sell your product

Sell your product or service in 30 seconds

What can you say in 30 seconds that will GET ATTENTION and pull people into the rest of your presentation, pitch, webinar, video sales letter or sales letter?  You want to sell your product or service, and today I show you how to do that pronto.


Marlon here.

Today I want to talk about the NEXT logical step.

When you’re dumping those ideas on paper, what is the FIRST thing you’re dumping ideas about?

There’s a concept called the elevator pitch. Which means that if you’re in an elevator with someone and you have 30 seconds to pitch your product and get them interested, what would you say?

The FUNNY and IRONIC thing is, it sounds so stupid simple, doesn’t it?

Yet, when you HEAR people doing their elevator pitches, you REALIZE it’s not quite as simple as it sounds!

The other day, Grant Cardone did a Youtube show on this where he had people call in with their elevator pitches. Grant is the one who turned me onto Meerkat and Periscope. He’s the author of the book you’ve heard me talk about The 10X Rule. He is also a sales person extraordinaire.

You can watch the show here. I LOVED hearing people call in with their elevator pitches. You do need to opt in to see it. But then you will also have access to his Meerkat live streams. The one on EXPANDING is about 20 minutes long and simply fantastic.

If you have an interest in real estate investing, he owns $300 million in multi-family properties and does occasional shows on how to buy real estate, etc.

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