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Bonuses expire in 72 Hours

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My Customers Get These 2 Exclusive Bonuses for SEO Social Leapfrog

BONUS ONE:   You get Barb’s Beginner’s SEO Authority Profits which NORMALLY sells for $17 HERE

BONUS TWO:  You get a video I made exclusively for this offer where I show you how to use Google Webmasters (free) to unlock your blog in search.  

This is a 24-minute video where I drill down into 3 of my blogs and show you the details.  I show you how to find out if your blog is locked up or not, things I did to unlock MY own blog, how to get CLICKS from your impressions and more.

How to CLAIM Your Bonuses:

1.  Barb’s Beginner’s Seo Authority will be in her member’s area for 72 hours only, so download it immediately.

2.  To obtain my bonus video, post your receipt as usual to

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