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Marlon here.

I want to boil down a few things about traffic and talk some common sense.  Traffic is one of those things where everyone wants the easy button.

Who doesn't?

And there's certainly no shortage of gimmicks and things that promises a 5-minute solution.  

But I like to return to the fundamentals which are creating and promoting offers that people buy.

When you do that, you have money to pay for ads.

When you do that, you have money to pay affiliates.

I don't care if it's big tickets, small tickets or mid tickets.  The bottom line is it honestly doesn't matter.  What matters is the money is there at the end of the day to pay for ads or pay affiliates to promote, so it's an attractive offer for them vs. other offers.

You can have a lot of littles.

You can have a lot of mids.

You can have one or two bigs.


When you buy ads they don't ask if it came from selling a lot of littles, a number of mids or one big.

It all spends the same.

If an affiliate send you a click and you send them $5 a click back, they honestly could give a crap if you generated the $5 from 1 offer, a number of small upsells, a few mid-ticket offers.

They care that they sent you a click and got 5 bucks back.

So this is traffic.

Now, there's also content marketing on Youtube or wherever, however.

It's not free.

It costs time or money.

To make the time or money pay off, you need a return on the money and time spent.  You get that by merchandising, making or promoting offers that people buy.

Offers that people buy is a sanitary way of saying products or services.  But people who hopefully aren't on my list cringe at the idea of selling a product or service.

God help 'em,

We have a ton of technology and tools available to help us drip emails, make videos, create pages or do all kinds of elaborate follow up.

Which all goes sooner or later to an offer.

People buy.

Or they don't buy.

They are wanters or don't wanters.

The fancy smancy automations are great because they can help your offer hit the inbox instead of the promotions tab on gmail where you probably found the link to this newsletter.  lol.

But you know what?  

You can either finnd out what people want to buy and sell it to them.

Or you can't.

Everything else supports that. And is often smoke and mirrors to dazzle youwith the reason why you need some horribly expensive, complicated system.

It's not a bad formula.

Create something kinda complicated so people can't figure it out on their own.

Make it sound impressive.

Get lots of social proof.

Sell it for a premium.  Job well done as a marketer.  Sort of.  I say sort of because in the end the customer has to win.  Or you would hope so.

On a lot of those deals, the marketer wins. I'm not so sure about the customer.

I'm NOT against technology. The right technology can give you a big edge. But so often, THAT is the ONE THING the technology really doesn't do.

For example, email sequences.  You should be able  to split test drip sequences using a multi-armed bandit approach based on an end goal of PURCHASE.  It's as though you're in a casino with one armed bandit machines and you got 10 arms to play 10 machines at the same time.

That's the multi-armed bandit algo testing method.


Point is, you can't.

Well, you MIGHT be able to do it with Active Campaign, assuming the emails aren't direct links to affiliate offers.  But I'm not sure they have multi-arrmed bandit algo working.

Basically that means instead of a normal A / B they start allocating traffic to what combination is working.

In other words, the one thing we REALLY NEED that would be a gamechanger pretty much doesn't exist.

You can optimize individual emails for open rate.

FAR harder to be able to optimize them for clicks.

And whatever optimization you do usually isn't as simple as it should be.

The point is, technology STILL isn't the answer as it's still way behind what really gives us an edge.

I use Infusionsoft and just to create a halfway good email follow up campaign, you probably need to hire a developer.   Fiddlesticks!

Drip is good. But doens't optimize to an end purchase whilst easily split testing whole drip sequences using an accelerated testing method like the multi-armed bandit.

Heck, int today's environment I'll settle for letting me email my list without forcing me to NOT email anyone who hasn't opened in 60 days. lol.

What do you do then?


Back to basics and fundamentals.

Create products / offers people will buy.

Create promotions that get people to buy.

Get eyeballs on said promotions.

And yes, ideally, you ascend customers to larger purchases, if your customer niche lends itself to that.  Otherwise, just keep selling.

Keep creating.

Keep promoting.

Keep innovating things that give your customers more and more benefits.

It's horribly embarrassing the gimmicks people buy by the thousands because they don't want to do such a trivial thing as create and promote a product.

Literally, you can create a product in 3 hours, get the delivery page ready in about 30 minutes, create a sales page in 1 hour using a template, stick it on W+ and be ready to sell in a jiffy.

Or put it on whatever platform you want.

Don't obsess.

Do something.  Learn as you earn.

Anyway, I veered off course.

The POINT is TRAFFIC is simple.

You've got to get money from sales.

Small sales.

Medium sales.

Big sales.

It's irrelevant.

Then pay for ads.

Or pay affiliates.

Or pay for your time or outsourcers to create content.

We go back  full circle to this:

1.  Find out what people want to buy

2.  Create it

3.  Give them a good reason to buy from you

Now add on some decent technology here and there to make it faster, simpler and easier. But realize the magic isn't in the technology.

It's in creating.

It's in selling.

It's in relationshsips with customers.

And the list.

The money always was.

Always has been.

Always will be.

In the list.

Have a profitable day.

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