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Republishing Content: From 0 to 255,262 article views in 1 month using republishing (and much more)

Content republishing — It's how bloggers get started and score big results!  Today we take a SUPER DEEP dive into content marketing.  “Marlon, how can I find my audience, get my word out bigtime AND build my list?  Via my deep dive research, I uncovered businesses and individuals starting from scratch and building big audiences, lists and readers using guest blogging, republishing and content syndication.

In this newsletter:

  • How James went from 1,000 visitors his first month to over 250,000 a month and built a list of 100,000 subscribers using republishing
  • The LinkedIn republishing strategy that got 255,262 views in one month
  • How to find your audience through guest blogging, and when to do it vs. republishing and syndication.
  • “Who can you point me to for success stories and practical examples of “it” working for normal people who don't already have fame or a brand?”
  • The incredible discoveries I made about republishing your content
  • Where do I find other “deep dive” articles about content marketing?
  • How does content marketing help me build a list?
  • Do I have to write every day?  Or how much or little do I have to write?
  • What's the surprising news about getting 1,000 visitors from Linked In per article using a 10-minute procedure?
  • What about the Google duplicate content penalty?
  • How Buffer built their traffic originally using ONLY guest blogging
  • What if I built it and they DIDN'T come?  What then?
  • How do I get people to my blog when I have no list, and no visitors to build from?
  • What if I'm not a “pro writer?”
  • Can you give me examples of emails I send to get my content republished?
  • Why people screw up on guest blogging and republishing and fail to get subscribers.  How to easily fix it.
  • How to get guest posts when NO ONE knows you!
  • The 3 types of posts to write
  • How to get 2500 email subscribers a month from one page on your blog
  • How to save $1,004 in 10 minutes.  And do it over and over.

I have a lot of exciting information to share. So let's dive right in.

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