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Turn Your Pain Into Profit

Here's how you can turn your pains into into product profits  – and finally force your struggles to deposit cash in your hip pocket national bank
Marlon's Marketing Minute


Marlon here.

Are you frustrated?

Is there something driving you batty?

Have you searched everywhere and not been able to find an answer?

Are you so frustrated about something that it's painful?

Does something make you angry?

Have you scoured Youtube searching for an answer that is next to impossible to find?

Please read this entire newsletter because I've included a personalized recommendation for you toward the end.  But first…

Take 10 seconds, or even 60 if you're a go-getter, to write down obvious pains that pop into that brilliant frontal lobe (brain) of yours.  Then read on…

By the way, if you can't think of one thing to write down, you're either lying to yourself, living a charmed life or as creative as a pet rock!  ‘Cause most of us got a life with at least a little rain in it from time to time.  You know what I'm sayin'?

Here's An Interesting Story That Shows The Little Understood Secret Behind
How to Turn  YOUR Pain Into Info Product Profits

When I graduated from college, I strolled into the career placement office assuming they'd have companies for me to interview with.

Yeah right.

Career placement was run by the golf instructor.

The little old lady behind the wooden desk with the bifocals halfway down her nose looked at me and in one sentence changed the course of my life.  She said…

“It's a shame you didn't get a degree in accountin'.  We got lots of companies coming here for that.  Tell you what. There's some books out there in the lobby. Why don't you go look through those?”

And this is how you end up selling a retirment program on 100% commission that was actually a whole life insurance policy!


So every morning we'd meet at 10 a.m. and go around the table and say sections of the “pitch” that we had memorized.  I STILL remember chunks of that pitch.

“Headlines of the Miami Herald read ‘100,000 elderly go hungry. Some even eat cat food.'  Mr. and Mrs. Jones, why do you think that is?  Because they didn't plan for their future, right?”

It's a fascinating thing.

Our sales manage made us repeat that pitch one billion times frontwards and backwards.  But I'm not SURE he understood it.  And he for SURE didn't get how to teach it in a way that would work.

Why does this matter to you?

Because YOU can't turn your pain into profit unless and until you fully and completely understand the SECRET behind the above pitch — and why some people would SELL with it but most wouldn't.

But the pitch went on…

“Mr. and Mrs. Jones,  most people don't save for their future.  Why do you think that is?”

It went on to explain how the FDIC that guarantees savings in America was actually privately held (I'm just tellin' you what the pitch was.).

Why I Only Recently Came To Understand The Pitch, Why It Worked Sometimes, Why It Didn't Work Most of the Time, And What In The Name of God's Green Earth This Has To Do With YOU Turning Those Nasty, Ugly Pains of Yours
(Including Your hemorrhoids) Into Info Product Profits

I'm just jokin' about the hemorrhoids.  🙂   I hope you have a sense of humor.

But I digress…

I said that pitch a billion times.  I never really understood the structure of WHY it was SUPPOSED  to sell and how the way it was TAUGHT to me missed the mark, and was probably DIFFERENT from how the pitch maker constructed it.

Remember those PAINS you have?

You can't transmute (that's be a fancy word for turn) those pains into info product profits unless and until you understand the PSYCHOLOGY of it all.   See, when I graduated and couldn't find a job, the degree I had was psychology. So I've made a study of it out of curiosity.

Anyway,  here is the OUTLINE of that stupid simple pitch and where our sales manager MUCKED IT UP!  Some of the guys and gals on our team either “got it” or intuitively did it right.  Me, being a non-intuitive sales person, mucked it up.

Step one:  The PROBLEM

There has to be a GOAL you can't reach with your existing resources or plan.  Every MOVIE has this. The main characster of the movie has a GOAL.

Without a goal, all you have is random  conversation.

There is ALWAYS a goal. Now, if there is a goal AND there are no OBSTACLES to reach the goal, you have no TENSION.

You have no sale.

And in the movie,  you have no denaro  because you couldn't sell it.  Who wants to buy  a script with no CONFLICT?  The hero has a goal, accomplishes it with the greatest of ease and 10-minutes in the movie is over!

Think about a Batman movie where there's one really lame villain he sticks in jail and Gotham is again a city with no crime, bright lights and everyone is happy!

NOT a good movie!

You gotta have conflict.

In sales, there is always a problem. Sometimes the problem is simply you don't know how to reach your goal.

In the ptich about, the problem was  lack of money for RETIREMENT.  Got it?

Now, the way we got in the door was obtuses. We were supposed to be there to explain the tax benefits of the erisa plan.  Honest to gosh, who REALLY wants  to take time out of their evening for THAT?

It would have been 100x better if you showed up to give 'em a book on how save a bundle planning for retirement and 101 other things. That way, if they said the “didn't have any money” you could point 'em to how much they'd save with the info in the book!

Step Two:   The Problem Has To Be PERSONAL not  theoretical

THIS is where the pitch was SUPPOSED to hit home but didn't.

When we showed 'em the page in our pitchbook where the article from the Miami Herald said “100,000 elderly go hungry and some even eat cat food.  Mr. and Mrs. Jones, why do you think that is?”

At that point, they are supposed to IDENTIFY with that article, feel a twinge of FEAR to the point where the problem is PERSONAL and EMOTIONAL to them!

But asking a rhetorical question does NOT get them to really PROCESS the emotion or idea in their brain.

It doesn't make it PERSONAL to them.

Remember how I started out asking YOU to write down some of YOUR problems and pains.  Why did I do that?

So you could think through your pain and identify with it.  I wanted to personalize it for YOU!  Follow?  I'm revealing the logic behind the scenes.

What my sales manager SHOULD have taught us to do was NOT to ask a rhetorical question but to really interact.  Get people EMOTIONALLY ENGAGED.

One time I heard the great seminar sales person Robert Allen do his pitch. He literally had all the attendees close their eyes and visualize things! He wanted them to fully and completely emotionally identify with the picture.

BACK TO MOVIES >> Can you see how this applies to movies.  Sometimes you emotionally IDENTIFY with the hero. His or her struggles are YOURS!  You feel their pain and struggle.  You're on the edge of your chair every second biting your fingernails.

In other movies,  you see the main character has a THEORETICAL problem but you're not persnally sucked in.  So you REALLY don't care that they're battling obstacles, monsters or villains!

 Step Three: Eliminate The Obstacles

In every movie, the hero faces obstacles and USUALLY eliminates them.  Sometimes that's with consummate karate skills, a gun, social engineering or deft maneuvering.

Before you present your solution, you remove the obstacles.

The REASON the pitch I learned explained that the FDIC was a private company (whether true or not), was to eliminate the obstacle of “we have money saved up in the bank.”   Or “we have cd's.”

However, the pitch did little to address 401K's or pension plans.  Why wouldn't you ASK if they had a pension plan or 401k?  And find out if it's an obstacle?  And find out if it's a little or a lot of money?

Step Four:  Present Your Solution

At the end of the movie, the main character resolves the conflict, unless it's a movie made in some countries where everyone you care about dies!   lol.   Not all countries like happy endings!

How This Applies To YOU Turning YOUR Pains List Into Info Product Profits

Back to you!  We make it full circle.

One — Take that pains list of yours and see which pains people are willing to PAY to solve and how MUCH they are willing to pay.

You can also think about yourself.  How much would YOU pay to fix your pain easily, quickly, and simply?

I'm going to assume solutions aren't readily available.  I'm going to assume you've really TRIED to find a solution and haven't.

Two — Find the solution

This is a test of your problem-solving skills. And if you're one of my customers who has Level One or you bought my  product on problem solving, you know my system for this.

All problems boil down to a CONTRADICTION.   One thing vs. another.

The art of finding a solution is removing the contradiction. If you've read theory of constraints, then that information should “click” in here.

There are processes that can help you find a solution.  But I think of Thomas  Edison.  He made a list of 10,000 possible materials that could create light.  And in his lab they started TESTING them one by one.

You create your list of possible solutions. And you try 'em out one by one. And you do your research.

In the old days, Jerry Buchanan had gophers in his yard.  So he went down to the local golf course and found out how THEY got rid of gophers.  Then he wrote up a 10 page report and sold it through classified ads for $3.  He made $10,000 or $15,000 on that.

Later he wrote a book on how he did it called the Writer's Utopia Formula Reporte.  Of course, this was BEFORE Youtube!

Now,  Youtube isn't a big obstacle. What I personally find is that it's really difficult to solve most problems off of Youtube because MOST of the videos are lead generating for the person's paid solution.

Or they just arn't all that spot on.

You really have to do a LOT of research on Youtube to solve problems.  And one of the things you sell when you sell an info product is FAST, QUICK and EASY.

Even if a person COULD find the answer on their own after a lot of PAINFUL research, if the pain of your price tag is LESS than the pain of researching it on your own, you have a sale.

Does that make sense?

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Now that you have found your solution and you have to sell it.

My philosophy on this is codified in  Info Product Dashboard.  I help you create a fast and quick minimum viable solution and test it to see if anyone will buy it.

I cover  the same concept in less detail in Gimme My Money Now.

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With a quick-and-dirty version of your solution (what the lean product movement calls a minimally viable product),  you're ready to sell it.

You create a sales letter,  video sales letter or webby and see if you can get paid for your solution.

Since YOU had the PAIN and you KNOW the solutions are NOT out there or are quite time consuming to find, THEN your PITCH isn't hard.

You talk about the problem.

You talk about why it sucks.

You make it personal to THEM.

You eliminate obstacles.

You present  your solution.

I cover some of that in Fast Start System.  And Push Button Letters walks you through a basic formula for it.   There are a lot of nuances in selling. But just that outline right there gets you off to a good start.  Really,  you're best off just getting Cash Like Clockwork which is a bundle of my solutions and saves you money.

Think about it.  In the client's head…

  • Have Pain
  • It hurts
  • Can't find easy solution
  • Here is easy, fast, simple solution
  • Get solution, no pain
  • There's a guarantee so no risk
  • If I get it now, I get a bonus
  • Where's my credit card?

That wraps up this issue. From now on, you should see your pains and problems as an opportunity to CASH IN and turn your pains into profits in your bank account.

Best wishes,

Marlon Sanders

If this has sparked ideas for you, feel free to say a word in comments.http://yourloginlink.comhttp://getyoursupport.com

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