Join Me On My First Meerkat Live Streaming Event Where I Lay Down The Knowledge About Sales Letters That Break Through The Noise - Online And Info Product Marketing

Join me on my first Meerkat Live streaming event where I lay down the knowledge about sales letters that break through the noise

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Marlon here.

Date: 5/29
Time  is  posted on this page:

$500 in prizes  will be given out.

Tonight for the FIRST TIME, I'll be live streaming on Meerkat.

You can access the live stream from ANY smart phone, ipad etc.

I'm going to be laying down some knowledge about how to create million dollar sales letters and how I  wrote my first letter that broke through the noise like a megaphone in the park.

Meerkat is a BREAKTHROUGH because you can see the LIVE STREAMING COMMENTS from all participants as the stream goes on.

I find this to be far more interactive and fun than Google hangouts.

1.  Access it from any mobile device or your desktop

2.  Just click this link at the event time:

3.  If you're on a mobile device, install the Meerkat App from the App Store.

It is called:

“Meerkat — Live Stream Video by Life On Air, Inc.

It's yellow with a cartoon picture of a meerkat on it.

This is my FIRST live stream so I'm SURE it won't go perfectly.  I'm HOPING it goes fairly smoothly.   This is very new technology and new to me.

4.  After you install it, click the Meerkat icon, and you'll see the events today. You'll see my picture.  Click SUBSCRIBE so you are subscribed to the event. Then you can just double click the picture at the event time to log on.

5.  Get on my TWITTER for LIVE NOTIFICATIONS when I stream:

If there are any weird things happen, I”ll send out an update on Twitter.

See you there!  This will be an EXCITING event  with $500 in prizes.

Marlon Sanders

PS:  Here is what the Meerkat app looks like. Look it up in apps on your mobile device:


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