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Marlon here with another issue of Marlon's Marketing Minute.

You probably can think of a super rich author or athlete.  While it isn't obvious on the surface, there are methods and ideas THEY use that you can too.  That's what we'll expore today.

Yesterday I was thinking about Internet marketing.

I get hundreds of emails in my inboxes daily because I have special Gmail accounts set up just to capture emails and offers, so I can study them.

What occurred to me is people lose sight of what a SIMPLE BUSINESS this is.

It's not complex.

It's really not complicated.

It's not hard to understand.

Here's the whole entire wonderful business in a nutshell:

1.  You offer something at a low price to get a customer on board

2.  You keep selling them things they love, value and benefit from — and you do that over and over.

This means there are ONLY several important skills:

Skill #1:  Finding new potential customers who are likely to become repeat buyers over and over

Skill #2:  Getting them on board with a low-priced offer

Skill #3:  Getting them to REMEMBER you and why they'll want to buy from you over and over

Skill #4:  Coming up with new things to offer them over and over

Skill #5:  Giving them reasons to CONTINUE paying attention to you and buying from you

Skill #6:  Finding your best buyers and customers and making sure you offer them the things they want

Just follow me a second here.

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Here is what Jo Han said a minute ago about today's issue! Thanks Jo Han!

Jo Han Mok

Are you ready to unleash new Online Marketing sales, profits and money in your life?

In my last newsletter, I wrote about the need to always go back to the basics.  I talked about the power of being a PRODUCER and PROMOTER of products.

One of those basics is your own mental attitude, which sounds like something incredibly simple.  Actually, as you'll see from this issue, it's really a topic that has spawned many religions and thousands of books.

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