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Info Product Checklist: How To Crush It With Your Info Product Sales (10-step checklist)



Marlon here.

Let’s look at a simple 10-step checklist you can use to CRUSH your info product sales.

  1. Get your personal MINDSET in order

It’s ironic that the most important things about marketing are the MOST BASIC!

Your own personal mindset is very important. Everyone has favorites. You might like Catherine Ponder, Ernest Holmes, Anthony Robbins, Grant Cardone or one of many, many other teachers.

Personally, I find Grant Cardone to give me a kick in the tail end when I need it!

The REASON your mindset is important comes in #2:

  1. Take actions that aren’t comfortable for you

GROWTH will make you feel UNCOMFORTABLE. No doubt about it.

We all like things that are comfortable to us emotionally. When you do anything new, it won’t always be easy and you’re prone to making mistakes. Oftentimes, you don’t even know what you’re doing. Or you only have it HALF figured out.

You’ve got to get your mindset to a place where the JOY of accomplishment means more to you than the pain of discomfort.

I won’t dwell on this here. But it can’t be understated. You will NOT feel comfortable doing new things.


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