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MMM: JV Zoo Hits $100 Million. Ignites Launch Frenzy

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Marlon here.

In today's newsletter:

*  $100 million in sales ignites launch mania

*  How YOU can get your share, really, for real

*  Wanna see $200 G's made in 30 days in completely documented, A to Z, over-the-shoulder style?

*  Wanna see how $50 g's were made from a banner on a download page?

*  Wanna see totally unbelievable new software for video sales letters that will amaze you?  (And NO, it's not hype)

*  Saul Maraney interviews me.  Here about an upcoming superstar who is a perfect example of what YOU could if you so desire.

*  Scoop from behind-the-scenes of my new launch preparations

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Infopreneur: How to create a product in 114 minutes & sell 6,000 copies



In today's newsletter, I'll reveal how to create a product in 114 minutes and sell 6,000 copies as in infopreneur.

When I wrote this article originally, I just got back from visiting my dad for the holiday. For the record, he has passed on now.  But anyway…

Whew!  I mean, when your dad is as old as mine, it takes a few days to recoup.  But while I was there, one of the ladies who helps take care of him came over on Christmas and fried him some eggs.


Was he ever happy!

See, he grew up on a farm. And every morning his mum would fry him eggs.  He just can't get them enough.  Fortunately, on his farm, his dad had a chicken coup with something like 100 chickens in it.

For the cost of chicken feed, those chickens kept laying eggs non-stop that sold for more than the cost of the chicken feed.

I won't say those were golden eggs.  But you could trade them for cash.

Pre-Internet days, this was about as close to “automated income” as it got.  Either you owned something like cows and chickens that produced milk and eggs you could sell.

Or you owned real estate the produced rents.

Or you owned a business that produced sales.

In all cases, the thing producing the “item of exchange” wasn't direct labor.  Chickens produced eggs.  Cows produced milk.  Products produced sales.

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7 Ways To Kick Your Sales & Profits Up A Notch — Starting This Week

Marlon's Marketing Minute
August 15, 2009


Marlon here.

This week's Marlon's Marketing Minute article:

7 Ways To Kick Your Sales & Profits Up A Notch — Starting
This Week

Subtitle: CPA networks, squeeze pages, upsells, downsells,
new traffic sources — and more!

This issue could easily sell for $12.


— 4 steps to adding new traffic sources
— Single leg takedowns applied to marketing
— Getting your products on the cpa networks
— What Sam Carpenter says
— 3 steps to hit your autoresponders hard
— How to survive storms in the economy
— Shout out to Ryan Deiss and Perry Belcher
— 5 sub-systems to tweak
— Red Factor Edges
— The Ockham's Razor tie in
— 4 steps on your upsells and downsells
— Are your basics in place?

This is another detailed step-by-step plan.

Feel free to take this PDF and stick it on your web site, blog,
Facebook blog, Myspace blog, Hub Page, Squidoo lens, or Google

Put it up and announce it on Facebook, Twitter, your blog,
email, or whatever else you have.

This IS an article people will want to read. You WILL make
sales from the link in the resource box.

If you don't have a reseller ID, just go to: and sign up. It only takes
2 minutes.

There are 4 ADS at the end of this ezine. You can replace
all THOSE with reseller links if you want.

Marlon Sanders

P.S. After you read today's article, please pass it along
on your blog, email or just to a few good friends.

Then hit me back on my blog.

PPS: Other marketers ONLY send you good content during their
product launch. I'm with you every week, motivating, inspiring,
educating. Where are THEY when a product launch isn't going

I'm here every week delivering rock solid content based on years
of experience. If you like what you get here, and want more of
it, please pass the word along on forums, blogs and so forth…
that THIS is the ezine to come to for real world marketing help.

Marlon's Marketing Minute
Electronic Newsletter
Vol. 4, #29, August 15, 2009

This issue contains:

A. Sponsor Advertisement: I got 500,000 reasons!

B. Announcements from Marlon (Important)

C. Main Article: 7 Ways To Kick Your Sales & Profits Up A Notch —
Starting This Week

D. Services You Can Use

Brought to you by: Marlon Sanders – Publisher


A. Sponsor Advertisement

“I got 500,000,000 REASONS that prove Promo Dashboard will
rock your sales and color your world green”

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500,000,000 PLUS hauls in 90 g's a month online — with
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That's 500 gazillion GOOD reasons to get the Promo Dash.

Grab my interview with him PLUS get on the Quick Start call
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B. Announcements from Marlon

==> Do NOT email us for customer support

Do NOT email us for customer support. We are anxious to
serve you at:

We have LIVE CHAT to serve you better. Most people in this
business skimp on this. I don't. Tim is an award winning
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“The Best of Marlon Sanders”

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later where you can bypass the squeeze if it bugs you.

C. 7 Ways To Kick Your Sales & Profits Up A Notch — Starting
This Week

Subtitle: Cpa networks, squeeze pages, upsells, downsells,
new traffic sources — and more!

Kick up your sales a notch — starting this week.

Yesterday, I had an awesome phone call with my pal Daegan Smith.
Daegan's interview is in Promo Dashboard if you have that

Daegan has a background in wrestling. And we were comparing your
progress in Internet marketing to the learning the basics of

The very first basic you learn in wrestling is called the
“one leg take down.” And you don't go on to learn other
more advanced methods until you learn it.

I look at this as a tree.

And every tree has “roots.” If the tree doesn't have deep
roots, what happens when a storm comes along?

Well, we're in a bit of a storm right now in the business
world. There's no denying that the U.S. and a few other
countries are experiencing a pullback in spending, consumer
confidence, credit and other things.

Now, if you have “deep roots,” then you're built to survive
and thrive in storms.

But what if you don't have deep roots?

Sam Carpenter from “Work The System” fame says:

“Look hard at the survivors around you – the folks who were in
business three years ago and who are still in business today.
You'll notice a commonality: These people fixate on perfecting
systems that are within their grasps, while they detach
themselves from the details of the things they can't affect.
In positioning themselves in this way, they overcome personal
malaise by becoming tremendously efficient, while they defeat
general malaise by ignoring it.”

Last week at the Ryan Deiss/Perry Belcher seminar in Austin
(a terrific event by the way), I talked to long time marketer
and customer Bill Harrison. Bill has a huge, thriving business

And he's doing better now than ever before. Why? Because
he ADDED new systems to counteract the effects of the

Since I AM the King of Step-By-Step Internet marketing, I'm
gonna lay out a system for you to kick things up a notch,
whether you're getting started or you're an established

1. Add new traffic systems

Daegan mentioned to me that he bought an excellent ebook the
other day with a way of getting traffic from MSN, an under-
exploited traffic source.

The KEY is to turn your new traffic source into a SYSTEM,
so you can outsource it.

If you have to do the work yourself, it'll NEVER get done!

Or maybe you don't aggressively do article marketing. My long
time affiliate Sean Mize has an outstanding system for
article marketing.

All you have to do is execute by creating the system or buying
a system from someone who has already put it together then
outsource it.

If you need help with outsourcing, go to:

a. Find one new source of traffic by someone who has created
a system for it.

You do NOT want to recreate the learning curve yourself. If
you don't already have an affiliate program, I highly recommend
you start there. is a total

b. Get the basics in place

If there's software to buy or install, get that done by someone.
Get the basics up and running.

c. Create your written or video system that you can outsource

d. Find someone to operate the details of the system and

2. Create an offer for the cpa networks

This past weekend, I saw Jim Lillig (an old time friend) at
the Ryan Deiss/Perry Belcher event. Jim is CEO of
which is a cpa network.

Big dog Casey owns the majority of offerati.

Mike Filsaime has started a CPA network.

Mike Hill has a product on the CPA Tsunami. Mike goes way back
to the Boulder seminars Mizel, Declan and I did.

This is an ADVANCED strategy and, in my opinion, not for
beginners. But it CAN really ramp up your traffic.

If you do this, you need to spend 3-6 months really focusing
on it. It's a major initiative. Your visitor value is
everything and that means you need upsells and downsells that
work great.

If Clickbank was college then CPA networks are the graduate
program. An offer on there that succeeds can bring in 1,500
subscribers a day — and more.

I know one marketer who rumor says gets 100,000 subscribers

3. Tweak your squeeze page

I've seen actual stats on squeeze pages that convert 60% to
70% of raw, cold traffic into subscribers. It IS possible
by doing lots of split testing using Google Website
Optimizer or whatever your tool of choice is.

a. Find a variety of squeeze page designs and ideas
b. Get the varieties designed for your lead generator
c. Put into Google Website Optimizer
d. Keep split testing
e. Work through all the sub-systems and optimize them.

e.1 Test different thank you for subscribing pages to see
which works best.
e.2 Test an offer on the thank you page vs. a straight pitch
to get people to confirm their subscription
e.3 Test single vs. double confirmation. This makes a huge
3.4 Test a custom subject line on your confirmation email
3.5 Test the page people go to AFTER they confirm their
email address.

4. Work your uspells and downsells

Since getting your email delivered is a bit dicey, in today's
market you have to push the pedal on the upsells and downsells.
You don't have a choice.

If you don't understand upsells and downsells, refer to the
articles on my blog.

a. Test starting high and going down in price
b. Expand the $ amount of one offer to test the upper limits
c. Compare your upsells and downsells to the competition.
d. A high visitor value is essential for your affiliate program

Again, if you don't understand the concept of visitor value, you
need to log in some time on reading back ezine

5. Hit your autoresponders hard

a. Put extra effort into those first few emails
b. Test your email sequence until it's a sales machine
c. Subscribe to many emails and test your deliverability

c.1 Subscribe to a gmail, hotmail, yahoo, aol, and
so forth.
c.2 If your emails are getting received, then search Google
for “whitelisting procedures.”

6. Be more aggressive in your Ockham's Razor procedures

Take that formula in Ockham's Razor and work the living
daylights out of it.

My pal Jason Fladlien is releasing 1 new product a month!
He's an Ockham's Razor machine!

I've been spending all my time tweaking our systems. But
I'm ramping up into Ockham's Razor mode!

I can't wait.

7. Look for your Red Factor edges

Who is underserved? Who is overserved? Who is a non-
consumer? Where is the opportunity?

What is your advantage? Are you a Stealth Marketer?
Are you in a drag race? Are you running a “both and” play?
Are you going “high low?”

What's your marketing play?

It's CRAZY to do marketing without knowing the play you're
running. That's random marketing and a really bad idea.

You go in knowing your advantage upfront.

Marlon Sanders is the author of “The Amazing Formula That
Sells Products Like Crazy and the KING of Step-By-Step
Internet Marketing.”

To get on his killer ezine list, to get cheat sheets and all kinds
of other goodies every Saturday and during the week, to get simple,
to-the-point Internet marketing know that works real world without
all the hype, go to: and subscribe

Check out all my products here:

(SIGN UP AS A RESELLER, put YOUR reseller URL and ID where
the above link is, post this on your web site and make some
dough for spreading a killer guide everyone will want to


REPRINT RIGHTS: You have permission to use the above
article without omission and including the resource box.
You have the right to insert your reseller URL for any
products I mention


D. Services You Can Use

(If you want to post this ENTIRE ezine, you can replace the
following links with your RESELLER links)

1. The Marketing Dashboard: Amazing Formula and Gimme
boiled down to icons and step-by-step. Doesn't replace AF
and Gimme but useful. Basically, it spoon feeds all the
things in AF and Gimme.

2. The Marketing Diary: Me teaching Matt daily all the
details of the Amazing Formula and Gimme system. This
contains additional insights into The Amazing Formula and
Gimme that you won't find in those products. It's
literally what I taught to Matt in his first 90 days with

3. After 8 years, thousands of customer emails, thousands of
buyers in virtually every major city in the world (and
many you haven't heard of), 13 web site designs, 4 product
designs, after ebook and CD versions, after endorsements
from major marketers the world over, after hundreds of
marketers and products have come and gone, after attacks
by the world's most notorious criminals, after attempts to
put it under, there is ONE product that remains and stands
tall. There is one product that is stable.

4. Are You Paying Over $10.00 For Hosting? If you are,
you may be getting ripped off. Design Dashboard shows you
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Grab the brilliant video by Adeel Chowdhry on how to mash
together stock video, stock sounds and stock music to create
an attention-grabbing, compelling video you can put on your
sales page, Facebook, Squidoo lenses, Hub Pages, or even
Twitter out to your list.

6. Your Own Products?

It's the only step-by-step, A to Z system not JUST for
creating info products …. but that shows you HOW to select
product ideas using my “flanking move” I've built my business
on, HOW to do 12-product surveys with an actual example, that
gives you a tested, proven email & source witha 30% success
rate in getting interviews with experts — PLUS, templates
that would cost your more than the Dashboard to have custom

E. Get the Evergreen Traffic System

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Evergreen Traffic System is now sold and serviced directly by Tinu


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