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On April 21 Will Google SMUSH Your Sites?


Marlon here.

My good friend (and super nice person) Barb Ling alerted me to something that could wreck your sites in Google in less than
2 weeks…

… In fact, she says it will cause 90% of marketer's websites
to sink in Google's Search Engine?

It's called Mobilegeddon and not since Google Panda have websites been in such danger.

==> Your Site MUST Have This To Rank Well!

Google is enforcing sites to become Mobile Friendly for their next update….

And if yours is NOT, your site will sink in its search engine. You NEED to prevent that!

Luckily, my colleague BarbLing who is always the first to figure out simple solutions to complex problems, has *just* released her latest:

==> Surthrivor: Mobile Edition!

In this quick-read 30-page handout, she shows you the easy-to-follow steps you must take to be compliant with Google.

The danger is real… but this product solution makes surviving it easy indeed.

The upsells include Rebranding Rights (add your name, give it to your clients and then sell the service), software to assure you're never caught unawares again with regards to Mobile Marketing and SEO…

And also bundled discounts to her flagship products.

So if you'd like to ensure Google continues to love YOUR site… Grab your copy of Surthrivor: Mobile Edition today!


Best wishes,


PS: This is NOT false scarcity – it's happening on 4/21/15. Protect your site today!


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