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Are You Joining The Four-Hour Workweek?

There's a concept I've been teaching and preaching for several years now.  It's called Milcers — Marlon's Internet Lifestyle Club.

There's a book that came out recently that became an instant best seller.  It's called the “Four Hour Workweek.”

You can see it at  I also think you should look at the blog for a GREAT example of how to do a blog:

Here's the thing:  He's saying the SAME things overall I've been saying for two or three years.  I guess when you codify it in a book with a catchy title and USP, it does a LOT for the perception of the marketplace.

It's a great book. You should read it.  He shows how he runs a large business with NO employees!  This runs counter to what some in this industry teach — that the “Internet lifestyle” is a lie” they shout.

That you can't run a business from home and so forth.  People with their own agendas and concepts to sell have just pounded the daylights out of the concept.  I haven't tried to defend the concept of the Internet lifestyle just because I didn't feel like arguing about it.

Now, for 6 or 7 years, I ran this business from home.  If yoy don't believe that, refer to my Digital Product Creation System which documented my outsourcing systems THREE years ago before anybody was even talking about it. And before that my product at

It's dated now in terms of systems. But it shows how 3 or 4 years ago my whole entire team worked virtually. We documented all our systems.

This is another area I was a very EARLY innovator.  No surprise to those of you who have been around awhile.

Now, personally, I like having a small office with a cadre of sharp, loyal employees.

Fact is, for many years I ran this business with virtual staff.  Once you hit say 1/2 million or more in sales, a small office is probably a good idea. But before, virtual is good. And there are $15,000,000+ businesses ran 100% by virtual employees.  You CAN do it.

In the book, you'll see the charts of his product delivery system and order taking.  Let's see, I've been doing that EXACT thing for how many years?  More than I can remember.

One thing I want you to notice when you read the book is how he SELLS his idea or vision.  Frankly, he did a better job of it than I did! There's something to be learned from everyone.

What I CAN tell you is that if I worked the four hour workweek, I'd have to INCREASE the number of hours I work most weeks!

I'm on the one hour workweek plan.  More or less.

There's a lot to be said for the instant credibility you gain by writing and promoting a book.  Last week I talked to you about TITLES.

I must say that the “Four Hour Workweek” title is vastly superior to Milcers as a title.  Coined words don't usually make good titles.

What's funny is, my article on names and titles didn't get nearly as many clicks as my article on getting a top 10 position in Google. People have seo on the brain.  It's crazy.

Truth is, naming your product is more important. The name POSITIONS the product.  And if you haven't read Positioning by Trout and Ries, it's a fast read and recommended.  I prefer the 20th Anniversary edition since it's hard bound.

I like hard bound editions when it's a classic. You literally see things you don't see in a teeny tiny print paperback edition.  Plus, psychologically, a hard bound book tells you it's important.

I admire the way he sells the concept in the book.  If you read it, you'll see that while there is some concrete info, it's mostly vision and concept.  It's a “manifesto” of sorts.  A term I think Seth Godin has made popular.

There are a few things he does NOT say about the Four Hour Workweek that need to be said.  He STARTED with a highly successful product (in terms of sales).  Yes, his overhead was eating up his profits. But still, he spent a number of years building up to the point where he COULD work the four hour workweek.

I did too.  It's an unfair expectation to think you'll do this overnight or without effort or toil.  Although it only takes one great sales letter and concept to make you an overnight success.

In some ways, the “Four Work Workweek” book is the prime example of that fact.

There are things in the book I don't agree with.  And I think are slightly misguided.  But overall, it's a great concept and a great read.  If you have complex product delivery, using a virtual outsourcing team isn't going to fly well.  You need an individual.

One of the things that sells the book is his “persona”.  He's a world champion in some martial art (forget which one).  He's travelled the world. Very accomplished at age 29.

This 100% helped sell the book.

Mostly, what I love is the way he sold the concept. Wow!  He really nailed it so well.  Oh, you know how I'm an advocate of testing product ideas and titles?

He tested his titles on Google as PPC ads.  And he PROMOTED the initial launch ONLINE via blogs.  More on that later.

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