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Clone of How Gaurab built a 30,000 buyer’s list with no JV connections, big budget or product — and how to copy his exact steps

Gaurab Borah lives in India.  Only recently did he take special training so he could be confident in making videos.

WIthout any of the things people think they need to do, he built a 30,000 buyer’s list and sold a million bucks.

See, Panda and Penguin wiped out the ranking of the sites  he had been working on and depending on for income.

Months of work vanished in a flash.

He spent money on  Facebook ads, solo emails, Bing ads and more trying to build a list. But nothing worked.

He did have a Youtube strategy that was making some sales.  So he created a simple PDF about it and laucnhed it as a Warrior Special Offer.  He sold 100 copies. Which meant he had a 110 person buyer’s list.

He emailed his list of 110 people with a recommendation and made 20 sales.  He says….

“I Created A Fail Proof Strategy To Generate Buyer Lists On Demand, 10X More Profitable And 10X Cheaper Than Any Other Traffic Source!”

So here’s the scoop.

I recommend Gaurab’s product to people almost daily, along with my own, of course.  lol.

But Gaurab’s method takes virtually NO money.  No list. No nothing. All you need is to follow everything in his ebook.  And I do mean everything.  Not half of it.  Or the first 3 pages.  ALL of it.

Treat it like your marketing Bible.

Because I have a FB group I don’t do much with called Comebackers, I have friends or people I know who have fallen on hard times and want my advice on getting income in 30 days.

I tell them to read Buyer’s List Blueprint and sleep with it.  Eat it.  Drink it.

Now, it takes about 30 days to get money coming in.  It’s not instant.

There is no such thing as foolproof.  But if there were, this product, Amazing Formula, Gimme  My Money Now. They’d be about as close as you can get.

I can’t possibly recommend this ebook too highly to you.

There are several OTO’s.  I love the OTO with the case studies. It’s  inexpensive, so I do recommend it.

Also, when you buy, you’ll get a link to a FB group run by Gaurab where you can ask questions.

If you want to see the incredible BONUS STACK I’ve put together for you, go here.


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