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Paul Myers Mindmapping and Mindmaps — my review

This is my review of Paul Myers new product on mindmapping.

I've dubbed it “The 30-Minute Mindmap” because in 4 pages and 30 minutes, you WILL do your first mindmap.  I guarantee it, even if Paul doesn't!  lol  Actually, there's a LOT more to the product than JUST what I've explained…watch the UNBOXING below! To watch the video FULL SCREEN just click that little square at the bottom right of the video.  To get my Paul Myers Mindmapping BONUS for the product, buy here through my affiliate link. Then post your receipt here.

The video below shows my Paul Myers Mindmapping Bonus when you buy through my link here.

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PS: I call this “30 minute mindmaps” even though there's a TON more than that in it and he shows you how to do much more elaborate maps than that.

But what's cool is that in only 4 pages right off the bat he shows you how to do your first mindmap in 30 minutes.