Marlon Sanders here!

Yes, THAT Marlon Sanders.  

In the last 51 days,  I've gotten 12,316 visitors for free, and made 352 sales from them. That FREE visitors.

As in F-R-E-E.

If I paid $2 a click (the average on Facebook on my topic), that would be $24,362 of advertising expense. That's not a lot of traffic to me compared to a million visitors.

See, the very first thing you have to do is set targets.  It's an actual scientific fact that when you set targets, you get more traffic than when you don't.

For example, when I got a million visitors in a month, it never occurred to me to set my next BIGGER target!  Duh!

This is why I teach. So you don't repeat my mistakes.Lesson  one is to always expand.  Always set the next bigger target.  If you had xxxx visitors this month, set a goal the next month that's bigger.

Always expand.

I don't do paid traffic much. But I LOVE free traffic.  That's because I've dabbled in paid traffic, but it has been a challenge to get sales.  

My free traffic methods are great. They get sales! Over the years, I've learned a lot of tricks, secrets and angles on getting traffic. This is the one topic I have that my customers are the MOST interested in. Why?

Because to make more money, you need more sales. To get more sales, without changing conversions or doing anything different, all you need is more eyeballs on your offers.

And you can never rest on your tail end. Yes, everyone LOVES their customers. My gosh. Sometimes you pull those big sales from your list with little effort.

It's a thing of beauty.

But unless you REPLENISH your list, you die.  Your business dies. Everything dies.  Emails  go bad.  Customers get disenchanted and leave.  It's just a fact.

You need new blood.

I've done some GREAT trainings on traffic, getting eyeballs, getting exposure, the things I've done that work for me. This is about you being able to get more sales and expand because you increase your REACH.

This is about being able to get paid more because you aren't scared that you have to lower your price to make sales to a shrinking list. This is about being able to start up confidently because you know where your buyers are coming from.

This is about how you can get your message to more and more people. This is about the ability to get more eyeballs on your offers. Which means more people entering your funnel.

It's about going to sleep at night and resting easy. It's about having a traffic plan or system and peace of mind. In short, this is about not reinventing the wheel. It's about making more sales. Reaching more people. And ultimately, it's about expansion.

But I've never assembled them into one place for you. I want to share with you what I've learned over the years. What I know. What I've done.

So I came up with the idea of the TRAFFIC BUNDLE -- my best traffic methods and secrets to get your more exposure and make more sale s-- in one tidy bundle of trainings.

My customers have paid thousands of dollars to get access to these trainings because they're in my $200 a month coaching program, my Cash Like Clockwork system and in other products.

It's For You

If You Want These Benefits

  • Expand Your Reach:  Get your message to more people, so you  can enjoy a flow of more buyers for your products and services
  • Grow Your Sales:  To get more sales, you need more eyeballs on your offers.  I'll show you what I've done and what works for me.
  • Autopilot traffic:  This is traffic that comes in without you having to spend additional time.  It's my favorite type of traffic.
  • Build a bigger platform: To grow a platform you need to assemble a tribe.  These are my ways to do it.
  • Sales. Sales.  Sales:  Get attention to your offers so you can make more sales.
  • Get Free Exposure Within 24 Hours:  I'll give you a very practical method you can use to start getting exposure within 24 hours in many cases.



  • Video One:  $5 million in the past year by running launch sequences on a Facebook page. Entire expose.
  • Video Two:  Contest method.  My real examples. Daily posts. Actual examples. Automating posts.
  • Video Three: All about launching. -- How to get traffic by launching.  Get a whole crash course in launching. Timelines.  Secrets.  Insider info.
  • Video Four: Affiliate Attraction -- How I attract affiliates. My secret method no one teaches.  A secret traffic training honeypot.  How it works at a bigtime level.
  • Video Five: The testimonials method that anyone can do. Launch jacking traffic method (secret free complete training).  All about jv pages. Easy peasy sales pages.
  • Video Six: The free marketing strategy working incredible right now that no one is teaching. Start using immediately.
  • Video Seven: Back when I was a copywriter, my best client was worth $600 million.  He made that money using a very unique marketing method he invented no one uses.  I reveal it here.
  • Video Eight:  The big picture of traffic. Monetizing.  Front end. Back end.  Put it all together so it makes total sense.
  • Video Nine: Building your affiliate army. Behind-the-scenes. examples.  Advertising your products for free to big affiliates.
  • Video Ten:  How to get free traffic from social media. There are a LOT of secrets of doing this most people don't know. You'll multiply your results as soon as you get these secrets. Works very fast.  


10 copy and paste traffic scripts with complete explanations on how to use them.  This will make you look and sound like someone who knows the Game and what's going on.  Do things that work.

Behind the scenes 12,316 free visitors in the past 51 days and 352 sales.

How I got 1 out of every 102 visitors in English speaking countries to one of my websites.  In-depth, blow-by-low expose.


is Marlon Sanders

Marlon Sanders innovated a number of techniques that are now commonplace online, including the 12-step formula for writing sales letters, 2-page web site model, structure of modern download pages, and the list goes on and on.  He was a major contributor to what is just accepted practice in today's Internet marketing. 

The seminars he spoke at in Boulder, Colorado with Jonathan Mizel and Declan Dunn hold a special place in Internet marketing lore and were attended by many who went on to become Internet marketing “gurus.”

In fact, he has spoken at seminars with Jeff Walker, Yanik Silver, Jeff Paul, Bill Glazer, Andrew Reynolds, Russ Brunson, Armand Morin, Alexandria Brown, David Cavanaugh, Ted Ciuba – and many others.

In addition, he has spoken at over 120 seminars around the world including Australia, Bermuda, Kauai, London and Birmingham in the UK, and all over the U.S. -- including Seattle, San Francisco, Las Angeles, St. Louis, Chicago, Nashville, Philadelphia, San Diego, Houston, Dallas, Sacramento, New York, and Cincinnati.

He has shared the platform with Corey Rudl, Armand Morin, Yanik Silver, E. Joseph Cossman, Dan Poynter, Ted Nicholas, Ted Ciuba, Robert Allen, Jim Edwards, Alli Brown, and dozens of others.

His products are used by thousands around the world in 72+ countries.

With the help of Paul Myers and a long list of contributors, he  played a crucial role in rallying the troops to speak out to the FTC about proposed legislation concerning the Can Spam law as it influenced affiliate He

He was a featured at the Next Internet Millionaire seminar produced by Joel Com and has had the honor and pleasure of speaking at Big Seminar not once but twice and most recently spoke at Frank Garon's event in London.

Marlon invented several product categories that have become popular such as Push Button Letter Generators and Dashboards of various types.  He’s perhaps most known for The Amazing Formula That Sells Products Like Crazy which was one of the first digitally delivered ebooks on Internet marketing to capture the attention of the marketplace.

Marlon’s affiliate program for his products has appeared numerous times in the top 10 list at associateprograms.com, and Amazing Formula was in the Mensa online catalog for people with genius IQ’s.

The Traffic Training Bundle

Is Specifically Designed To Help You

  • Eliminate information overload by boiling down my 24 years of experience into 10 videos.
  • Give you a practical method designed to get exposure and eyeballs within 24 hours
  • Show you how $5 million was generated primarily by launch posts on a Facebook page
  • Cut through the noise and confusing information and put it all in context
  • Put you way ahead of the Game in your understanding of what's going on and what works
  • Get you success or more traffic faster, simpler and easier with less confusion.
  • Show you very practically what I've personally done and how I've done it.

Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits will I get from this?

You get deep insights into traffic that could take years to learn.  You see behind-the-scenes of the what has worked for me.  You get a crash course in traffic and shorten your learning curve.

What if I'm too busy to immediately go through the bundle?

No problem.  That's why every other day for 20 days you receive a new video. Plus, you'll get any additional videos or bonuses I add to the bundle in the future.  You can go as slow or fast as you want.

What's the difference between your bundle and courses?

Courses are systematic, step-by-step how to's with things like checklists and implementation tools.  My bundles are videos compiled from my coaching and training where I cover a variety of topics from different angles.  You'll see how I think, what I do, behind-the-scenes, what works for me.  They immerse you in ideas, energy and actionable directions.Courses are longer, more detailed and the price typically reflect that.  Bundles are priced lower because I don't need to update them.   

Do you have a payment plan?  

Yes, you'll see  it when you click to order.

What's the refund policy?  

If you're going to want a refund or think you will, don't buy the bundle.  But in the unlikely event you go through the first video and it's just not for you, message my support desk within 48 hours for a refund.  Do NOT email.  And make sure you get confirmation of your request.

How soon will I see results?  Is this guaranteed?

I put my heart and soul and lifetime of experience into my trainings and bundles.  But there's no guarantee of results.  I don't know you, your background, your niche nor your product.  My resuls aren't indicative of average.


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The 10 training videos average 1 hour in length. Some are longer and some are shorter.  The videos are from my coaching program and different products, at various times since 2017.

By ordering you agree to the terms and conditions here.

Refund Policy:  There is no refund on this product.  However, if you're new to me, I want you to have the opportunity to see how I teach.  Review the product as much as you want. If it's not for you within 48 hours of your purchase, message the support desk here (getyoursupport.com) requesting a refund. Do not email for refunds or support. 

Average results:  Here's the legal stuff.  My results aren't indicative of average.  You may get better, worse or nothing at all depending on you, your products, your market and your effort.

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