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Email List Profits: Can You Get $4,590 for 200 clicks?


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Marlon  here.

By the end of this newsletter, issue you're going to know 3 things:

1.  How to get 1,000 people on your list for FREE

2.  How to turn that list into $500 to $1,000 per month

3.  How my friend Joe tripled sales in 60 minutes

You probably know Joe Lavery.

He's a friend of mine.  Cool guy.  Very bright.

Anyway, this past week he and Matt Bacak released Joe's Email Dynamite 3.0.  Of course, I sent you an email about it because not only is Joe a friend but  he also has genius insights and ideas.  And Matt is a friend also and knows how to bring the heat.

Anyway, when I initially promoted the offer, my EPC's were roughly .50.  EPC = Earnings Per Click.  In other words, for every person who clicked over the Joe's sales letter from the email I sent, I made .50.

Later, Joe and Matt spent around an hour to do a little tweak and my EPCS ROCKETED TO $2.45 PER CLICK.


Believe it or freaking not, the way they did it was by split testing a different headline!  Crazy, I know. But true.  The HEADLINE boosted epc's from .50 to $2.45 a click.  Actually, across all traffic, their epc's were around 3 1/2 bucks.

How To Turn a List of 1,000 Into $500 To $1,000 Per Month — Easily

You've probably heard the rule of thumb that you'll make $1 a month for each person your list.  It's sort of true.  Look at it this way.  Let's say you average a 2% click through rate (ctr) for each email that you send.

If each email you send averages $1 epc or a buck a click, then you can run some numbers.  If you have 10,000 on your list, a 2% CTR gives you 200 clickers per email or $200.  If we take 10,000 emails / $200 = 50.  In other words, I'd need to mail daily for 50 days, averaging $1 a click to make $10,000.

If you mail every other day, then you have 15 emails  going out in a month.  You'd need to average $666 per email.  With a 2% click through rate (ctr), you'd need to average $3.33 per click.  You probably aren't going to average that.

The way you can skew this in your favor is NEW subscribers will click through at a rate greater than 2%.  To average $1 per name you'd need to mail daily AND feed a good number of new names onto your list each month.

I say this ONLY to explain and highlight the importance of EPC or $ per click.

At  the same time, if you're one of my customers not making sales or money online, you REALLY will benefit when you “get this.”  If you put DECENT quality names onto your email list who open your emails and average 2% ctr or better, THEN you really DO have a cash machine.

It's NOT b.s.  It's common freaking sense.

1.  Put 1,000 decent quality names onto your list

If you're not getting 2% or better ctr rate, you need better quality names.  I'll show you how to get  'em below.

2.  Load up 30 autoresponder messages

You can easily do this using this resource perfect for newbies.  If you're promoting affiliate products, most all vendors give you EMAILS to use in the autoresponder. It's literally copy and paste.

It's important to use tested, proven offers in your emails.  Then prune the ones that don't make sales and replace with other offers.  You may think it's hard to find emails and offers that AVERAGE $3-$7 per click. But really, they are PLENTIFUL, depending on your niche.  In Warrior+ and JVZoo, you can  find offers based on EPC.

The column below that says VISITOR VALUE is the same as EPC or earnings per click.

LOOK!   The top offer is getting $22.95 PER CLICK.  Imagine getting 200 clicks x $22.95 = $4,590.  That's just crazy!  As you can see there is a $9.90 and $8.73 per click offer also.

These are from Warrior+.  You'll find SIMILAR epcs on JVZoo, Clickbank and Clicksure.  If you're NOT in Internet marketing, sites like and others have offers for you.  Even Amazon has offers of all types now.


A few weeks back I promoted an offer by Desmond Ong that made what some people thought was a ridiculous claim of $200 in 20 minutes, or something like that.  Granted you FIRST have to get people ONTO your list.  That's a fairly fast process depending whether you use free or paid methods.  Once you have the list, you send an email. Boom!  Done.

Joe has a lot of tricks in Email Dynamite to help you raise your epc's or earnings per click.

You can even get paid to build the LIST to start with and profit before an email is sent.

Maybe you think somehow this is exceptional.  Here are CURRENT offers on JV Zoo at the time I'm writing this:


I can't say YOU will average those figures. I CAN say 100% that 10,000+ sales brought in $15.17 a click because the stats are right ther ein JV Zoo. So that IS an average result for the people who promoted that offer.  YOUR list if it's really sucky or the offer doesn't match it may do NOTHING. There are no guarantees in business or in life.  You can't guarantee me you'll be alive 1 hour from now.  Think about it.

But these ARE average results of the clicks sent by affiliates. So they ARE attainable by relatively normal people probably not too dissimilar from you.

Let's say you have ONLY 200 people on  your email list (I'll show you how to get them for FREE below).

Now you send out an email and get a 2% ctr rate. A NEW list will get you a lot higher ctr's. But let's say your list is seasoned.  You get 4 clicks per email.

You send out 15 emails per month.

You send the $15 per click offer from above = $60. You send the $10 a click offer = $40.  You've got a $9 a click email.  That's $36.  You have a sucky $3 a click email – $12.  You paid for your pizza and it took you maybe 5 minutes to copy, paste and send the email.

If you get have a 1,000 person list and get 20 clicks x $10 a click = $200 for 5 or 10 minutes work that day.  THEN a day or two later, maybe you get 20 clicks x $6.00 = $120.

Now, some emails are down there in the $2 to $3 a click range.

20 clicks x $2 = $40.

20 clicks x $3 = $60

You do that 15 times and you're PUNY 200 sized list has made part or all of your car payment.  Certainly in ONE MONTH you shut up all the people who said it was a scam.  You shut up all the friends who doubted you.  You have real income to shove in the face of all those skeptics who say it can't be done because of this, that or the other.

And that is ONLY ONE MONTH. Guess what?  The NEXT month you can send emails too. And the month after that. And the month after that.

I STILL get a modest CTR rate from a list I built back in 2001!  They STILL click and they STILL buy.

The BEST thing is to have a BUYER'S list.  But I also get clicks from OLD LISTS that contain opt ins and buyers mixed.


That's a 1% to 2% CTR rate.  632 clicks x $15 a click = $9480.  Nothing too shabby for an email.  Even at $1 a click, it's still money you got for taking 5-10 minutes to send an email.  To be fair, I seldom mail affiliate offers like this. I tend to mail my own products and when I send an affiliate offer, it's usually only for a friend, regardless of epc's. I AM showing you, though, what the numbers prove is possible.

If you have a list that's a few years old, it'll look more like this:


As you can see this list is a bit fresher and gets a 2.1% CTR rate on average.  I'm just showing you this so you know it's REAL and not some sort of b.s.

2,134 clicks x $10 a click = $21,340.

2,134 clicks x $3 = $6,402

How To Build Your Quality List For FREE, And Even
Get Paid $1,000 To Put 1,000 Names On It

MOST of the successful affiliates I see follow a simple, proven formula:  They create and sell their own products.  Yes, yes, I know.   The ideal thing as an affiliate is to not have to do that.  Most people want to use free methods to build their list and then get cash out of it.  In other words, money for nothing.

In the old days, you could easily do that online.  I know of a few ways you could still do it. But for the most part, successful affiliates create and sell their own products to build their list.  Then they send affiliate offers to their list to get money.

This isn't exactly a huge ordeal.   Product creation is very fast and easy now with all the modern tools.

Let's say you have a $10 product and pay out $9 a sale.  You sell 1,000 and you made $1000 and you have a list of 1,000 buyers.  BUT you could also put an exit popup on the page to collect opt ins if people leave the sales page.  That way, you get extra subscribers.

There are many ways to do this.  You can pay out 100% commissions on a $10 product then have one or two OTO's for $20 each. Or one for $20 and one for $37.  OTO = One Time Offer. In other words, the offer people see after buying the initial product.

But the SIMPLE way when you're starting out is a $9.95 product on 100% commissions.  You can use PLR or affiliate offers for one or two OTO's and you're good to go.  For example, you could take the offer above averaging $22.95 per click and make THAT your OTO.  So even if you paid out 100% on the initial product, you have a decent change of AVERAGING $22.95 per buyer INSTANTLY before any emails whatsofreakingever go out!

200 buyers x $22.95 average from one OTO = $4.590.

You, in essence, build a buyer's list FOR FREE.  And if you DO have OTO's, then you GET PAID!  With more practice and skill, you can get paid a LOT from the OTO's.  Even high EPC affiliate offers should do well for you if there is a logical tie in to the initial sale.

How To Do This WITHOUT Expensive Software

I like to use Camtasia for videos.  But you can use screen-cast-o-matic or screenr or Cam Studio for FREE, or one of the other free or cheap tools.  Or you can just write a report or PDF instead.

You CAN spend a lot of money in this business on aid traffic.  But you can also build lists by hustling and creating products and getting affiliates to promote them.

And no, it doesn't take much cash to create your own product.  There are a few essentials I have covered in other newsletters, and most of those have free alternatives.  You can even use FREE hosting like  All excuses are gone.

There are no excuses.

The publicly available affiliate numbers can be viewed by anyone. You can put your offer on JV Zoo for free and sell it.  Or you can put it on W +, Clickbank or or other affiliate networks and  platforms.

It's a new day in Internet marketing.

A day where you can SEE the proof with your own eyes and only the most closed-minded skeptic who really has no desire to see the truth can deny them.

There ARE no money barriers anymore as there are free alternatives to virtually everything.

The truth is there is only 1 barrier anymore.

That is you being willing to do a little bit of learning and apply a little elbow grease on the computer. That's about it.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

Best wishes,

What do I have to HELP you on this path?

1.  Amazing Formula — It's dated and some things need to be updated. I probably STILL reference FFA sites!  LOL. But all the basics still apply.  I still think it's a good starting point.

2.  Gimme My Money Now — It doesn't sell that much anymore. I need to fix it.  It is STILL evergreen content and totally applicable.  I see the same formula taught now on Zoo as 3-page cash atm machines and it sells great!  LOL.  My copy was a little more conservative.  I still think it's a good starting point.

3.  Fail Safe System — My most current and in depth info product.  I don't think you can buy this right now.  Contact me on the support desk if you're interested. It's $600.

4.  Level One Coaching — Pretty hard core but really in depth on a lot of skills.  But not everything you need to know. Thus, it IS called Level ONE.  By invitation only. It's close to $2000. Hit me up on if you are interested.

5.  Traffic Dashboard — One or two icons need updating. The row on solo ads doesn't apply as much.  Solo ads have gone to hades in a handbasket within Internet marketing, although really aggressive marketers still profit from them.  Not sure all those offers are legal though.   In niches like Personal Development they are still good.  The banner ad buying row is fantastic.  The affiliate program row is good.  The only thing is, so much action has gone to JV Zoo instead of stand alone affiliate software. All the principles are the same.

6.  Promo Dashboard — Very basic but good on targeting a market, building a super simple squeeze page, creating and delivering a freebie and sending emails to get sales and money.

7.  Product Dashboard — Covers creating mostly audio product to test the idea fast.  You can also use Camtasia for videos easily.  Basic but good. Covers Amember for the member's area. It still works.

8.  Cash Like Clockwork — Big bundle of a bunch of my products to save you money.

9.  Profit Planner — It starts at January 1. You've missed a few months.  Contact me on if you still want it.

10.  Book of Secrets — A personal fav.  Grab bag of my best marketing secrets.

11.  Fast Start System — Designed for newbies as a general introduction with quite a few specifics.

12. Automate Your Website — Ecommerce, autoresponders, affiliate software, ad tracking — all in 1.

13.  Push Button Letters — The original fill in the blanks sales letter software.


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