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How Keith Built His List Using a Simple Daily Chart

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Marlon here.

First of all, you can COMMENT on this issue in the box at the very bottom of this post. Now…

Back several issues ago I talked about putting together a chart to track your list building efforts. Since then look at what Keith did. He posted this to my Facebook group:


If I'm reading the screen cap right he's up to about 800 opt ins a day. I believe that is right. Keith took what he learned in this ezine just a few weeks back, applied it and now look at the results!

That's the power of FOCUS! See, what you focus on expands. What you track, you focus on.

You're either building a list, sending offers and getting money deposited into your bank account. Or you're overwhelmed, confused and frustrated by what to do and how to do it.

Why is it that in the past few weeks Keith could do this and you couldn't? Is there some kinda serious defect you have like list builder's disease that prevents you from building a list!

Hardly! LOL.

I submit to you that it's one thing and one thing only standing between you and a list building process like Keith just put together since my ezine a few weeks ago: Focus.

There's all kinds of people. Gonna send you offers every day in your email. They have every kinda moneymaking plan under the sun. Some of them sound very good. Very enticing. Check back in 6 months and see how that plan worked out.

It's so easy to get distracted from a simple, proven model: List building.

List building has been working since the days of Benjamin Franklin. Did you know he WAS a direct response marketer? It's true. He published a Gazette or something like that. And he had mail order type ads in it.

HOW do you get people on your list? You focus on it. And get your head straight. Here's what I mean:

It's true.

If you do a little research, you'll find out the recession ended.

The recession isn't an excuse anymore. It's old news. That means its times to get rid of stinkin' thinkin' in the words of Ziglar and get your second wind.

How do you do that?

I have various ways of articulating my model for online marketing. The way I currently explain it is you:

1. Target buyers

2. Get 'em on a list

3. Send offers

Now, you can add steps, make it more sophisticated and all that. But at heart, this is what I advocate and do. The BEAUTY of it is this works in almost any market.

And if it won't work in a market, you should probably reconsider your market.

You're either a list builder or someone who regrets NOT having built a list because you followed another model. Now, you'll notice that in step 3, I didn't include creating your own info product. You can send offers that are your OWN or someone else's. Both can work.

However, creating your own info product and getting affiliates to promote it is one of the best ways to build your list, although there are many other possibilities. Just yesterday I hung out in Austin with Eric Louviere. Eric has a friend who builds large lists in niches just by buying ads. There's still a great deal of opportunity in niches where open rates on emails are STILL 30%.

I've found that MOST people never get beyond step one, which is to target buyers. 30% of my customers are list builders and 70% are researching and collecting information, which is fine. Nothing wrong with it.

But if you didn't hear, the recession is OVER and it's now time up get your second wind, get it back in gear and ramp it up. Those depression days are over and behind you. New things are ahead.

Let's talk about just one SIMPLE, free method to do that: Youtube videos.

I've mentioned this multiple times the past few issues. But in my Facebook group, Jimmy has shared his Youtube video numbers. He put up over 600+ videos for his fitness niche and gets what I call STEADY FLOW traffic.

I like systems. I like processes. I like continual flows.

All Jimmy does is record short, problem-solving videos, puts his url on the video, uploads and boom! Traffic.

In my own business, I've always used our affiliate program to drive opt ins. In fact, 225,101 opt ins on my Aweber account alone. On Infusion I've added roughly 8,000+ buyer names to my list. Then we have our affiliate list on Getresponse that is roughly 10,000. And I have 15,000 or 20,000 names on Automateyourwebsite.

The point of that isn't to brag. It's just to say that an affiliate program can be a very powerful way of putting names on your email list.

In my meeting with Eric yesterday, one of the areas we spent a lot of time discussing is how he has lead generation pillars for his Job Crusher business. He has 5 pillars of lead generation, 3 or 4 of which I don't personally know anyone else who does them.

He adds 1,000 opt ins a week just from his webinar system alone!

He's also an aggressive solo mailer. Now, you can do solo emails in almost any market. That means you pay people to send your email to their list. In some niches, these are readily available like in Internet marketing. In other niches, you have to privately email people and set a deal up.

That's more work on the one hand. On the other, your response when you do get a mailing should be many times higher since you'll be the one and only!

The point I want you to take away from that is NOT what Eric's methods are. It's that he HAS 5 methods and puts roughly 4,000 opt ins on his list weekly. In addition, he has employees and processes that make these systems run every week like clockwork.

But you say, “Marlon, I don't have employees, systems or processes!”

Well, apart from Job Crusher Eric has a relatively small list in comparison that he has built up hardly trying. He's able to send a promotion to THAT much smaller list and make $10,000 or more from it. In other words, you don't gotta have employees or be big.

You do gotta build a list.

Which brings me back to YOU!

Like I said earlier, my model has 3 basic steps. You target buyers, get 'em on a list and send 'em offers. Most people never make it to step one.

If you make it to step 3, you're in the top 30% or so.

How do you get your second wind and get on with things?

I believe you have to be a very aggressive list builder. More so than “the old days” I think you have to be an aggressive list builder, although it has ALWAYS been about list building.

Back when the “real” oldtimers got into this business, there was a piece of software everyone used called Net Contact and it had 3 circles. Circle one would strip email addresses from anywhere you could strip 'em. Step two you wrote your email. Step three you clicked the GREEN circle for send!

That was pretty much before the word spam hardly existed. We're talking 1997 or 8. I don't remember the date exactly. Before that, I was list building on AOL, albeit really basically.

You'd run your free classified ad. People would email for your freebie report. And you'd email it back to 'em.

So list building. Now, I don't think back then we had a way to follow up unless we hand emailed them.

There are lots of people who say it was so much easier in the old days. Yeah, SURE it was! Try hand emailing every person on your list!

Having said THAT, you gotta be an aggressive list builder. By aggressive I mean you have to FOCUS on it. You saw the CHART by Keith at the top of this ezine issue.

Keith started charting his opt ins, and look out! Look at the results.

I was inspired talking to my friend Eric. He thought of some innovative ways to build his list I haven't. Cool! One of the things that will happen to you as you start taking action and building your list is you'll start to meet others who are also turned onto list building.

Maybe you have a 500 or 1,000 list and that's what they have. Now you become friends and start sharing what's working for you.

List building will work for YOU if you work IT.

Now, I can hear a negative, drug down, stinkin' thinkin' mental objection out there making its way around in brains that says “Yeah BUT…..yeah BUT I tried list buildin' and no one bought. I HAD a list and ain't no one bought nothin'. What about them apples?”

Which is why my formula has THREE steps not one.

What is step ONE?

Target BUYERS.

By definition, if you get 'em on a list, send 'em good, attractive, well-presented offers and they don't buy, were they BUYERS?


How do know?

Because they didn't BUY!

Buyers BUY. That's what they DO. They buy things.

If you got 'em on a list and they aren't buying great offers, they aren't buyers.

Go fish in another pond. Change up your bait. And re-read Amazing Formula because I explain this whole fishing thing in there about as simply as it CAN be explained.

Once you start THINKING about list building, FOCUSING on list building your RAS springs into action. Notice that in Keith's post he mentioned RAS. That is the Reticular Activating System and what it does is brings into your field of awareness automatically information related to what you're focusing on!

New list building means, ideas and resources WILL come to you when your RAS kicks into gear.

Now for a few people reading my ezine the thing that needs to KICK into gear isn't their RAS it's their BUTT. They need to get off their BUT's (BUT what about this? BUT what about that?) and kick UP the action.

Gary Halbert said movement will solve many more problems than meditation. And I believe in meditation. But I believe in the positive power of action and, more specifically, the positive power of list bulding.

The recession is OVER.

It's gone.

It's history. This is NOT an opinion. It's factual.

The time to get your second wind is now.

The time to get OFF your BUT's is NOW.

The time to spring into action is NOW.

Now is the time to Get ‘Er Done.

Now is the time to target buyers, get 'em on a list and send offers.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

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