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Why my friend Winter almost got shot down by AK47s from an Egyptian Pyramid…

My friend Winter traveled the world
to study the three most powerful kings
in all of ancient history…

Rumor has it he'd gotten permission to climb
to a secret place in this pyramid common
folks aren't allowed.

Well, as I recall our FB chat, he got
spied and these army dudes with huge assault
rifles were chasing him DOWN the freaking

He literally tore up his knee high-tailing
it out of there! Holy smokes! Zipping down
a pyramid with rifle-bearing military dudes
just to uncover the secrets of kings is just
flat out crazy!

Winter spent something like 100k JUST to buy all
the camera equipment for the crazy video footage
you're about to see. Actually, I think he told
me the whole thing was more like 1/4 million.
But whatever.

Winter has the budget for it. The point is…

He went to CRAZY, extreme lengths to study
these 3 most powerful kings in all of history.

Literally visited their countries…studied their
lives… and get up close and personal with
their monuments…

Total net worth..of these kings 2 trillion dollars.
Think you could learn something from them?

Well…their secrets…

Are right here…

Winter promises there that you can live like a king…
if you simply follow the steps he outlines in
that video…

I estimate the video cost at least 100k to film
considering the equipment he had to buy, plane
trips around the world, hotels, staffing,
and editing.

But you can watch it right now…

He says…this is more than your usual strategy..

Says it actually creates…“unlimited power”…
“unlimited money” too

Winter embodies what he teaches.

Once you watch this..

All the rules are broken..

And I’m as excited as all get out…to see how you
guys and gals react..

One thing’s for sure…

If you don’t get the chills up and down your
spine watching this video…

You’re in coma…..

It’s that simple…

Best wishes,


P.S. something really strange happens at
the 5:12 mark…

Could it be the ancient kings..making their
mark on this video… from the spiritual realms.

You decide.


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