how to record phone calls for podcasts

Internet Promotion Podcasting Secrets and Recording Phone Interviews


Today I conducted a very important call to create a product.

We recorded it with TWO different companies in case one failed.  One got NO recording. The other dropped the call 1/2 way through.

So now I'm searching around for info on taking the audio from the phone to our digital hybrid (see That lets you run the sound from the phone over to your external sound card called an Edirol, which is a MUCH higher quality sound card than the one on your computer.  If I recall, it also boosts the power.

We put THAT feed into our hard drive.

Total junk.  That leaves me scratching my head why two services dropped our call.  I pay $300 a month to one service, so it isn't cheap.  They flat out didn't get a recording at all.

Great product ideas are born this way — out of frustration.  If you're frustrated about it, create a product or a podcast on it!  Most of the blogs talk about recording phone calls using Skype. Yeah, and what it there's a blip in the line?  No more podcast!  That's professional!  Although, frankly, I had the same problem today since I'm on some kind of Internet voip reseller long distance something or the other. 

I'm giving up and getting an Iphone so I can run my Internet Marketing business from Starbucks!  That's right. With Iphone and a Mac, you have Internet access anywhere!  How cool is that?  Barnes and Noble. Borders.  I'm there baby!

I called my friend Declan Dunn who is a podcasting expert.  I'm sure he can tell me why my  hook up sounds like junk.

Today we also upgraded to WordPress 2.5 dot whatever. The latest version.  I read on Podcasting Alley that Podpress does work on it, although I believe there are a few question marks about it.  Ultimate Tag Warrior as I understand it doesn't work.

If you have an interest in Podcasting, those two tools plus are requirements.

Finally, thanks to  for publishing one of my articles, as well as Affilicore.  I would've used a trackback link but i couldn't find one.