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The Frustration Cure

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Facebook in 5 MinutesThe 3 things you can do (even if you’re a newbie!) to end frustration.

You know, I’m a LAZY INTERNET MARKETER overall.

For MOST of my years I’ve let others do the bulk of the work and managed their efforts, so that I personally had time FREEDOM.

If you want someone to put you in a trance and give you Koolaid ™ to drink, do all your thinking for you and just give you something where you push a button and money comes out, forget it.

Go read someone else.

I WILL show you the LAZIEST way possible that is realistic. That much I can do.

This report will show how to increase your sales online:

  • How to plan to get a product, project or sequence of activities
  • How to RE-WORK because the plan wasn’t well thought through
  • How to manage the production of employees or freelancers
  • How to get others to do the work

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