BlogTV — How To Promote With This Hot, New Way To Develop Incredible Bonding And Relationships With Your Niche Using Web Cam, Text And Screen Drawings




This is really cool.  

It's called Blog TV.  The url is:, 

And people do their own web cam shows…umm…..all legit, of course.  But, I see lots of possibilities here either with this service or another one along the same lines.  A good show to watch is by a girl named happyslip.  

She is one of the most viewed people on Youtube.  

The point is, it's a very intimate communication with an audience.  

There are several parts:

1.  The web cam

2.  Screen drawing…you can draw on the screen

3.  Chat where people can type questions

4.  Voice

5.  Music (possible as background)

This means you could develop a whole new intimacy with your niche.