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Internet marketing freedom

Internet marketing freedom

What do you think of the view from my office where I capture words on paper that get money, change lives, sell things and persuade others?


Marlon here.

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In front of you right now, you’re feasting your eyes on the most powerful marketing tool in the world.

That’s right.

It’s a glass of tea, normally full, legal pads and a pen. The tea is optional and sometimes swapped out with bottled water or a cappuccino.

Technology rocks.

I love webinar software, videos, page makers – and all the cool, great stuff that technology allows us as aggressive, sales-hungry marketers to do.

However, nothing replaces the brain and ideas.

A yellow pad and pen enables you to DUMP OUT the IDEAS in your head ONTO PAPER, That way you can add to them, cross ‘em out, move ‘em around.
Ideas are the things that get people to contribute money to a Kickstarter campaign, a cause or a purpose.

Ideas are the raw tools that make it possible for you to GROW or EXPAND your business, your group, your church, your organization, the audience for your music, your art, your sculptures.

Ideas make it possible for you to promote and grow your Toastmasters group, your Lion’s Club, your Rotary group.
Ideas possess ENERGY.
Ideas possess the power to move BRAINS and FEET into action.
Ideas are the thing that get people off their sofa into a voting booth to elect leaders.
Ideas alone are OMNIPOTENT.

The Big Secret of HOW You Dump Your Ideas Onto Paper

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