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How to Make Your Ship Come In — Soon!

When will your ship come in?

I'm sure you've wondered that. And what can you do to make it happen faster, simpler and easier?

There are a LOT of different methods you can use online to bring in the bux.

But there is ONE method EVERYONE agrees on and uses:

That is they want YOU to buy their PRODUCT. So regardless of what moneymaking method they SAY you should do, what they DO is to sell products.

Now, that isn't to criticize the other forms of making bux online. I think a lot of them are good and clever. But it IS to say this: There is only ONE that virtually everyone uses — and that is selling products.

And to be more specific, if you haven't noticed lately, the price point on MOST of these products isn't cheap. They are big tickets. Why? It's hard to feed the kids and make a Mercedes payment on $30 ebooks.

When will YOUR ship come in? How can you MAKE it come in?

From day ONE I've been teaching and telling people that the best, consistent bux are in creating and selling your very own info products. And in today's market,

specifically “big ticket info products” or what I call BTIP's.

Reason 1: While Google slaps change the world on occasion, selling info products won't get cancelled out by the latest twist.

Reason 2: You can get OTHERS to sell your products for you. That's where the REAL bux are.

Reason 3: All “gurus” have only 1 thing in common — they have a product to sell and it isn't cheap. And you WONDERED what paid for those fancy cars, right?

Reason 4: With today's technology, it's faster, simpler and easier than ever before to create your own info products.

Reason 5: People have been making bux selling info products for the past 100 years.

It isn't gonna change any time soon.

Reason 6: You do NOT have to lease a warehouse to ship the products. You can create them on demand.

Reason 7: You do NOT have to worry about losing your reputation due to dropshippers that flake out on you.

Reason 8: The markup is much higher than on physical products, although there is certainly nothing wrong with selling physical products.

Reason 9: Product sales creates reliable income. You won't have to scramble and take a part time job 'cause Google slapped you again.

When will YOUR ship come in?

The day you discover how to create, package, deliver and market your very own info products.

You remember this ONE thing: From day freakin' one, Marlon Sanders told you that the bux were in having and selling your OWN products.

Through thick and thin over the past 8 years, I've been teaching and preaching creating and selling your own products.

No matter what the “hot” fad or trend, for 8 years, I've been preaching the same message.

Again, this is NOT to say you shouldn't do other methods. It IS saying that the most EVER-RED method you can use is to create and sell your own products.

Oh, ever-red is like EVERGREEN, but red beats green every freakin' day of the week. So I'm callin' it Ever-Red.

Not many people in this market have the guts to say this. Because it goes against the grain. It goes against common opinion.

Over the years, for those of you who have been around, I've never hesitated to call it like I see it. You may agree. You may not agree.

But one thing I haven't done is jumped on the latest bandwagon every month just because there was quick bank from promoting it.

I've had ONE message, ONE theme, ONE concept the past 8 years.

And that is to have and sell your OWN products via an affiliate program (for traffic). Articles, adwords, all the other traffic methods are great.

But STILL, the bux are in your own products. The best traffic is from an affiliate program.

See, for 8 years now, I've been teaching that there is a food chain. And you're either on top or on bottom. And having your own proprietary products that you sell is the

way you get on top of the game.

If you wanna win the game, I recommend you get your own product to sell and set up your own affiliate program.

Marlon Sanders


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