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Dear Internet Friend,

Listen, I'm a privacy advocate. But not when it's a marketer just wanting to optimize ad dollars by showing me ads or selling me products I WANT instead of junk I don't.

We use cookies on our web site in order to know what page you enter my site on, what page you exit on, how long you stay here, what browser you used and also to track who referred you to our site.

That's what cookies do.  Nearly everything else you hear about them is b.s. and hysteria.  They are extremely small text files that give marketers basic information make your web surfing experience better.

I use Human Click/Live Person, LIve chat, Live Zilla or other chat programs which allows us to chat with customers real time and gives us the above basic stats.  It tells me what ip address people are on, city, state, urls, time on site. This is all info a marketer NEEDS to know to better serve their customers.

On a lot of my sites I have Google Analytics on them. This again tells time on site, url's visited, sometimes actions.

I try to track as many actions on a site as I can like links clicked, opt ins, etc.

We share info with 3rd parties like Live Person, Google Analytics, and so forth. We're always testing different programs that track different stuff. I use Adtrackz and budurl to track clicks on links, actions and sales.

Also, we take credit card orders on our site. We maintain databases with your order information in secure areas.

You're probably right to be concerned about privacy. I ain't the one you should be worried about though. The programs we use are innocuous and made to help us serve you products you WANT to buy. And to help us buy ads that work, so we are here tomorrow to serve you.

FACEBOOK:  I use remarketing on Facebook. This means when you visit my page, I'll show other ads on your newsfeed or sidebar, usually to blog posts which you'll love, but also sometimes to offers that your behavior tells me you'll probably love.


  • I use cookies and other technology to allow me to show you other videos you might love or ads that you might actually find useful and relevant for a change.
  • Third-party vendors, including Google, show your ads on sites across the Internet. So, for example, I use Sitescout that then shows my banners when you visit other websites.  Google does the same thing. Hopefully, the ads I show you are for things that solve problems you're experiencing or provide great value and benefit to you.
  • Google, Sitescout, Facebook and other things I use have cookies which are basically tracking files.

    Cookies aren't a big deal. Basically, they let me show you banners or videos that based on you're behavior are likely to bring to your attention something that solves problems for you or helps you get a result you want.  The alternative is you see banners for stuff you could care less about. So I feel showing you things that help you is a benefit.

  • OPT OUT:  You can control your experience using Google ads by going here.
    And here  is another place you can get info on how to opt out of ads.