Wordpress Auto Discovery Tag

WordPress Auto Discovery — Adding Tag Snags 171 Subscribers In 24 Hours — Automatically





Marlon here.

Last week I created an audio info product with Tinu, the Queen of Free Traffic.  She was looking over my blog and said, “Hey, your Auto Discovery Tag isn't set up right.” 

My first thought was, “Oh, really?  I set it up just like the sites I found in a Google search told me to.”

Anyway, she FIXED my WordPress Auto Discovery and pasted the correct code in the correct places.

The next morning, BOOM!  171 subscribers to my RSS feed.  Automatically.  That's sweet. Now granted, a portion of those are search engine bots.  But by looking over the subscribers, I can tell many are real.

This is cool. And something a lot of people have never heard of. I was just talking to a friend on the phone.  I asked him if his blog had an “Auto Discovery Tag” set up properly?  He was clueless.

In another blog post, I'll see if I can address how to set one up correctly.  What I can tell you is that this thing works wonders WHEN you get it set up properly.