily avoid.

Here  is the ad:

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