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MMM — How To Get Off Roller Coaster Income & Create Predictable Income

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Marlon here.

One of the issues in this business I'm seeing from people I talk to is roller coaster income. That is, income that is feast or famine, up and down.

The CURRENT problem is people launch and then the money dies. They launch a new product. Then the money dies.

I want to have an intelligent discussion about this that is somewhat subtle and nuanced. Before I get to that, if you bought the Desmond Ong offer, he JUST added a VIDEO to the Facebook group that answers a LOT of questions. You need to join his Facebook group if you didn't.  He answers a LOT of questions in there.  Believe it or freaking not, only 10% of buyers are joining the FB group. It makes no sense.  He has done 2 detailed videos so far answering questions posted in the FB group.  Now remember, if you buy coaching or services from Desmond, I haven't checked out every single resource and vendor he's recommending.  So far in the FB group, everyone seems happy.  If you sign up for his recommended vendor on hosting, I don't believe they offer refunds.   Be aware of that.  But it IS the hosting vendor Desmond uses.

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First, let's look at the CAUSES of roller coaster income:

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Cheat Sheet: 18 Ways To Crush Your Internet Marketing

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Marlon here.

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Today  is your cheat sheet for making it an awesome year.

1.  Set the results you want but then translate those results into activities.  Results without matching activities are meaningless.

2.  Assign activities to specific days, times and places.  Research has proven just assigning a goal to a specific place, date and time greatly increases the odds you'll actually do it. This is probably the biggest thing you can do to increase your productivity.   Simply get the activity in your Planner.  This is why you must use  a planner.  Without it, you won't assign times, dates and places.

3.  Do a fresh survey of your market to find out what's on their mind today, what their wants are, what their complaints are.

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