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  1. Take the Lid Off Your Income — My #1 recommendation

    This is a very recent product and the quality of content is very high. Could be a life changing product.

    2. Produce Promote

    This is another great multi-week training you'll save 50% on.

3. Amazing Formula Reloaded


My most advanded, in depth trainings for serious students who want to bypass huge learning curves and cut to the heart of things. I spent a year creating it and poured most of what I know into it.

4. The 1-page Persusasion System

You'll learn so much psychology of persuasion in this and how to create sales pages, vsl's, webinars and more in terms of the messaging and psychology of the sale. This is an unusually clear explanation you won't find elsewhere.

5. Marlon's Book of Secrets

One of my favorite products.

6. Cash Like Clockwork System

Honestly, this contains some newer but some older products. It's really for people who love my stuff and don't mind if a link or resource here or there is out of date.

For the right person, there's still a ton of value here. If you want my most recent stuff, then get Take the Lid Off. If you want some of my timeless treasures then this would be it.

7. Big Ticket Dashboard

If you want to sell big tickets, get this.

8. Fast Start System

Designed to get beginners up to speed.

9. Rising Tide Promotions — Secrets of my sales

10. Discover my unique 14-step “ideas into sales” system for creating and selling over 42,932 products and $2,798,022.05 sales

Actually, if you add up sales in multiple accounts, it's at least 70,000 sales and considerably more dollars. This was an excellent training event.

The half off sale does NOT include:

* Fast Track Marketer's Club
* Products on W+
* Milcers
* Exit Bux

11. Writer's Secret

Make a living by writing.

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