IPEVO Skype phone

How To Market With Skype — New Skype Phone Makes Product And Testimonial Interviews A Piece Of Cake




How To Market With Skype Out




This is the totally cool and trick IPEVO Skype phone.  It has a 1-click record feature so you can quickly and easily record an interview for a product, testimonial or blog post.

This is going to make it faster, simpler and easier for us to add testimonials, interviews and other content to our products and blog posts.  What's amazing is how good the sound quality is. Best of all, it plugs RIGHT into your LAPTOP USB without needing external power.

The PHOTO above was taken on my Macbook.  I'm a very hard core PC fan.  But I HATE Vista and when my laptop hard drive crashed, you know?  What's an aggressive online marketer to do?  One thing that's great about the Mac is the built in camera.

Have you seen a PC that can take that good a pix with the built-in camera?  I haven't.  Oh, it was in a hotel room with not-so-great lighting.