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3 Steps To Branding Like a Super Rich Athlete


Marlon here with another issue of Marlon's Marketing Minute.

You probably can think of a super rich author or athlete.  While it isn't obvious on the surface, there are methods and ideas THEY use that you can too.  That's what we'll expore today.

Can a normal person really brand themselves like those rich athletes, rock stars and authors?

1.  Build for the long term of your business

I realize that may sound ridiculous, impossible or implausible.  On the surface it may seem entirely unattainable.   But when you look at it closer, there are important things you can learn and do.

If you're SELLING info products, always pitch the fast, simple, easy thing.  That's what people want to buy. The easy button. The quick fix.  However, YOU want to build your business differently.  You want to build for the long term.

And one way you do that is by creating a brand for yourself.

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Product Marketing: How to Get Higher Prices By Differentiating Your Offer (Get access to a secret post also)


Marlon here.

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You know I have a …

3-step formula for product marketing:

1. Target buyers
2. Build your list
3. Send offers and make sales

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